Some great and soon to be famous quotes

“… You’re the most dangerous and destructive person I hav eeven known … ”

Joel Duff CFS Ontario Organizer . Hey , does this mean the person he said this to is  EVEN MORE dangerous than Charles Manson and Al Capone ?

And speaking of other really stupid comments , here isnone from the GM of the Ryerson Student Center as he and his fellow CFS/ student union cohorts keep trying to find new ways to ban a student. behold the stupidity of this comment:

“… Mr. _______ said that Mr. N. was NOT harassing any staff right now but that they wanted him banned because he would in the future … “

OK , now everyone who reads this is to right away head over to thier local court house and pay a $100.00 fine for speeding. I know, you will not hav eactually received a speeding ticket or were even pulled over , but you will in the future.  On a related note, contact the executive of the Ryerson Student Union right away as they will be able to tell you in advance what the winning number combination will be for the upcoming lottery results. This is possible because they seeming know what will take place in the future.