• Anarchists rebranding , facilitating the black lives matter Toronto desired race war … part 2

    Meow everyone, in part one of this series , I started to cover the march 04 2017 anti free speech riot at Toronto City Hall. I offered up some back ground on how this came to be, and then, started to show the people who were involved in the violence that erupted , violence that was started by so called , ”  non-violent  ” ,  professional protestors who welcome free speech ….. as long as it adheres to THEIR  twisted definition of what is allowable speech.  So, without further delay, here no are some examples of the actions of these peace loving, promoters of free speech .















    So , to you ” brave ”  anarchists  .. do you have what it takes to come after me , an old, ugly , short , fat and grumpy ex military  veteran ?  You seem to have no issues being peaceful with everyone else so please, show me some of your love. Come , on, I dare you .


    Stay tuned for more later …..

  • Anarchists rebranding , facilitating the black lives matter Toronto desired race war … part 1

    Meow everyone, on march 4 on this year, there was a huge protest at Toronto city hall, with one side as pro anarchy / islam , and the other side being pro free speech .  This event was the culmination of two years work by black live matter Toronto to stir up the public and play the race card with the desire to create and facilitate a race war. This organization blamed cops for everything that every happened to them , but decided that crimes within their own community, which is at epidemic levels is not real :



    What better way to create a hostile event than have communists organize it, and dangerous anarchist carry out the violence . Yes, this event was organized by the communist party of Canada . 


    These series of protests was precipitated  as the result of a protest a few days prior by a group of people who took it upon themselves to protest out side an islmaic religious center while people were inside. To be fair, In mu opinion, this did cross a line and i am not supporting that . However, these protestors did , as it turned out, do a lot good out of this,when , further investigation revealed that one of those church leaders in fact made a plethora of anti semetic references to Jewish people. Notice that this protest on Saturday made no mention of the negative comments made by that islamic leader , who, was shortly thereafter , fired for his hate speech by the university he taught at . For the record, i am glad to have played a small part of getting him fired . 


    So, herein is the problem . this protest was organized by people who claimed to want equality for everyone,  but in fact, they are highly anti semetic and play significant roles at the various universities to create anti Jewish sentiments with the student body and have their their student unions play directly into their hands . 


    Events such as these have spawned new types of accusations to be levied against those who dare question , or report on them in a light that   they dont want you to see. Just as what we saw during the occupy movement, you were either an occupier of part of the so called 1% . Fast forward to today, you are either pro what ever it is they want you to be, or now, if you questions the motivations, or the leaders , if you ask the hard , tough questions , if you ask questions such as why they protest one side of this so called diversity they support  , yet remain silent when  another diverse group is openly targeted , you are automatically labeled a white suppremist and a nazi.


    These labels are keys to these professional protestors tools of dirty tricks because these labels are what they use to later defame  and slander people they oppose. these labels are also used to stir up the crowds in the hopes of having the crowds physically and violently attack their opponents …. exactly as what we saw on Mach 04 at this protest . These fringe groups rely on fear and intimidation , however, they are unprepared  to deal with some of us who have no fear of them , and are not in the least, intimidated by goons and neanderthals like these professional protestors . To ensure they they arrive at maximum  intimidation, they groups quickly align themselves with violent anarchist to do their violence for them . In many cases, such as what we have seen during the G20 and Queens park riots , they even  import anarchists . 


    The day started out with me being quickly identified as a ”  hostile media entity ”  by none other that fruitcake of the year recipient Wesley Williams . As usual, he thought he could hide from me by wearing some lame assed , pathetic disguise . However, what Wesley failed to comprehend ( of the many things he fails at ) , is that I have ZERO fear of these twits and I go right into the middle of their circles to get the shots I want. Sorry Wesley, but neither you, or your equally brain absent morons have what it takes to intimidate me . My downfall when entering these groups is that I am  easily noticed by the fact that I am the only one in there  who has had a bath and I don’t stink like  rotting sewer  waste. 


    I cant understand how his mother lets him out of the house looking like that . Yes, that is a purple wig the moron is wearing .But then, his brother Sean is equally idiotic looking , so maybe , it runs in the family.


    There was no shortage of brain dead anarchists available  to laugh at either. One of the most obvious one was this jack ass wearing his communist mask. I wonder if these4 idiots who want communism have every actually lived in a real communist country  :


    There were some notable idiots present such as Chris Bowen , one half of the worlds worst rap duo called Test their logic. If they really wanted to test their logic, they would disband and take baths  :



    Of course no good riot would be complete without our resident OCAP goon Marc Brill. This guy is a real piece of work. He has thrown chairs at people and in some cases , breathed upon them  :



    Its a given that when a race war is planed, syed hussan is going to be near by , and he didn’t disappoint . Hussan is known for things such as advocating and counseling people to commit crimes :



    I took well over 850 images so obviously I am not going to post all of them, however, what does need to be made known is that this was not a spur  of the moment  event and subsequent riot . This was well planned  and designed with physical, violent , conflict in mind . One group started at the main stage of city hall, with the other, smaller group on the exact opposite  end . Police were well on hand to put an end to violent outbreaks , which were predicted well in advance. What was interesting to note that while the anti  pro islam and alleged purporters of a peaceful protest were actually the one who STARTED the violence. I saw many small violent  outbreaks by these so called ” peaceful protestors ” who were claiming to advocate for equality and inclusiveness 


    There were many anarchists present . The anarchists have rebranded themselves now,  as so called anti facists . Its still the same group of people with out brains , but I have seen a lot of new faces at this event as well . This is an ongoing story so , stay tuned for more updated right here .


    So, to leave you for now, here are a few anarchists for your barfing pleasure :



    This protest was , from one side, to show support  for muslims   and refugees, and from the other side the need to put Canadians FIRST and for better screening process . Fact is  that  both sides have extreme view points , which is a recipe for disaster . However, the side wanting to put Canadians FIRST does have a legitimate point , and one I fully agree with . We have tens of thousands  of homeless people, living on streets and shelters who need homes, We have indians living on reservations that make third world counties look cutting edge , We have senior citizens who have spend a lifetime contributing to this great country and are now, force to scrape by on scraps . We have military veterans who were willing to die for this country, to preserve our rights and freedoms who are now being told that their ( our ) service was meaningless  . Yes, I am one of those proud military veterans . Yet, we have , according to the present government , NO MONEY to address these serious issues. HOWEVER , the same , present government miraculously found billions to simply hand out to anyone who claims to be a refugees, no documents required . Our national security and safety are at GREAT risk because of this, because we HAVE FOUND some coming here who are terrorists . 


    The other issue that is of great concern is the human rights record of these same countries these people come from, and bring THOSE same values with them, and further, not willing to accept Canadian values upon arrival . Further yet, they claim to flee these countries because they say they want a better life, then , they DEMAND US to amend OUR laws to suit their violent , pedophiliac , oppressive religious values , going so far as to demand that we discard OUR own values and customs to suit theirs.


    So, these supporters now set up a protest that is designed to be confrontational , importing the most violent anarchists to do the dirty work. So, without further delay , here are a few more of these to get to know and recognize :






    I will be adding new faces every few days so make sure to check back …

  • Hypocrisy at its finest, sadly

    Meow everyone. Last week, a group of protestors converged upon an islamic center to protest those inside . This was made to appear as a spontainious  protest , by as my good friend  at http://www.genuinewitty.com/ will show in his soon to be published article, this was anything but spontainious. I will let him fill you in the facts . 


    However, while there were protests , near riots , accusations of hate speeches , accusations of racism , accusations of nazi salutes filling the week, why, Why, WHY  are there no protests when these same acts of hate and anti semitism are enacted upon our Jewish community and people?


    Here is a link to just one very recent example, of many , of what I speak. So, we are protesting people who speak out against islamic crimes and terrorism, calling it diversity , yet , here, we have a hate crime.   However  , I could not help but notice that there are no protest planned , not so much as a squeak from out prime minister, utter silence from other politicians, nothing. So, why is it then that when islam is called out for its violent extremism , its labeled as hate speech , yet, acts like this against jewish people go un-noticed and ignored ? It really does appear that our politicians and professional protestor crowd really are the contemptible hypocrites we know them to be .


    Why are there n anti hate speech protests over this ? Why are we hearing a deafening silence from our politicians over this ?


    To the Mayors credit, he did issue a statement with respects to what took place :


    The mayor was quick to denounce, rightfully ,  that  pathetic and unwarranted  so called ” protest ” :



    In the letter he published to day , while yes, he condemns these anti semetic acts , again, rightfully so , but I do see the same strength in  his letter, for he is not denouncing it , as he did with fridays event. This , I found troubling .


    This appears, to me , that we have one set of languages set aside for anti islamic messages and protests , but another set of languages, for hate against others , including Jewish people .  However,  our police service is taking this very seriously. At least we have one organization who is taking action . Thank you TPS 

  • The seemingly intentional demise of main stream media

    Meow everyone. We are all aware of the various mainstream media outlets and their political affiliations. There is left leaning media such as every newspaper in Toronto with the exception of the Toronto Sun. We have the CBC which is nothing more that the governments public relations firm .


    Of late , especially  during the recent US presidential campaign and of course now that Trump is the President , the new term of ” Fake News ” has emerged as the catch phrase to distinguish , at least to the unsuspecting public, the difference between real, legitimate news , and news that has been manufactured to use as propaganda tools . Depending on what  media outlet you choose to listen to , or watch , your news will be delivered , slanted to their political affiliations.


    Many years ago, when I was a student at York University, I had to take a media course for the program I was studying at that  time. This was back in the  mid 1980’s, when  buzz words like fake news did not exist. While the words themselves were not part of the language,  the delivery most certainly was … even back then . One thing that stuck with me  was something my professor reminded us of, perhaps foretelling the future of what we have now come to know as ” fake news ” . He reminded us that many years earlier, the CBC actually sent their on air news casters to a ” finishing school ” to give them British accents . It was suggested that the public would place more trust in a person delivering the news with this British accent , as they  would appear to be more trustworthy .


    As the years wore on, so to  have our demands for more immediate news feeds and coverage . In Toronto, a new TV station was created  called CITY TV , which was geared to a more urban environment  and offered a first in Canada , an actually LIVE EYE truck , which could give you ” as it happens ” news flashes . The truck can bee , still at their station building  at John and Queen in Toronto :


    As news delivery developed , so did the manipulation of news. A fast forward to more recent events clearly showed how main stream media skewed the news and how they reported it , to suite THEIR agendas , while totally ignoring what they actual facts were . The Toronto Star comes to mind in how they reported the G20 riots in Toronto, and how they glamorized the riot organizers , and vilified the police . Primarily from this, spawned a new type of media, alternative media . 


    This blog you are reading is alternative media , well , one form of it . Alternative media showed up as , well, an alternative to main stream media . This idea is / was to offer a balanced , non biased reporting of events ….. often times, covering the exact same events that mainstream media covers,  but without the political slants. 


    In this new age of alternative media , literally anyone with a camera  , even the most cheapest of cameras, a cheap computer and an internet connection could now be alternative media . Asa alternative media , we do have some advantages in that we can get into places more easily because we are not lugging around huge carts of equipment . We get to ask questions in the same way that main  stream media asks them . The difference, is that  the vast majority of us are NOT connected to one political party or another, so our reporting reflects this non affiliation. Tough questions are asked to BOTH SIDES .


    In the ago of alternative media, one thing that has, sadly become more and more prevalent , is just how lazy main stream media has become. It appears that to them, facts simply get in the way of their pre-written stories . Alternative media are ones who spend time , A LOT OF TIME researching information, fact checking and researching some more before something goes out. Case in point.  My VERY GOOD FRIEND genuinewitty broke a story about the black lives matter Toronto racist organization where HE uncovered several racist rants by one of it head organizers . Yet now, TODAY , ” … Publications around the world are giving credit to the Sun for breaking the story on Yusra Khogali’s “white people are sub-human” rant that I broke last year. … ”


    While the Toronto Sun is a credible newspaper which does deliver the facts, albeit in a rather sensational fashion, even they failed to recognize the FACT the Greg broke the story a full YEAR before  the Sun. Yet, Greg, has not received credit for HIS story garnering world wide attention which this story should, rightfully have . This is the problem with mainstream media. They want , and ALL they want, is  to sell newspapers.  They little to no research on her, yet they are proudly proclaiming this great find, and now sharing it to the world for all to see . In one way , great, we DO want the world to see and recognize how dangerous and racist black lives matter Toronto really is , an dyes, it is possible that this may just push this group into the homes of the average reader and they will understand the extreme danger this group poses . On the other hand, by them not giving credit to Greg for discovering this a full year ago, they are using their power to suppress alternative media , and claiming facts as their own, whether stated , or implied. The Toronto Sun should do the right thing  here and state that this story was first broken by Greg . If this was in a university setting, The Sun  could be expelled from university  for plagiarism for not crediting Greg as the original source  for the story in question.  

  • CFS supports racist organization connected to terrorism

    Meow everyone. With the Ryerson Student union elections now taking place, we need to look at the role the CFS is playing to ensure their slate once again tries to win .


    This year, they have , seemingly been quiet in that there has been nothing overtly obvious to the average observer that would indicate CFS interference . However, a closer look at some  seemingly unrelated events clearly suggest, in my opinion , that indeed, the CFS is trying some dirty tricks this year to get their win. We see very highly respected student leaders being smeared , and oh look at the timing of this …


    However, the CFS is also very good at playing to the popular , flavor of the week events . This time around, its the black lies matters Toronto organization they choose to support … openly. We already know for a vast number of sources and material that this is a organization predicated on overt racism . We already that this organization is directly connected , and supports international terrorist organizations such as the muslim brotherhood.


    So, it sahould not surprise anyone that with student union elections taking place now, or soon  at  Toronto;s Universities , the CFS wants to stick it pathetic nose in there to further THEIR racist agenda’s …. agendas their YOUR student fees pay for.


    Recently , in their official CFS blog, they decided to write a story about black lies matters organizer here in Toronto :




    What the CFS  ” forgot  ” to add were THESE comments , comments made by THIS SAME ORGANIZATION :






    By voting in a CFS affiliated slate, you are empowering them to continue with this level of hate speech , racism , and YOUR STUDENT MONEY is paying these people to enact this level of hate…. you vote them in , YOU PAY FOR HATE SPEECH. At Ryerson University candidate VAJDAAN TANVEER is one of the key organizers of this racist organization, this organization directly connected to a terrorist organization . 


    Stop the CFS before its too late …

  • Syed Hussan advocates criminality, and anarchy …. in his own words

    Meow everyone, Syed Hussan is a well know dangerous criminal who has always advocated criminal actions and activities . Here is one great example :



    So, on February 04, 2017 he once again decided that he needed to continue his advocacy for creating criminals . So, here, in this video, he is, in my opinion, once again counseling others to commit a criminal offense :



    Here is the transcript of his speech with credit going to CIJ news :


    ” …The following is the transcript of Syed Hussan’s speech:

    I want you to repeat these names with me Mamadou [Tanou Barry], Abdelkrim [Hassane], Khaled [Belkacemi], Aboubaker [Thabti], Azzeddine [Soufiane], Ibrahima [Barry] shot, killed, murdered, executed, massacred while praying, for praying, never forget. Lives extinguished, families torn apart, children made fatherless, a river of tears.

    A river of tears by the gun shots of a single man [Alexandre Bissonnette] or so we are told. An act of hate someone has to believe.

    But this act, this attack, this shooting was no act of hate. It is a strategic act, and intentional act, a thoughtful act.

    Mamadou [Tanou Barry], Abdelkrim Hassane] and Khaled [Belkacemi] were killed because they were seen as enemies. Aboubaker [Thabti], Azzeddine [Soufiane], Ibrahima [Barry] were killed not by a lone wolf, but because they were threats.

    You see, we, you and I, pushed out by borders, beaten down by police and impoverished in our communities. We are threats. We are fundamental challenge to our system of oppressiveness, this destructive way of life that cherishes the few over the many.

    This way for life is what killed them. It gauges on oil to spread its evil wings. And to steal this oil it must declare us, it must declare the places we come from with oil, anti of humanity. It must turn us into enemies.

    This way of life is Islamophobia. It’s Capitalism. This way of life brings perpetual war, enraging war from Mosul (Iraq) to Mogadishu (Somalia), from the Chiapas (Mexico) to Chernobyl (Ukraine), from Aleppo (Syria) to Algeria.

    For as long as there has been history, black, brown, we’re the others. It is on our deaths that this system, this way of life, dances. And this way of life is what killed those six men.

    This way of life needs borders. It needs to divide some of us into citizens and the rest of us into undocumented, migraines, others.

    It needs to steal Indigenous children, destroy language, disappear women. We are made into enemies, disposable, locked up in prisons, forced to do endangered labour, in forms of factories. Pushed of our lands, recorded, weighed and measured for our skin.

    This murderous way of life is white supremacy. This way pf life needs to be taken care off, its children fed, its food cooked, its homes kept warm and for that it must have gender, women. Women that are made to serve but watch closely. This way life is patriarchy.

    And this way of life, the one that killed our six loved ones, needs armed forces whose work is death. And it needs bureaucrats, it needs administrators to sustain it. It needs courthouses like this one [The Toronto Courthouse]. And it needs a public, a public that is you and I to uphold these laws, enforcing them in the smallest of ways as teachers that check ID cards, as nurses that check health cards.

    This kind way of life is liberalism. And this way of life comes in all colours. It comes in the red, the blue and the orange of your political parties. It comes in many flavors. It comes in a caustic bile of [US President Donald] Trump and it comes in the saturated sweetness of [Justin] Trudeau, who defends Muslims, but will arm the [Saudi] bombing of Yemen, who defends Muslims, but will scrap to the likes of Barrick Gold [mining company] and will not clean the five decade long of mercury poisoning in Grassy [Narrows Reserve in Ontario].

    So listen, why did drop bombs on us like [former US President Barack] Obama. What did they ban us like Trump? Or why did hug a few of us like Trudeau?

    To them we are enemies. On one side is the border wall. On the other side is the enemy. On one side is the prison and inside the prison the enemy. On one side the police and underneath the police the enemy. On one side is the deportation judge and in front of him the enemy. On one side the slave ship and inside it the enemy. On one side the drone pilot and on its screen the enemy. On one side that murderer [Alexandre Bissonnette] and in front of him six men in prayer the enemy.

    So today I say to you: become the enemy. Become the enemies that they have nightmares about. Let’s gather in the tens, the thousands, the hundreds thousands to form organizations and movements, movements that will exert power and reshape our society. In millions we need to rewrite history.

    We cannot respond to Trudeau’s symbolic tweet with a symbolic protest. We must rest out the guns on front those that wishes that.

    We must break down the borders that keep out migrants and refugees. We must tear down the prisons and the detention centers.

    We will seize the farms and the factories. We must become the enemies, so that in this city everyone can live with food, shelter, dignity.

    We must become the enemies that sow terror in their hearts so that laws like C-51 shredded away.

    We must celebrate our way of life, what they called barbaric cultural practices on our streets and in our homes until their way of life dissipates under our feet.

    Let us become enemies. Let us organize. Let us win. We cannot wait. Freedom is calling. This is what these demands, that demand of us, let us be enemies.



    He is NOT a Canadian Citizen, having only his PR card . Why has this scum bag not been deported yet ?

  • The unemployable held their convention yesterday …. proving that some people really ARE too stupid to have a job.

    Meow everyone, On Saturday February 04 of this year, there was yes , another anti Trump protest …. Yawn …. This time, because they needed a new theme , they decided , or at least those who had upper single digit IQ’s that this protest had to be around the recent travel ban imposed by President Trump . So, these idiots, who must have just received their welfare checks , decided that it was still a good time to protest before they spend all their free hand out money on  crack . So, a protest was organized by a guy with a long tradition of organizing race riots . So, with the Canadian Federation of Students ( CFS ) on board , ok , lets do what we do best, chant, stomp out feet, insult everyone who is not on our side .. and in the name of inclusion and equality . After all , these are ” peaceful ” protestors who only want fairness and equality for everyone …  they even say right here in this poster :


    This poster came from a similar protest rally held yesterday in another city, but the message is very clear. This is the same message that the organizers of the Toronto protest have been saying for a while now. You see, the protest was co-opted by our own black lies matter Toronto organization where we already know of the racist crap they say and advocate for. Yesterday, Yusra khgali went on pretty much the same tirade all day .


    Here is some her ” speech ” . OK, ok, go ahead, get your ear plugs first …




    Here is , in part , some of the drivel this racist brain fart tried to stir the corwd up with :  ( the full test can be read here


    ” …That’s what we gonna do. We gonna rise up and fight back! Look at this crowd. Look at you. You are freedom fighters. You are on the right side of history.

    You are here for justice, for love, for peace. That is what Islam is about. That is why there is a war on Islam, because of this. Because it directly challenges white supremacy violence. That is why they are in war with Islam.

    What happened in Quebec City is so representative of it means to be a Muslim living in a white settler colonial state.

    Everyday when we walk out in the streets we are under attack at all fronts. When we walk down the streets, when we go to school, when we go to our workplace, when we go to a mosque, in our sacred place of worship, we can be easily murdered. This is the reality of what it means to be a Muslim living a white supremacist state.

    Muslimas [female Muslims], when you go in the subway and they attack you, they try to rip your hijab off, they are trying to take your dignity, your honor, your power, your self worth, your self respect. … “


    This protest brought out the usual clowns and fashion misfits , as do most other protests . This is ,  once again, a by product of unemployable bums who are too lazy the buy cloths with mo holes in them. However, most protests you go to, you see a plethora of hair dye, and other fashion disasters . Here is a small sampling of what I speak of :

    Below is Baily Lamon, well known anarchist from London Ontario. She is also kn ow for many different hair colors. Actually, I know her personally an d she is a nice lady , albeit greatly misguided .


    Below is Wesley Williams. His jacket often reads ” death of pale faces ” but this time, he either got a new jacket, or, he washed his original one . Either way, this is one moron , half of the moronic twins .. his brother, who was at another protest the same day , being Seam Williams , who is equally repulsive.


    Normally , at this point , I would be adding the obligatory green haired person . Every protest MUS have a person  with green hair,  and this protest was no exception . HOWEVER, after seeing this person,  I would be remiss by not adding her into this story :

    As with any protest organized by the radical left, facts were not important to the message… what ever the message is or was intended to  be . What is important is / was , was to make sure that anyone with a rational argument that differed from the drivel being spewed / barfed out by these idiots , would be shut down, insulted , and even go as far as to try and intimidate these people…. all in the name of love, peace, diversity and inclusivnes  of course. My very good friend GenuineWitty  will have more on this in his blog , as he covered another protest held the same day , with many of the same professional protestors and intellectual degenerates present .


    The protest in question drew about 6000 people in front of the USA  Consulate in Toronto . Most were there to legitimately  express their views in a respectful, peaceful, non-confrontational manner . This is what freedom of speech and expression is about . However, their voices were quickly silenced by hard core radicals who wanted nothing to do with a peaceful resolution to the currant affairs. These organizers wanted to stir the crowd in the frenzy, the create a hostile atmosphere . with few exceptions, they FAILED .


    I had a conversation with one of the many police officers present . He asked me what my position was with this protest. He knew I was there as a photographer of course , but he was interested in my political views on it … asking me if I had any . I told him that of course I do . I told him as well that no person here , either officer or media can with honesty that they  are here without any personal opinion , one way or another . I told him that as a police officer, he too like has an opinion, but as part of his duty and role on this day, his prime duty would be to be totally impartial . He agreed.


    My position is different. I am there to cover an event , yes, but I don’t have to with hold my personal opinions in any way at all . In my view, this travel ban is absolutely justified and valid. Given the long and violent history of certain religious groups , internationally, it makes perfect sense to restrict entry to those known to deliberately want to cause serious harm to citizens . This has been made all too clear recently in France, Germany, Turkey , the USA … just to name a few countries. The first duty of a leader of a country is the safety and protection of its citizens . President Trump is doing that , or at least , he is trying to do the best he can …..


  • Mentaly deranged twit escapes from her babysitter

    Meow everyone, Today was yet another protest to protest trump ….  yawn . This time, black lies matter Toronto decided they they needed to co-opt this protest , soooo, they came out with they usual band of bottom  feeding rock dwellers to protest . I will file a more complete story on this later, but for now, here is a short video of the intellectual capacity of the average protestor, although this one is brighter than most, she was able to use three letter words , while can barely grumble .  This brain dead twit escaped from her baby sitter this afternoon. Lets hope she makes it home in time for Saturday evening cartoons , and her meds  :


    Here she is .


    Our parasitic organisms were busy trying to inflict the weak minded, but were stonewalled when they came upon another person who has a IQ higher than these things do . ( which, by the way is not hard to surpass ) My good friend GenuineWitty was also confronted by this brainless baffoon and her band of micro brained malcontents . Here is his video of these useless idiots in action :


  • Undercoverkity is pissed

    Meow. I am going to get right to the point here .I have stated several times about how radicalization starts , and how this is a way into getting the young initiated to the world of international terrorism . Well , this video should be more than clear as to how this radicailzation takes place . …. and a warning to my viewers, you will be pissed :




    So , the next time you want to wonder why and how people are trained to exist to blow you up , this video should , sadly answer this question .

  • ” We believe survivors ” ….. except when the accused belongs to a so called marginalized group

    Meow everyone. Many will recall the spectacle that surrounded the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault case . While I did not follow this case , what was impossible to not notice was the protests that surrounded his being found not guilty of all charges. While I do not know,  of course , what the facts were , the fact that the judge lambasted the  accused as having fabricated evidence does speak to the reason to him being found not guilty . 

    This resulting verdict ended up with the usual suspects  protesting . I guess it was near welfare check time so the professional , unemployable protestors had to get out for a bit and make some noise before they picked up their supply of crack for the week. There were chants , pushing, shoving , you know, all the usual stuff that ” peaceful non violent protestors ” do, like push , punch, and scream at the those who have an opinion  the differs from their (ill)logic .

    To show their lack of respect for an educated and versed in the law judge , these professional , unemployable neanderthals took to their old stand by , cheap signs , mindless drone like chants and lots of screaming:



    Now, lets fast forward a few months . Some high profile priest was also charged with these same type of crimes , crimes that religious leaders have been known for doing for decades. Now let me be clear in that I am NOT saying either of these people either did , or did not do these acts they were charged with .  Once again, I  did not follow the trial, and was not privy to so much as one word of evidence that was presented . However, he too was found not guilty .




    BUT WAIT , what about those professional protestors who we just saw above proclaiming that ” we believe survivors ” ? Where were the protests around his case and his being found not guilty ?


    So, it appears that our usual bunch of brainless idiots who are too stupid to have a job,  are selective as to who they consider victims , and oppressors . Clearly, the professional protestor crowd have a double standard when it comes to whom and what they protest …  and when. Hawks is indeed not guilty in the eyes of the court, as is Ghomeshi. In both cases, the judge cites serious flaws in the testimony of the ” victims ” . Hawks is , however, a person who  ” … Dr. Brent Hawkes was appointed the Order of Canada by the Governor General of Canada for his stand on Social Justice and Human Rights within the LGBT communities, the highest award a country has bestowed on a gay activist. … “


    So, is seems that there is a pecking order when it comes to whom professional protestors will protest, even when the outcome is exactly the same . If you are a hetrosexual male, accused of a sexual assault crime , even though you are found not guilty, according the protestor crowd , too bad, in their eyes, you ARE guilty . However, if you are a gay person , accused of the exact same type of crime, and also , you get a free ride because you from a so called oppressed group who is always targeted by ” the man . ” These professional protestors need a lesson of fairness. Either they protest everyone equally, or, and this is preferred, sit down , shut up, take a bath , get a job and get lost.