Canadian Government Pays convicted, confessed , murdering , international terrorist to stay here

Meow everyone . Yes, I am a really ,  REALLY pissed off kitty today .


Today , July 04, 2017 and Day on Independence for our American brothers and sisters , I learned that a Canadian international terrorist, one who confessed to murdering a US medic on duty , while he was treating  another soldier , was awarded $10,000,000.00 by the Canadian Government . This fucking piece of shit scum bag , Omar Khadr comes from a long line of terrorists. His family are all full supporters of the dead leader of Al quida , Osama Bin laden …. they said as much in a CBC interview some years ago. Omar, who some claim was a child soldier was anything but. He went to fight with the terrorist organization of his own free will , willingly . In fact , according to their official pedophile and terrorist training manual , their qoran   he was clearly old enough to make his own decisions. So , for those who claim he was a child soldier  , BULLSHIT . All you are doing is using some  bullshit excuse  while totally ignoring any facts . In fact , even further , good ol’ Omar was found, on video making home made bombs to be used against soldiers .


Khadr was caught, and brought to trial . He received a very light sentence of 40 years in an American Prison . I say light,  because for what he did , he could ,and should have been shot by a  firing squad .  He was later transferred to a Canadian resort , errr , i mean jail , where some clearly mentally incapacitated judge let him out on bail . Oh ya, the  guy he killed is still , well , DEAD . Did I mention that he also severely injured another soldier while he was on duty as well ?


A Canadian soldier who gets injured receives a MAXIMUM of $360,000.00 . We lost over 150 of our best and finest soldiers . While our best get killed or injured and have to beg and grovel for compensation and benefits, Khadr, the confess , convicted , murdering international terrorist is not only walking free among us , he now gets a fucking apology from our government … and nice big fat check for ten million dollars . 



Omar Khadr is a piece of shit terrorist  its about time we treated terrorists as terrorists , and not oppressed ” victims .You read more about this insult to Canadians here .


AS I wrote this yesterday, I was so angry about this , that I felt I had to do something, however symbolic, to make my stand against this travesty. I decided that I had to engage in a silent , peaceful protest against the grave injustice that the leader of my country just engaged in . I pondered for a while what was going to best way i can raise my voice. I decided to take my protest to a federal facility as , a federal location would seem fitting .. but where . 


The federal building on St Clair Ave. was appealing an din the running for serious consideration. I decided against that location. The next place I considered was a military recruitment center on Yonge Street north of Shepard ave. This is the every same place that I first made my decision to join our military , but sadly, this was also a location where recently, a knife wielding terrorist decided to stab several of our service members . All of them did recover. 


My final choice and place where I would eventually take my protest was the HQ of CBC, on Front Street . I decided that this was going to be my location because it was the CBC that actually  gave air time to this terrorist family  , allowing them to go on a satanic rant about they fully supported Bin Laden and his terrorist organization.


I have attended hundreds of protests over the years as a photographer , but this was the first time where i myself was the protestor .  To make sure that there would be no issues I contacted Toronto Police to let them know of my plans, intentions , and timetable . In other words, it was my intention to be fully cooperative with law enforcement , while lawfully exercising my rights to free speech and expression … while we still have them . The reply I received was in full support of my protest . THANK YOU .


I decided to NOT advertise this publicly , indeed only two or three people knew about it , and I wanted it kept quiet . I did NOT want a crowd, did NOT  media coverage … just me,a simple sign and a symbolic presence to show that we as Canadians are watching .  … and Mr Trudeau ,  when election time comes around, let me assure you , our voices will be a lot louder than I was today . This decision , as well as many other highly questionable , and possible treasonous acts of your will brought to the forefront , to remind Canadians of how you sold our great country out  for YOUR OWN personal gain and need for power.  

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  1. I’m interested in what will happen to the Syrian woman who tried to kill people in Canadian Tire. Apparently her charges have been upped to 14 now, including attempted murder. On the radio they said she was “Confused” lol.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Yes, an interesting question . I am of the mind that she is playing the islamic card to garner favor and support from the radical left. If it was me , and I had my way , I would have her taken to a secret bunker somewhere , pump her with enough sodium penithol that she will sing like a canary for months . In my opinion , the second you are convicted of , or claim to be in support of a terrorist organization, all bets are off and all rights go out the window .

      • I hope we are smart enough to deport her after she is found guilty. “I would like to revoke my Canadian citizenship that I received. I don’t want to have any allegiance to you.

        “If you release me, I will commit these actions again and again and again.”

      • Apparently she is literally begging to plead guilty, and has been the whole time. It’s the judge who keeps pressuring her to get a lawyer, and delaying everything.

  2. Upon doing more research I came across this: “Meanwhile, Speer’s wife and Morris sued Khadr for damages and won a default $134 million in 2015 in a Utah court. The settlement was never enforced, which would have required legal action in Canadian court, probably because Khadr had no assets” So now that he has $10 million, or will have it, you can probably expect most of that to go to the Widow, and “Morris” when they bring the case to Canada.