The student strike and who is REALLY co-opting this

Meow everyone. Yesterday and the day previous, i wrote a bit about the student strike seminar that was held at the University of Toronto and put on the the UTGSU ( University of Toronto graduate students union ) I made mention that this was not really a student run event but rather, an anarchist convention with these same anarchists wanting to co-opt the students movement for their own agendas. I made references in previous posts about how  these anarchists are there to cause problems and create animosity between students, police and government.

Well, it did not take long for these anarchists to prove me right, and moreover, doing so in their own words. Let us see some examples of this now :


and ,



Can someone pleas tell me what ” no social justice until we get rid of the police ”  , and  ” fuck the police ” have to do with lowering tuition fees? Secondly, these anarchist claim that they stand for the average working person, yet here, clearly, they deface a truck that the driver will have to answer for with respects to the property damage caused by anarchists. Now, the driver will likely have to pay out of his or her own pocket the cost of removing the work of such caring and loving anarchists.


However, as i write this, i find myself having to quietly have some pity for these same anarchists. Recently my good friend who has a great blog has discovered one of these anarchists actually thinks she is JESUS. Look, its Tuesday today and  reading that story really made my otherwise average day, awesome. check this out :


These guys can provide hours of entertainment, not quality entertainment  but if you’re not picky about what you wish to read , see or watch, these guys will give you a laugh,  and not the funny kind of laugh. However, the3se images did have a few telling tales about them. Clearly one such tale is that the person who wrote this is still learning to use crayons as the writing is very child like . Lets just hope they are edible crayons. Secondly,  and perhaps more clearly, the author of these wonderful works of art, needs a better education as clearly , there is a great deal lacking in the art as projected here.  Frankly, my CAT is a far superior artist .