How totally and utterly FAIL … CFS , this is what you ARE good at …

OK , so let me set this up for everyone. we all recall that this past June, Toronto was host the the G20 summit. Now, before anyone jumps in to try and kill me , I am not here to express any opinions for or against this summit, I am mearly pointing out what took place here. many of us will have also either read , or heard, or both, about the raid at the U of T  Grad offices. this is were Mr. Daniel Vandervoort was also busted for housing members of the Black Block. Keep in mind that i am not offering an opinion one way or another here. Mr. Vandervoort is a VERY loyal supporter  of the CFS , and this is where we pick up our story for today boys and gurls .

To get an idea of how this story develops, lets read in full a medai alert:

Here is the information :
sourced from :

Start: 11/13/2010 13:00
Timezone: Canada/Eastern

Date: November 13
Time: 1pm EST
Location: Consulate General of Korea (555 Avenue Rd., Toronto ON)


We need to send a unified message against the G20 and the police state this institution creates everywhere it goes.

From Nov 11-12 a select few of the world’s political “leaders” will meet for the second time this year to ensure the wealthy continue to profit at the expense of the rest of us. These so-called leaders are promising more austerity measures that will only further the world’s poverty and continue the sale of the global commons from air and water to oil and land.
In Korea this week, as we did in Toronto this past summer and others before us, students, workers and activists are resisting the G20 on the streets to present a vision of a better world, a more just alternative to the corporate agenda. “Put People First” has posted a draft joint statement about the G20 Summit in Seoul here:

Participate in the international collective voice to oppose the G20 world leaders’ agenda – from Toronto to Korea we are united against the G20 and our demands must be heard.

We call on the Korean G20 Summit hosts and their security not to follow in the footsteps of the Canadian Integrated Security Unit whose abuses of historic proportion are too well known in and beyond the city of Toronto. Already the authorities have turned civil society leaders who came to Korea to participate in democratic opposition away at the borders and riot goons prevented the people from expressing their views by surrounding the mass demonstrations in Seoul.

We urge the Korean government that it is not too late to change direction and instead show the world an example by respecting the right to freedom of expression and assembly and dissent, especially for the mass demo planned for Thursday November 11 at 2pm.
This Saturday, Toronto, we will gather at the Korean Consulate in solidarity with the South Korean anti-G20 movement and the Seoul International People’s Conference participants who have been raising their voices loud. We thank them for their courage and resistance. We also hope to celebrate news of a more peaceful approach by Korean police or will demonstrate our outrage.
Bring your banner and noise maker as we make heard the demand for global justice now.

FB Event:

New we kn ow that the CFS has had direct nad considerable involvment in this event .So , now , let us see what our good freind Mr. vandervoort is up to as it relates this upcoming event:

So , we have established that there is indeed going to be an event, , the event is advertised and even a facebook page is created to get more people to come out . We can also conclude that Mr. Vandervoort created the facebook page , and , with a little research, we can clearly establish that Mr. Vandervoort did NOT get to sleep in as the Grad facilities at U of T were about to entertain unexpected guests .However, Mr. Vandervooort is a trooper and  flashbacks to large buses, men in black quebec acents are things that just don’t phase him . he was once again out there today, standing fast at his post , protesting the G20 in south Korea at the concolate here in Toronto. He came prepared, old CFS drop fees signs , in fench of course, not one but TWO different colors of thick felt markers, ( red and black my two favorite colors by the way ) and he was ready to create meyhem and debotchery . The city was going to come to thier knees for what waas done to him when he was arrested at U of T. It would take an army of well trained , police officers to capture him and his merry band of radical protestors . The CFS was going to be very proud of him , he will be made grand puebah of something that pays a huge salery from student dollars but for now, don’t take away his moment of glory .  Behold the mighty CFS as they battle the evils of government, striking fear into the eye of every BMW driver who passed by. Small children and furry animals hid for their safety, photographers and news medai arrived in droves, mobsters were asking each other if they had a peice of this action.


Vandervoort if the person in the center , flanked by vicuous bodygaurds who will eat your liver if you get too close. The girl on his right ( or the left of the image ) was a freind he saw as a passer by , on her way home from what i understand… she was conscripted. I am looking for a volunteer to advise Mr Vandervoort that we as Canadians abolished conscription many years ago. The lady on the right side of the image , or , to the left of Vandervoort wa son her way to some shopping and had some free time , so , she held up a sign for the camera. Is she on the CFS payroll?  Here is the image:


Now that the CFS have taken over the protest world, i will now go and cower under some warm blanket, or the pile of legwarmers laying around .

Now just for the record, from  what i understand , all the charges have either been dropped or dismissed against the persons from the U of T raid.