Some feed back from the student strike seminar

As many of you know by now, i am a student at one of the universities here in Toronto and i know first hand what the  tuition fees are , how high they are and how these fees have an effect on those who want to attend university but are financially unable to attend.  I consider myself to be one of the very fortunate persons  to be able to attend university. Let me be very clear on this: I support the students desire to seek lower tuition fees, as lower fees would make post secondary education accessible and equal to all who desire it. An educated work force only helps the economy and removes more persons from poverty. i have NO ISSUE with lower fees.

What i DO have a huge issue with  the means that some, and I point out that only SOME, people are using the students as pawns to further their own agendas. What has been going on in Montreal is a perfect example of how some groups, some persons have co-opted the student movement as a means to create anarchy , to enact violence and property damage . let me make this very clear.  Those of you who are doing these acts are NOT speaking for me .

This past weekend there a student seminar held here at the University of Toronto  but this was more of a who’s who within the anarchist community as opposed to  actual concerned students. Here is more of what they had in mind with respects to  what types of actions they think works to lower fees:

ImageSorry but occupations don’t work. The occupy movement has been an utter and complete failure because it was co-opted by fringe groups, unions, anarchists, so called environmentalists  and just about anyone who is pissed of at any form of government or authority.

I understand student solidarity , respect it and advocate for it. however, solidarity does need to include violence and destroying things for the sake of destruction. Imagine what a voice these students CAN HAVE  by lobbying as one voice  with an issue , but done respectfully. People WOULD listen . You cannot ignore thousands of students , however, if even ONE decided to use this as a opportunity to enact violence , the media will pick up on that and THAT will be the sole sound bite that the general public will see, and identify the student movement with.


Here are two articles written about the event of this past weekend. i do not agree with what is being said, nor  do i support the groups who write this article, however, i offer everyone a fair chance to explain their reasons and / or their motivations.


I mentioned above how opposed I am to the co-opting of the student movement by fringe groups. the above links are two such groups  that i think the students really need to be aware of  as there are hidden  motives these groups have for  wanting to participate.  I think that the students really need to do their  home work  before they commit to participating with these groups or under their umbrellas. The sad truth is that many of these students  are not aware of who is really behind this, and why .