Dear communists , I am far smarter than you can ever hope to be

Meow everyone. I dont often  gloat but when I do ….


Today the was an other protest by the brain dead communists in front of the USA consulate to protest the recent USA action against Syria. I indicated via their facebook page that I would be attending . But these inept creatures decided that they only wanted like minded creatures to cover their event, so, they blocked me … or so they though , from the event page …. silly communists.


This is what you  thought I was going to get as I accessed your event page :



Now, pay attention to the time stamp on the lower right hand corner of the above image :


Now, Let us see how successful you were in blocking me :


So commies,  what can we extrapolate from this simple demonstration ? Simple, You have NO CHANCE of out smarting me, or anyone else who is able to stand up right on their own . Good try though , but as master Yoda will tell you ” … Do , or do not do ,  there is no try … ” 


Now, I know some of you really didn’t want your pictures taken, but hey, unlike the communist governance  you all want , we actually live, and always will live, in a democracy which included silly little things like freedom  to photograph on public access space with requiring your permission: 



Here is Sarah Ali . I love how she tried , and FAILED to get the crowd to try and attack a fellow journalist by suggesting that he was an undercover cop. Good one Sarah. A suggestion for next time if I may, show up with functioning brain cells.


Next, we have a guy who tried so hard to to figure out what government agency I worked for. I told that since today was Saturday , I must be working for the Russians . This dip stick actually believed it . Oh, and please, covering your face only makes me try harder to get a shot of you …. and I NEVER fail . Ya, that’s you in the  brownish shirt  :



Other notable idiots such as Ali Mullah , center :



The commies like to use their own people :




This is Jay Watts . He  wanted me to join the ” cause ” . I told him I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member . He didn’t get it :


Finally , another unmasked anarchist with his communist handler  Evan Padraig ( wearing glasses )  near by :


On the bright side, there was no smashy smashy today .