When the radical left have run out of ideas, they resort to what they do best… riot

Meow everyone. Last Saturday , May 06 , 2017 , we had yet another anti , or pro , depending  on your point of view . m-103 protest rally / riot. By now, most Canadians are aware of the bill M-103 that would make speaking negatively about Islam a crime. However, this is NOT LAW yet , indeed, it was only a bill to introduce it to parliament . Yes, this bill is riddled with flaws, because it is centered only on making it a crime , if passed , to speak badly of one religion, while one would still be free to speak as they wished against all other religions. So, while there are protests around this , claiming that those who oppose this bill are what is now the buzz word term called islamophobia. . So, why are they protestors then, not protesting that other religions can still be spoken  about in what ever manor one wishes .


I was one of the first people on the scene at Toronto city hall . Another person by the name of Kevin Metcalf was also there . Kevin is a pro communist ” reporter ” , one who supports the radical left, supports anarchism and of course, the use of violence. He was there early as well, stationing himself near a walkway where he was in contact with his cohorts in crime , looking for opposing protestors to confront. He soon got his wish  when a large group of pro free speech people came in en mass . He immediately went up to then to begin harassing them  as seen in this video .


He quickly realized he was greatly out numbered , so he put out a call for help .


This is were his day turned from reality into some crack induced fantasy . Sorry Kevin, ummm , HEAVILY ARMED ???? The video clearly shows this confrontation , and clearly, with the exception of a few flag poles  that BOTH sides were using , for flags , NO ONE was heavily armed Kevin. If , on the other hand you saw differently, please show me weapons that support your delusions .


Kevin was clearly feeling the effects of coming of crack because now, he claimed to have been head butted . Once again, the video clearly shows this as NOT being the case.  Let me show you  what ACTUALLY took place .



It is VERY clear here , in this image that they guy Metcalf claims head butted him , indeed did NOT. Kevin was chest bumped . There are stories around the internet that claim that metcalf sustained several significant bruises as a result of this ” vicious assault ” . Well , ummm , Kevin didn’t sustain so much as a miss placed hair .  Really you ask ? Yes, and here are a series of images that will prove this .. images that I shot myself of him :


This is the image of his bruised face making the internet rounds. which, for the record, was not created by him .  Come on , this is not even good enough to be called bad photoshop  :


Pay attention to the TIME STAMPS on the right side of the screen shot pages I am posting here. These are from my photo editing software , Lightroom . and the information shown is the meta data of the actual RAW file , as shot .


This image below shows him RIGHT AFTER his alleged ” assault ” …. NO BRUISES



This image below shows him  getting blocked from shooting images . Kevin, wait a second, you use this exact tactic on thos YOU dont like shooting your events . What, you dont like the tables turned on you ?

Yup, another one of him after his alleged ” assault ” … hmmm , still no bruises .

OK, not a great shot by me as it is blurry, but still clear enough to see NO bruises .


Yup, still no bruises


Was Kevin pushed, ? Yes, This is the exact same tactic he and his band of brainless bimbo’s use against those they don’t like . Kevin, you story is heading south real quick here .


Both sides came prepared for a confrontation  given the violent history and reputation  of these antifa anarchists, , preparation is not a bad thing . The antifa idiots got there early as well, spreading them selves into three groups around the square to try and attach the  good guys from any side they  arrived from. One of these groups had famous idiot and violent scum bag Sean Williams in it . Williams has always been a major agitator and promoter of extreme violence . Between Sean , his brother Wesley and their lap dog Lane Patriquien , these three failed test tube experiments love to cause a much trouble as they can . However, in this day, for Sean, this went south for him  quickly, when he tried to fight a guy . While I do NOT condone violence , I have to admit with some degree personal satisfaction, that I was happy to see that finally, some guy shut seam up and put hi in his place…..  near a garbage can.





He claims he went to the hospital with seriuous facial injuries , but as seen here, he has NO such injuries. He further claimed a head injury, This , while possible true, certainly didnt stop him from standing up under his own power and continuing to be a shit head during this protest / riot . Here is video of both events I just wrote about :


Now, please forgive the crappy video. I am testing a new cameras system I literally just bought a few hours prior to this event. I had obvious sound issues and some stability issues to work out still , but at least you can see what i am talking about here .




These protests have de-evolved into nothing more than antifa school yard bullies having a temper tantrum  on prom night , and trying to pick fights with the all star foot ball players who get all the girls . These antifa idiots are nothing more than professional drop outs who take their lack of ambition and accomplishments out on anyone around them . This is by no means over, indeed, I postulate that we have only seen the beginning of this . Having said that , I am happy to report that I begun field trials of new equipment that , if I am successful , will forever, unmask these antifa anarchists , no matter what type of mask they chose to hide behind. 


Stay tuned, things are going to get interesting ……

4 Responses to When the radical left have run out of ideas, they resort to what they do best… riot

  1. Avatar C. Montgomery Burns
    C. Montgomery Burns says:

    Frank, the image/meme of Kevin bruised up wasn’t created by Kevin, it was created by right wingers (hence the “good night left side” logo). They’re the ones who photoshopped, not Kevin you owe him an apology for, as usual, jumping to the wrong conclusion.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello and thank you for your comment. A respectful suggestion if I may . next time, READ the ENTIRE section, for if you would have done that , you have have CLEARLY seen that I indeed indicate that it was NOT hm who created that image : ” … This is the image of his bruised face making the internet rounds. which, for the record, was not created by him . Come on , this is not even good enough to be called bad photoshop … ” .

  2. Avatar Steven Forest
    Steven Forest says:

    I am wondering if Canadian streets will resemble those of the Middle East in the coming years. I can
    see similarities in this raw footage…on a smaller scale….for now.

    This is not how we do things in Canada.

    Thank you Mr. Trudeau for thinking of all Canadians when you made the decision to import these people to our country.

    Also, congrats on having a Muslim couple name their baby Justin Trudeau. With your head held high, your ego inflated you can go on knowing you have put another jewel in the Trudeau crown. YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE STATE.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      You can count on our streets soon looking like , indeed become those of the middle east …….. sadly , and everything that comes with it .