The student so called protests are trying to get started again …… get ready to laugh

Meow everyone. Well, i knew it would not take long. the anarchists had nothing to do for the past few weeks so they created a ” student strike ” seminar at U of T to try and revive this movement and bring it to Ontario. First of all, lets get one thing very clear here, Ontario is NOT Quebec, never has been , never will be. However, these brain dead anarchist seemed to have missed a few classes , since they clearly do not know this. 

I went to the event which started off Friday night with a social at the U of T grad students Union lounge. There were already several person here from Montreal and it was nice to talk about the city from where i am from as well. I left after a few hours as I was really not into the drinking thing anyway. I came back Saturday morning only to be greeted by Anarchist Ashleigh Ingle who along with a few choice words proclaimed that i was not welcomed there. ya, right i said. Not quite sure who dies and made her god , but hey, if she likes to go on power trips, all the best to her I say. She was of course about as successful in getting rid of me as i would be as a space shuttle pilot, but give her props for trying. Here is a nice photograph taken via smart phone of the opening of the event:


As you can clearly see from this image, i was either able to invent time travel by being in two places at the same time, or the more likely possibility that  her ability to keep me out was an epic FAIL.

Next, the group decided to sent out a few twitter messages. One caught my eye in particular in that they were basically asking the students to violate their own schools policies around the non academic student code of conduct, and further, that the CFS friendly student union create committees   to  get around these same non academic codes of conduct. Behold :


Note as well that by default, university administration is to be considered  as repressive. Great, noted for future reference, oh, wait, never mind, i don’t plan to break my schools non academic code of conduct.

Lastly, allow me to really dig deep into my litter box to show you that power and impact these strikes are about to have. Why almost 250 people showed to participate in the utter disruption of civilization in Toronto on a Saturday night.  the march started from Kings college Circle at the University of Toronto, made is way east to Yonge Street, south on Young to Dundas where they, decided to block aid the intersection for a few minutes. I love how Trey Winney, Jessica Denyer and Danial Vandervoort were all tough trying to incite the drivers into submission. Yup, another FAIL. Guys, look, if you really want to piss people off, forget about occupying an intersection, block air a beer store. Oh , wait, you would then  be oppressing those who drink, sorry, my mistake. How evil of me to think that perhaps there is a person sitting in the traffic you just created who has to take a person to a hospital as a result of an emergency.

Trey, Jessica, Danial, look, and please, take this as a respectful suggestion. . cops have big cars, with lights and sirens. that sort of mean that they are allowed to go even the wrong way on a one way street if need be, so, your brilliant plan of going north on Spadina Ave. in the south bound lanes, and then west on Adelaide st. which is one way going east from west is again a pure and simple FAIL .


Oh yes, one last thing, please try a new chant, the usual ones are really not resonating with the people you are trying to convince. My guess, and this is only my guess, people will be less than supportive of those who advocate for things like ” fuck the cops ”  and  ” kill the 1% ” , something about the whole killing thing seems be a huge turn off.

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  1. Out of curiosity, did you stay to take in any of the “seminars”? If so, what exactly was talked about? Did you receive/take any literature? I’d be interested in seeing what is being “taught” at these types of “training camps”.