The seemingly intentional demise of main stream media

Meow everyone. We are all aware of the various mainstream media outlets and their political affiliations. There is left leaning media such as every newspaper in Toronto with the exception of the Toronto Sun. We have the CBC which is nothing more that the governments public relations firm .


Of late , especially  during the recent US presidential campaign and of course now that Trump is the President , the new term of ” Fake News ” has emerged as the catch phrase to distinguish , at least to the unsuspecting public, the difference between real, legitimate news , and news that has been manufactured to use as propaganda tools . Depending on what  media outlet you choose to listen to , or watch , your news will be delivered , slanted to their political affiliations.


Many years ago, when I was a student at York University, I had to take a media course for the program I was studying at that  time. This was back in the  mid 1980’s, when  buzz words like fake news did not exist. While the words themselves were not part of the language,  the delivery most certainly was … even back then . One thing that stuck with me  was something my professor reminded us of, perhaps foretelling the future of what we have now come to know as ” fake news ” . He reminded us that many years earlier, the CBC actually sent their on air news casters to a ” finishing school ” to give them British accents . It was suggested that the public would place more trust in a person delivering the news with this British accent , as they  would appear to be more trustworthy .


As the years wore on, so to  have our demands for more immediate news feeds and coverage . In Toronto, a new TV station was created  called CITY TV , which was geared to a more urban environment  and offered a first in Canada , an actually LIVE EYE truck , which could give you ” as it happens ” news flashes . The truck can bee , still at their station building  at John and Queen in Toronto :


As news delivery developed , so did the manipulation of news. A fast forward to more recent events clearly showed how main stream media skewed the news and how they reported it , to suite THEIR agendas , while totally ignoring what they actual facts were . The Toronto Star comes to mind in how they reported the G20 riots in Toronto, and how they glamorized the riot organizers , and vilified the police . Primarily from this, spawned a new type of media, alternative media . 


This blog you are reading is alternative media , well , one form of it . Alternative media showed up as , well, an alternative to main stream media . This idea is / was to offer a balanced , non biased reporting of events ….. often times, covering the exact same events that mainstream media covers,  but without the political slants. 


In this new age of alternative media , literally anyone with a camera  , even the most cheapest of cameras, a cheap computer and an internet connection could now be alternative media . Asa alternative media , we do have some advantages in that we can get into places more easily because we are not lugging around huge carts of equipment . We get to ask questions in the same way that main  stream media asks them . The difference, is that  the vast majority of us are NOT connected to one political party or another, so our reporting reflects this non affiliation. Tough questions are asked to BOTH SIDES .


In the ago of alternative media, one thing that has, sadly become more and more prevalent , is just how lazy main stream media has become. It appears that to them, facts simply get in the way of their pre-written stories . Alternative media are ones who spend time , A LOT OF TIME researching information, fact checking and researching some more before something goes out. Case in point.  My VERY GOOD FRIEND genuinewitty broke a story about the black lives matter Toronto racist organization where HE uncovered several racist rants by one of it head organizers . Yet now, TODAY , ” … Publications around the world are giving credit to the Sun for breaking the story on Yusra Khogali’s “white people are sub-human” rant that I broke last year. … ”


While the Toronto Sun is a credible newspaper which does deliver the facts, albeit in a rather sensational fashion, even they failed to recognize the FACT the Greg broke the story a full YEAR before  the Sun. Yet, Greg, has not received credit for HIS story garnering world wide attention which this story should, rightfully have . This is the problem with mainstream media. They want , and ALL they want, is  to sell newspapers.  They little to no research on her, yet they are proudly proclaiming this great find, and now sharing it to the world for all to see . In one way , great, we DO want the world to see and recognize how dangerous and racist black lives matter Toronto really is , an dyes, it is possible that this may just push this group into the homes of the average reader and they will understand the extreme danger this group poses . On the other hand, by them not giving credit to Greg for discovering this a full year ago, they are using their power to suppress alternative media , and claiming facts as their own, whether stated , or implied. The Toronto Sun should do the right thing  here and state that this story was first broken by Greg . If this was in a university setting, The Sun  could be expelled from university  for plagiarism for not crediting Greg as the original source  for the story in question.