Another useless student protest , but not without some fun at their expense

Meow my fellow kat lovers. yesterday was another attempt, a pathetic one at that, to try and revive the student protests here in Toronto to show support for what is going on in Quebec. So, a call out was made a few weeks on facebook setting up an event at 20, Queen Street West here in Toronto, the offices in Toronto for the government of Quebec. If one is  to realistically  accept that the number of persons who confirm online as coming as accurate, them over 200 persons would have shown up.

There was another event at city to remember Jack Layton and there were about 1500 persons there. that event was for 6:00 pm so there was a taylor  made crowd all ready and directly across the street who could have attended to support this student strike.

The student strike event was planned for 8:00 pm. by that prescribed time , there was a grand total of about 15 , yes FIFTEEN people all ready to force the government into submission. About 30 minutes passed by and a few more arrived, the usual anarchist crowd. What makes me wonder , however, is why the anarchist crowd is attending events to support things when most of them are pre-school  drop outs anyway. You know this crowd by now with their trade marked chants like fuck the police, and 1,2,3,4, this is fucking class war. I give them credit , however, for at least being able to do just slightly more than grunt,   as their neanderthal relatives have done.

After a few speeches that made no sense , a few loud yells of no significance  and some one with a megaphone that barely worked , it was time to march. The march went from Queen street then north on Bay street . One protestor gave me the laugh of the month , however with his antics.

Now people, picture this and try and visualize this for longevity . Protestor weighing 150 pounds, , police horse weighing 2000 pounds. See where I am going here?  protestor thought in his infinite wisdom  that he was going to be successful in trying to have the march stray to the entire street width, as opposed to what the police had deemed as safe. So, he proceeds to start to  berate one of the bike cops who as not going allow the entire street to be used. The horse cops came up and the horse used his head to nudge protester back onto the designated side of the road . The protestor tried again and once again, lost as a result of horse that was clearly , far and away smarter than this idiot.  So, people, here are a few points to remember when marching:

-Person eight about 150 pounds

-Police horse weighs about 2000 pounds.

-Person is five foot six tall-Police horse is about seven feet tall

-Person can run fast

-Police horse can run much faster .

-Average protestor of this sort of event IQ , too low to measure , estimated at about .00000000001

-Average IQ of police horse, MUCH higher

Moral of this story is, that a) this student  protesting crap is as dead as occupy, get over it, no one is interested, and B) no one is going to show as long as anarchists are allowed to leave their homes unescorted .