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Protesters demand withdrawal of G20 charges


Last Updated: August 23, 2010 9:25pm

TORONTO – More than 100 G20 activists converged on Toronto Police headquarters Monday night demanding the withdrawal of all charges laid against protesters at June’s summit.

“I was offended by the police tactics and all charges should be dropped. We are here to put a call out for justice and we are asking for an inquiry into what was a police state,” said Joel Duff, who protested during the summit with the Canadian Federation of Students.

Some G20 charges were dropped Monday during a marathon court session for more than 300 people who were scheduled to appear for alleged summit offences.

The group, assembled at the police department’s headquarters, demanded that Attorney General Chris Bentley intervene and personally drop charges.

“Crown counsel assesses each case on its individual facts and circumstances and will speak to the matter in court at the appropriate time,” said Brendan Crawley, spokesman for the Ministry of the Attorney General. “As in all cases, the ministry cannot comment on matters currently before the court out of fairness to the victims, witnesses and accused.”

Tammy Moreau had her charges of obstruction of a police officer dropped Monday.

“I didn’t expect the G20 would get as bad as it did,” said Moreau, who spent 24 hours in the makeshift G20 detention centre. “We are here to be peaceful, but we need our message to be heard.”

Anna Willats with the Toronto Community Mobilization Network said it’s really unfortunate the group had to gather to try to get charges dropped.

“They are handing out bail conditions that are saved for very violent criminals and some people’s lives have been greatly impacted. We know how to keep our protests safe, and police shouldn’t be pointing guns at demonstrators. They also should have to wear a name badge in these situations,” Willats said.

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Hey, Duff, here is concept to ponder over, don’t riot and commit crimes like setting police cars on fire and breaking windows and looting, and chances are pretty good that you will not get arrested when participating in a LEGAl protest. Interesting how you semingly defend these acts of criminality yet, don’t even bother to addess REAL STUDENT concerns that you are paid to do .