Meow everyone, i know that some on emy readers have messaged  me privately to which I say thank you. I have had a small issue with my contact email address so, I had to create a new email account  to accept messages. If you tried to send  message to my old address at [email protected], please note that this email address is NO LONGER  WORKING. Please send all new message to my new address at  [email protected] . …………thanks, undercoverkitty .

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  1. Do you have an email address where you can be contacted?

    • I do, but I only give it to those whom I personally know, as in , you have to know me , and I , you.

      If you wish it, you need to tell me exactly where you know me from, how you know me and tell me a little something about me that only those who DO know would know .

  2. I don’t need to know your name, I just want to send you something in confidence. Don’t you have an anonymous email account you can use?

  3. Hello.
    Gavin McInnes here. I am putting together a video of recent antifa fails. Wondering if you have any funny footage like what we just saw in Huntington Beach. Please email me