Antifa scum bags prove they are urban terrorists

Meow everyone. You may recall a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how the anarchists have rebranded themselves as so called anti facists , or antifa.  I have stated then as I do now, they they are nothing but low life, scum bags who have always do nothing but smash things, and this time, its not different .


Today, I wish to offer up absolute proof of their violent intentions and , how they are,  indeed , urban terrorists .



So, why would you, as so called peaceful protestors,  who want equality and unity , or so they claim,  want to arm themselves with concealed,  bladed weapons … unless of course, they really want  to slash and smash .



” Break some random shit ” ?  Hmm, so, peaceful protestors wanting to break things ? Does not sound very peaceful to me . It DOES, however, sound a lot like what you would expect to hear from urban terrorists .


” We got fucking rounded up and arrested ” . Ok, and this surprised them how again ? What did you expect, a fucking parade ? Well, I hope you got introduced to bubba while being cuffed and stuffed,   and in crowbar hotel . Ya , ya , I know, this is everyone’s fault but yours . Now go play on the freeway . 


” Some of us got bailed out by our backers ” . But , but , but , you always claimed that you were so called ” grass roots ” and had no backers . So, now we see that you are not only urban terrorists, but pretty shitty liars too . Well, at least you are the  gift that keeps on giving .


” Its not fair ” . Ya ya , ok , Its , in your mind , oops, wait, your have no brains , sorry , smashing shit up is a perfectly normal part of everyday life . Umm, well, ummm , NO , you see, we , here , in civilization  , don’t smash shit up because we don’t like something. I cant blame you though , your communist , brain dead leaders forgot to  teach you that part.


” You have no idea how much this is hurting us ” .  Get used to it losers. You are about to feel pain like you never felt before . You may not want to go to jail, but jail may be the safest place you will end up being in .


This was sent to me by a friend of mine. This describes better than I ever could what I do think of these anarchists / antifa parasites .


These antifa terrorists are, as we see now, are ready to arm themselves and their like minded idiots with weapons,  to literally slash out at their opponents , those opponents being anyone of rational mind and thought. They want , and will do what they can to destroy this great country , and they have , as we see here, have already enacted the symbolic destruction . Now, for them, all that is left is the actual physical destruction .


Make no mistake . This is what antifa really stand for :


These so called peaceful protestors are holding a combat training course :




So, lets  go over some of this in more detail . ” Improvised weapons and armor “.  Improvises weapons are an offensive type weapon used to inflict serious injury or death , as seen and used by international terrorists . So, we see here, in their own words, that they want to terrorize the public.


” Loaded forearm ” . Once again, this is a highly dangerous offensive styled improvised weapon , that CAN KILL .


Now you have to look at the irony here as well . White people are being racialized and forced to pay for this ” training ” while non-whites get in free.


Want more proof that antifa is a terrorist organization ?




Here in Toronto, we have more than our fair share of these brainless parasites , sadly, Along with the various protests they usually try and incite their brand of hate and violence in, they will be holding a stand alone event just for them on may 1, 2017 .



This protest is run by the communists in Toronto , and has always had a history of attracting the lowest life forms around…. anarchists. This protest has had a long standing history of violence being enacted against those who attend that these nut cases don’t like. HOWEVER , once this protest march is over, the REAL antifa event  begins. 



Here is the information on this event :


This MAY DAY.. join us for some rad & radical AfterPartying.. with an evening of fist-lifting, world-shifting freedom musics.. commemorating the struggle and celebrating the resistance of MAY DAY.. International Workers Day ♥

UNIT 2 & The RHYMETHiNK Collective proudly present:
The MayDay AfterMarch Massive @ Unit 2
8:30pm // $10 or By Donation
Safer Space in the Place // Assholes Stay Home


Lal / Singer, Poet, Activist, and Bengali Rooted Tough-Guy

T-Dot Renegade Movement Hip Hop

Kanadian Hip Hop’s Oldest & Grumpiest Radical Left Loudmouth

aka Mother Tareka / Syrian-Palestinian MC, Poet, Musician & Freedom Music Maker

Lal / DJ/Producer, Sound Designer, Philosopher, and Barbados-Born King of Chill

UNIT 2…………………….………….

163 Sterling Road, Unit #2
* Facing Garage, its the 2nd Door to the Right of the Big Metal Garage
* Close to Landsowne Station, Dundas West Station or College/ Dundas Street Cars. Wheelchair Access via Dundas West.


Here is what the place looks like  from the outside :


If you still need to see convincing proof of how dangerous these people are , here in the image below, they show you clearly  that they have ZERO problems with directly attacking , using weapons, cops :


So, in conclusion, anarchists or what ever you call yourselves this week, YOU’RE GOING DOWN .. thank you , that is all .



8 Responses to Antifa scum bags prove they are urban terrorists

  1. “Must pay $5 to nearest African American” Did I even just read that?

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Yes, that is exactly what you read . You just cant make the crap that these black lives matters scum bags spew , up.

  2. So do the people that are say, half white, half black, do they only have to pay 2.50 lol?

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      I dont know… the idiocy of these is staggering …. impossibly to postulate what stupidity they would invent next / on the fly .

  3. Avatar Big Brother
    Big Brother says:

    It’s always amusing to read the ineffective propaganda your cabal promotes. Good job Frank. Can we reach you at this number? – 6477870121

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hey , sure, call me anytime . I hope at least you will correct the spelling of my name … typical leftard rejects… can’t even spell your intended targets name correctly .

  4. The photo you claim is of Antifa beating up a cop is photoshopped for Right-wing propaganda purposes, it’s actually Greek youths clashing with riot police during a demonstration commemorating the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos’ by police, on December 6, 2009.