Domestic terrorists planning against G7 in Quebec , in 2018 … part 2

Meow everyone . In part 1  of this series, I introduced you to a few really scummy people who are in the process of planning actions against the upcoming G7 summit planned for 2018 in Quebec . I showed you people who are likely to be involved from both Montreal and Toronto, and how I arrived at their highly likely  hood of direct involvement. I concluded the article with a link showing some very recent violence , and the severity of it shown by these antifa terrorists. 


In  this first image , wee a guy with blood on his hands after being attacked with an armed antifa terrorist



This next image shows an antifa terrorist being arrested for a arm attack with a gun at the same protest . BOTH of these  alleged  events took place in Ottawa Ontario over the June 03 and 04 , 2017 weekend :



In this video, antifa anarchists allegedly hijack a bus in Ottawa at the same protest event : 



So, after these antifa thugs hijack a bus , they then try and justify it , going further , to suggest that bus companies should not allow certain groups to travel on buses :


In this next screen shot, out terrorist scum bags , not only admit to confrontations, they actually and openly condoned the violence they enacted :



So, lets just be clear here . Pulling guns  on people, stabbing people, robbing people, assaulting people are ALL activities that these antifa terrorist CONDONE. They said so themselves .  These actions are very much the same types of actions used by international terrorists . They act out , then they condone these actions .

But wait, there is MORE . Here , we see clearly that antifa thugs and terrorists are more than willing to enact real, serious violence . Here , in THEIR own words :



Let me now shift the focus a little on some of the weapons these antifa terrorists might use . We are all aware by know of the traditional weapons such as sticks  and heavy boots . However, these terrorists have learned to adapt to some technologies and gizmo’s to make use of as weapons.


Here is an example of a credit card size slashing weapon. This is for close quarters combat and with it razer blade attachment, this IS  a deadly weapon .

The old standby for these terrorists is still hand to hand combat



However, they upped the ante here by attaching metallic objects to their fore arms to act as deadly weapons and first strike weapons . Again this is a close quarters weapon . Pepper spray or bear spray are also very popular items for these thugs . Another old standby  are molotov cocktails . These are all things we have seen in the past . However, some new, innocent toys have also been adapted  for use as weapons by the anarchists. One of the latest toys are these new fidget spinners . 



Now, imagine modifying this idea to carry bullets :





Here is another weapon that looks like an average cane used by senior citizens or persons with mobility disabilities …. except, this is NOT A CANE , but rather , an extended stun stick … much like a taser :


With a little pre-planning  , a group of anarchists would then be able to each carry parts of a single fire arm , meet up at a predetermined point, assemble it , load it with these bullets  and voila, instant carnage .  It is pretty clear that the radical left are planning something , something big i suspect . We see here that once again, Kevin Metcalf’s names come front and center when someone on his facebook page goes on to comment to Kevin that the commenter, has also read that Metcalf was planning violence against the Quebec G7 conference next year : 


So far, I have really concentrated on the radical left as being the main perpetrators of violence . However, there is another side, that , while much less covered, is equally as dangerous , and have clearly shown their willingness to enact , or at least promote violence . We seen here a comment from one of the radical right where he comments about the incident where a gun was used to commit a crime at a recent protest .



Since we are not sure of the identity, based on the above screen shot, as to exactly who posted this , I can only postulate that it was a different person who posted this , calling for ” hit and run ” street corner protests . However, if you look close enough at the pixelated image of the person who posted the above, it may appear to be the same person as the one who posted the ones below . 


But hang on a second, A CITIZEN  MILITIA ?



 I am not sure if Arthur  is serious here , but this is just begging for a very violent confrontation … as possibly seen  from this screen shot :



I am having problems here with the radical right. It appears that both sides are looking for a conflict , and a violent one. Sometimes, I have to wonder , seriously wonder,  if there really is a difference between the radical left , and radical right . It is really hard to tell them apart these days:


My question to Arthur is : How sir do we  improve  our negotiating position if the tactics of the radical left and the radical right are the same ? If one works on the premiss that violence begets violence , how will the average citizen know who is who just by observing two people battle it out .. literally ? 

My question to James is : ” patriots need to be armed and ready ” for what exactly ? Are we to engage in our own civil war now ?  This is exactly what would fast track any sort of removal of rights, freedoms and liberties we have now . This would also allow those we say we done want entering Canada , a way in to enact whatever they want… because we are too busy fighting among ourselves  , and this would result in our own security services to be deluged with our own fights to be able to do their jobs and keep undesirables out .


So, what we are seeing here is the possibility of one persons desire for a potential armed conflict among citizens of opposing political view points . Quebecs G7 summit conference , would be the perfect place form this showdown , as it would already be home to most violent anarchists in the country … at least we know most of them will be there . Quebec may be the new OK Coral :



Quebec is shaping up to be far more than a summit of G7 leaders . The G7 summit is very much looking like the venue where all hell will break lose, with both the radical left, and the radical right , converging for the big showdown . Sure, we will have the anarchists wanting to have their smashy smashy fest , after all , that’s all they know how to do .  However, I fear that this place will also become to focal point were all sides will converge , as the boiling point will have been met by then. What better place to do this than in front of the world leaders .  The irony is that the ones who are advocating to ensure that we don’t lose any rights and freedoms will be disappointed, because these potential violent actions will result in exactly what they don’t want , the loss , or restrictions of certain rights and freedoms . If there was every a time for the believers of a one world government to be taken seriously , if these events , as I suggest may happen, then indeed , we will  certainly be a giant step closer to that one world government some talk about, if for no other reason, to quell dissent among the masses . You want to see right vanish ? That will do it for sure …. and those who engage in these violent acts will be the ones to thank . 

5 Responses to Domestic terrorists planning against G7 in Quebec , in 2018 … part 2

  1. Antifa would not be able to survive an armed confrontation. I am not saying the right would be right for arming themselves, and attacking, but if it came down to it, Antifa would definitely be on the losing end. They are cowards, and you can see it in their eyes. Not to mention, if you actually watch Antifa attack anyone, they most always look like weak children. That’s why they use weapons, I mean, have you seen the way most of them throw a punch?

  2. But how can you expect these kids to put all their passion into fighting, when most don’t even know why they are fighting

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      As stupid as these antifa scummy punks are, they are just pawns being used by much bigger forces . But, these pawns, as stupid as they are , are dangerous enough that their exposure is key to fighting the bigger picture of domestic terrorism .

  3. Avatar dormpus
    dormpus says:

    hey frank, pretty sure heart disease will get to ye long before antifa. watch your cholesterol!