Hypocrisy at its finest, sadly

Meow everyone. Last week, a group of protestors converged upon an islamic center to protest those inside . This was made to appear as a spontainious  protest , by as my good friend  at http://www.genuinewitty.com/ will show in his soon to be published article, this was anything but spontainious. I will let him fill you in the facts . 


However, while there were protests , near riots , accusations of hate speeches , accusations of racism , accusations of nazi salutes filling the week, why, Why, WHY  are there no protests when these same acts of hate and anti semitism are enacted upon our Jewish community and people?


Here is a link to just one very recent example, of many , of what I speak. So, we are protesting people who speak out against islamic crimes and terrorism, calling it diversity , yet , here, we have a hate crime.   However  , I could not help but notice that there are no protest planned , not so much as a squeak from out prime minister, utter silence from other politicians, nothing. So, why is it then that when islam is called out for its violent extremism , its labeled as hate speech , yet, acts like this against jewish people go un-noticed and ignored ? It really does appear that our politicians and professional protestor crowd really are the contemptible hypocrites we know them to be .


Why are there n anti hate speech protests over this ? Why are we hearing a deafening silence from our politicians over this ?


To the Mayors credit, he did issue a statement with respects to what took place :


The mayor was quick to denounce, rightfully ,  that  pathetic and unwarranted  so called ” protest ” :



In the letter he published to day , while yes, he condemns these anti semetic acts , again, rightfully so , but I do see the same strength in  his letter, for he is not denouncing it , as he did with fridays event. This , I found troubling .


This appears, to me , that we have one set of languages set aside for anti islamic messages and protests , but another set of languages, for hate against others , including Jewish people .  However,  our police service is taking this very seriously. At least we have one organization who is taking action . Thank you TPS