CFS supports racist organization connected to terrorism

Meow everyone. With the Ryerson Student union elections now taking place, we need to look at the role the CFS is playing to ensure their slate once again tries to win .


This year, they have , seemingly been quiet in that there has been nothing overtly obvious to the average observer that would indicate CFS interference . However, a closer look at some  seemingly unrelated events clearly suggest, in my opinion , that indeed, the CFS is trying some dirty tricks this year to get their win. We see very highly respected student leaders being smeared , and oh look at the timing of this …


However, the CFS is also very good at playing to the popular , flavor of the week events . This time around, its the black lies matters Toronto organization they choose to support … openly. We already know for a vast number of sources and material that this is a organization predicated on overt racism . We already that this organization is directly connected , and supports international terrorist organizations such as the muslim brotherhood.


So, it sahould not surprise anyone that with student union elections taking place now, or soon  at  Toronto;s Universities , the CFS wants to stick it pathetic nose in there to further THEIR racist agenda’s …. agendas their YOUR student fees pay for.


Recently , in their official CFS blog, they decided to write a story about black lies matters organizer here in Toronto :




What the CFS  ” forgot  ” to add were THESE comments , comments made by THIS SAME ORGANIZATION :






By voting in a CFS affiliated slate, you are empowering them to continue with this level of hate speech , racism , and YOUR STUDENT MONEY is paying these people to enact this level of hate…. you vote them in , YOU PAY FOR HATE SPEECH. At Ryerson University candidate VAJDAAN TANVEER is one of the key organizers of this racist organization, this organization directly connected to a terrorist organization . 


Stop the CFS before its too late …

4 Responses to CFS supports racist organization connected to terrorism

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      I know about this., but am questioning the timing of the release of this ” story ” . It sounds very much like a story times to coincide with the RSU elections as a means to smear the non-CFS slate .

  1. 5 of 6 RSU Board members resign, $1 million loss and financial irregularities and corruption by the guys you’ve been trumpeting and not one word from you and now you question the “timing”. The 6 Fest scandal has been an issue for months, you just weren’t paying attention. So now you’re saying it’s a smear? Where’s your proof? Oh, you don’t need proof, you just know it can’t be true because you can never be wrong about anything.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello and thank you for your reply . I have not stated or written anything about it , because this is something I need to research more. Yes, there are some serious irregularities as you stated , however, I do maintain the timing of these being made known, as suspect, and something that has all the hallmarks of a smear campaign . That is not to say that there was no wrong doing, I am simply hypothosising that if these allegations are indeed true, why did these only become known NOW , when these incidents took place months ago ?

      As always, I welcome your input and your intention to keep me sharp and on my toes .