Now this is quality reporting …. NOT

Meow everyone. Some of you out there in internet land may know of this online reporting site called OK, i refer to it as myself  and based on the content, i am overly kind with the rubbish reference.

Here is an example of the rubbish i am referring to as can be found in this link :

Here , one of their ” reporters ‘ who, i will add asks people to use small  and non-intellectual sounding words writes about police profiling on G20 persons. Lets have a closer look at her rubbish :

… profiling by police was based on their style of dress

… wore backpacks

… women they had “hairy legs”

… people wearing black clothing

… people speaking French

As you can see, this is a very serious list of grandiose offenses indeed that would have certainly created unwanted attention to those persons… or would it ?

Lets break this down a bit to find it numerous flaws .

Style of dress, Wow, in that case, i should be locked up and the key thrown away, I live in  legwarmers, I must therefore, as a career criminal of fashion would have certainly been picked up and cuffed and stuffed.

Wore backpacks , OK, so , we need to arrest every single student in Toronto, from grade school on because everyone wears backpacks.

Hairy legs, Wow, yup that would get you twenty years minimum . Wait, what if, as a guy, and a guy who has NON-hairy legs, would that get me time in crow bar hotel ?

People wearing black clothing, well, there you have it, the crime of the century for sure. every person in formal wear, every person who is goth  is  now about to get new fashions, orange fashions.

People speaking french, OK, i am guilty of this hideous  crime as well , I mean , being from Quebec and all , i am quite well versed in my French.

Other stories I have heard that are equally as stupid and idiotic were storied such as taking pictures, wearing certain types of foot wear, and being in groups. People, THIS DID NOT HAPPEN as this so called reporter from the so called news agency wants to suggest. i am a photographer, and O took thousands of pictures, ALL without one question being asked of me. i LIVE in red and black clothing, I always carry a back pack. I found that while the cops were more on their toes with respects to policing, i was NEVER once detained for any reason. i spoke to several cops whom I knew previously and not one ever acted badly towards me, NOT ONE.

What concerns me about stories like the pile of crap that reporter puts out is that she is also a huge supporter  of the anarchist movement, black bloc tactics and what is going on  with the student strike in Quebec right now. She wants this to migrate here to Ontario as well with the same sort or results. So, to anyone who does read this, my suggestion is that when approaching her and wishing to have a conversation with her, use big and intellectual sounding words, she won’t understand a word your saying. Oh yes, and when she starts her tirade about native rights and all, ask her  exactly where  she moved to Canada from. ( hint, small European country that starts with ” N ” )  )