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  • OFL had their convention this week ……. shocking news ( NOT )

    Meow everyone, by now most of you all know what i think of the OFL, unions and of course slippery Sid Ryan. While I have not written about the slippery one for a while now, I thought that it was time to bring back into the spot light yet again .


    This past week, the Ontario Federation of labor held its annual general convention at their favorite downtown hotel. This hotel should be well known to them and their loyal supporters for this is the same hotel that good ol’ slippery Sid spent thousand of their member dollars housing occupy Toronto organizers while those organizers where busy committing crimes in our city at the park where the occupation was being held. i wonder what the membership would say if they knew what their money was really being used for.


    However, this convention served not only to bring together like minded neanderthals looking for any excuse not to actually have to work for a living, it also served another purpose this year.This year, the top three officers of this cult were up for re-election . I use the word election loosely here but more on that later.


    The first person i want to showcase of Nancy Hutchinson re-elected  as the Treasurer. What good cult would be complete without her smiling face and perfectly  styled hair . Clearly, she exemplifies the average worker with perfect hair .



    ( click onto the images to see them in full sized versions )



    Next we move onto the number two person at the OFL, our simple friend Irwin Nanda . Irwin really reaches out to the average Joe who has to struggle to make ends meet,  with his designer cloths, , thousand dollar shirts and creepy smile.




    Of course, what good election would be complete without our good buddy slippery Sid Ryan not being in the picture. Sid is the poster boy for the average  Joe, with his three hundred and fifty thousand dollar a year salary, something I am sure every simple worker can relate to  his ability to dress himself in designer cloths by labels most doubt he ( Sid )  can even pronounce, let alone spell, and of course his shrill  squeak .  When Sid speaks, there is no mistaking him for anyone intellectual.  Here is Sid in all his plastic glory :




    With these three ” re-elected ” for yet another term, there is no question that we are in for some more great if not utterly useless sound bites consisting of drivel laden clap trap, more fist pumping of course because that’s really all they know how to do well.  We will see Sid tell us how he hates the so called one percent  while he is in the bank line cashing his three hundred and fifty thousand dollar a year pay check . We will see Irwin tell us how the working people of Ontario are so badly off financially, while he  flips through the latest  fashion brochures looking for designer shirts at a grand a piece. We will also get to see  the smiling face of Nancy for another term and will forever wonder  how she keeps her hair so perfect.  ( pssst, my guess, NON-union made hair spray )


    However, One persons who i left out until now is my old nemesis Joel ” the pole ” Duff. Duff, as many may recall was with the CFS until he went over to the OFL. Under Duff’s  dictatorship, NO CFS slate ever lost a student union election. So, it makes  perfect sense that good ol’ Duff was on  hand at these elections as well, I am sure  that they went smoothly and  that all the ballots where counted and tabulated even before the election process was started. ( in the name of making good use of one time  of course ) Hey, Duff, do you have a picture of Sid in your new house yet? If not, may I suggest getting one, and placing in your washroom?  ( would make a great toilet seat )  Here is what the duffer looks like for those who really need a good scarey wake up picture to motivate them :




    So, to the three re-elected members of the OFL, congratulations. You have given me a few more years of priceless materials and sound bites. Oh and Duff, the next time you wish to go around telling your cronies that it is me taking your pictures, and calling me an asshole, just remember, I am older than you ( and far  smarter than you can ever hope to be ) so , that’s MR. ASSHOLE to you .

  • UNIFOR , the real danger they, and other unions represent to the safety of this country

    Meow everyone. If there was ever a time that it was important for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to pay attention , THIS IS IT.


    Several months ago, I wrote about the merging of two major unions in Canada, the CAW and CEP unions , merged into one super union called UNIFOR. I stated then how enormous a problem this merger will be and why. Before you continue reading this article, you NEED TO READ THIS FIRST      as this article explains in detail what exactly I am talking about in my above statement.




    It appears that my concern was fully justified and when you read this    you will see the seriousness  of the problem this merger  has just become.  Here is the screen shot of the article in question for those who wish to screen save it for quick reference.


    main rabble article


    Now, allow me to dissect this article and its full implications  with respects to what I see as the danger they are about to pose to the safety and security of Canada. Now as you continue on with this article, keep in mind several very key events coming up in short order. In 2014, Toronto will be hosting  World Pride. In 2015, Toronto will be hosting the Pam Am games which second only to the full Olympic games and lastly, it is quite possible the Officer  Forcillo from Toronto Police services  will be going on trial around that time for a recent police shooting. Oh, yes, how could I forget, the World  Junior Hockey Championships  are also  being held in Toronto and Montreal that year and 2017. Concerned yet? You better be.


    The first area of concern here should be that this new super union will boast a membership of over 300,000 members, many of those not actually even being employed by the auto industry or the paper industry. Indeed, as they state, membership would be open to anyone who wants to join.  this is an open invitation to just about every ultra left wing radical and anarchist to join and get union protection.   We know already that the President  of the CAW was in Sarnia not to long ago  to support an illegal blockade  of a railway line, a blockade that was attended by some of the most dangerous and best known  criminals in Canada .


    CAW ken lewenza


    So now, time to move on to point number two . As shown in the screen shot from the article by rabble , about 10% of the union dues are to be allocated to organizing. At a membership number of 300,000 and suggesting that each of those members pays dues of fifty dollars per month, that works out to a monthly income of fifteen million dollars ( $ 15,000,000.00 )  per month payable to the union. Now multiply that by twelve and we arrive a number of one hundred and eighty million dollars  ( $ 180,000,000.00 ) per year . So based on THEIR number of about ten percent of that going to organizing, a number that is arrived at being then eighteen  million dollars  ( $ 18,000,000.00 ) a year , one can start a world war with far less than that .  pay close attention to this quote from the article :


    ” … A union that is militant, outward looking, engaged politically and willing to work with progressive people outside the labour movement is exactly what we need to motivate a new generation of activists. … ”


    It is very clear that this union is looking to become militant in its actions and wants to recruit so called  new activists. We need not have to look to far to see what kind of activists we have around today. Remember as well that it was the unions who funded to Occupy Movement here in Toronto to further UNION agendas,  and have bodies on hand and at the ready,  for a potential major labor dispute that threatened this city. It is , therefore, not a  stretch to suggest that with the major events I have outlined in the not too distant future, the unions are organizing NOW and using whatever means are available to them to recruit  new members. As I said and will say again and again, PAY ATTENTION as we are in for a major  uprising and the unions will be funding this.


    Now, the unions claim they care about our communities, yet, as we have seen time and time again, they say one thing but do something vastly different. With that eighteen million dollars they have to spend on organizing each year, imagine what GOOD they could do if that money was used to build  geared to income housing for persons with disabilities as one example.  But nooooooo, they would rather take that money and use it  to recruit ” new activists ” .  imaging the jobs that could be created with that kind of money for young persons , persons who are not employed, persons with disabilities, senior citizens looking to work. REAL  issues are not even on the unions radar, militant actions, however, are at the forefront.


    This makes me wonder about a much larger issue. When this union merger was announced at the CUPE convention,  union radicals like Sid Ryan were quick to pounc on the opportunity for , yes, you got it, another photo op. In fact Irwin Nanda and Nancy Hutchinson  were right in there as well, sporting their new UNIFOR t-shirts of course. So Sid, can we then, cont on you as well to take up a far more militant stance  to further your pathetic union causes and agendas?




    ofl involvement

    Will your waterboy Joel Duff show you the ropes in worthless activism as he did while at the CFS , doing NOTHING for students who paid his salary ?




    I referred to the rabble article several times here in this story, but one thing I want to draw everyone attention  to is something as disturbing at the article itself, the author and more so who he is writing for.


    ” …Gary Engler is a vice-president of CEP Local 2000. He is also a co-author of the recently released New Commune-ist Manifesto — Workers of the World It Really is Time to Unite, a rewriting of the original designed to spark debate about a new direction for the Left and union movement. For more information go to www.newcommuneist.com   … “


    Sorry Gary, but the only way communists are taking over  my country  is over my dead body . Far too many of us wore a uniform  proudly to serve our country and protect our freedoms and democracy to have  it over run by communists who are there to oppress everyone under them. … NOT ON  MY WATCH ……..


    This then goes to the discussion of another point that needs to be addressed., Bill C-377 ,  an Act to amend the Income Tax Act (requirements for labour organizations).


    ” …It’s very important to realize that public disclosure of union finances has been in place there for many years in Britain, France, Germany, the United States and Australia.  This bill would bring Canada’s financial transparency regime for labour organizations into line with that found in many other progressive jurisdictions.  … “     Senator Nicole Eaton


    We need to take whatever steps we can to break these unions, to ” bust them ” so to speak as they clearly want to be disruptive, in my opinion. Unions have no place in our society any more. Here are what real people say about unions and what they are really worth :


    union scum 2



    union scum 3

    I will be compiling a detailed list of union activists and union organizers,   and will be following them very closely. It is time that these unions are  reined in  and made as extinct as the dinosaur.  So , to you union leaders and  so called  union activists or union organizers  guess what, you just made it to my camera lens , I am now watching you .


  • What the Ontario Federation of Labor REALLY thinks of persons with disabilities

    Meow everyone, very recently there was a memorial unveiling at the Toronto ferry terminal to re-name the facility and to unveil a statue of Jack Layton. Layton was the  federal leader of the NDP party here in Canada  and  while his party is well known for their ultra radical left wing agendas, Layton had a somewhat storied political career . He was a city counsilor for many years before he made the jump to federal politics. He was intellectually a very smart person holding a PHD, but as he became more and more involved in the political ring, I think he lost sight of what he was really there for and ended up cow towing  tro the radical ultra left. However, this is not a story about Layton . rather this is a story about how the Ontario Federation of Labor has once again decided that their collective, over inflated ego and  grandiose delusions of self importance are of greater value to them than  persons with disabilities.  Here is a screen shot from the OFL website on their claimed position as related to persons with disabilities. Please read the text very carefully as this statement and the subsequent images and video will show a vastly different picture:





    So, from the4 above image we see that the OFL claims to fight for the ” rights and dignity ” an dto ” remove barriers ” , they wanrt to make our society and ” all inclusive one “. These, on the surface sound like highly commendable words that we should embrace with open arms. HOWEVER, as wee will see, their actions tell a far different story, a story of EXCLUSION ,a story of CREATING deliberate BARRIERS, while placing themselves above everyone else, literally.  Have a look at these images I shot from the event as proof . You will notice that the OFL has their seating directly in FRONT and on elevated ground, while the accessible seating is behind them and on lower ground:



    It appears that Sid Ryan, Irwin Nanda and Nancy Hutchinson seem to think that they are clearly better than the people they claim to want to remove barriers from, but hey, egos are egos, and of course their delusions of self importance are clearly a higher priority than the people they CLAIM to want to support. For those who need a reminder of who these people are, lets have a closer look, and remember people, elections are coming up so what better way to remind them that they are nothing more than a bunch of phony leaders:









    What? Where you hoping to see an image of Sid Ryan?  Well, fear not, he’s in the video. Top image is Nancy Hutchinson followed by Irwin Nanda and below him is Joel Duff. Many will recall some months ago when  Ryan and Nanda  spent a night on the streets to support the OCAP protest for  persons without homes. Ryan and Nanda dressed down for the event wearing their two week old designer clothes, as opposed to brand new ones. Hey, they really got to understand the homeless situation from that.  They even brought along their own sleeping chairs, something that clearly, every person who lives on the streets has.  So, let me end this by showing you the video where the OFL  puts themselves in FRONT. BUT WAIT, there is  more to this video There are two parts to it. One part shows the event as it was getting ready to accept the crowd and clearly shows the location of the seating. The second part shows the same area , now filled in  and clearly you can see that  the so called accessible seating was anything but accessible. Here is the video: