Mentaly deranged twit escapes from her babysitter

Meow everyone, Today was yet another protest to protest trump ….  yawn . This time, black lies matter Toronto decided they they needed to co-opt this protest , soooo, they came out with they usual band of bottom  feeding rock dwellers to protest . I will file a more complete story on this later, but for now, here is a short video of the intellectual capacity of the average protestor, although this one is brighter than most, she was able to use three letter words , while can barely grumble .  This brain dead twit escaped from her baby sitter this afternoon. Lets hope she makes it home in time for Saturday evening cartoons , and her meds  :


Here she is .


Our parasitic organisms were busy trying to inflict the weak minded, but were stonewalled when they came upon another person who has a IQ higher than these things do . ( which, by the way is not hard to surpass ) My good friend GenuineWitty was also confronted by this brainless baffoon and her band of micro brained malcontents . Here is his video of these useless idiots in action :