” We believe survivors ” ….. except when the accused belongs to a so called marginalized group

Meow everyone. Many will recall the spectacle that surrounded the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault case . While I did not follow this case , what was impossible to not notice was the protests that surrounded his being found not guilty of all charges. While I do not know,  of course , what the facts were , the fact that the judge lambasted the  accused as having fabricated evidence does speak to the reason to him being found not guilty . 

This resulting verdict ended up with the usual suspects  protesting . I guess it was near welfare check time so the professional , unemployable protestors had to get out for a bit and make some noise before they picked up their supply of crack for the week. There were chants , pushing, shoving , you know, all the usual stuff that ” peaceful non violent protestors ” do, like push , punch, and scream at the those who have an opinion  the differs from their (ill)logic .

To show their lack of respect for an educated and versed in the law judge , these professional , unemployable neanderthals took to their old stand by , cheap signs , mindless drone like chants and lots of screaming:



Now, lets fast forward a few months . Some high profile priest was also charged with these same type of crimes , crimes that religious leaders have been known for doing for decades. Now let me be clear in that I am NOT saying either of these people either did , or did not do these acts they were charged with .  Once again, I  did not follow the trial, and was not privy to so much as one word of evidence that was presented . However, he too was found not guilty .




BUT WAIT , what about those professional protestors who we just saw above proclaiming that ” we believe survivors ” ? Where were the protests around his case and his being found not guilty ?


So, it appears that our usual bunch of brainless idiots who are too stupid to have a job,  are selective as to who they consider victims , and oppressors . Clearly, the professional protestor crowd have a double standard when it comes to whom and what they protest …  and when. Hawks is indeed not guilty in the eyes of the court, as is Ghomeshi. In both cases, the judge cites serious flaws in the testimony of the ” victims ” . Hawks is , however, a person who  ” … Dr. Brent Hawkes was appointed the Order of Canada by the Governor General of Canada for his stand on Social Justice and Human Rights within the LGBT communities, the highest award a country has bestowed on a gay activist. … “


So, is seems that there is a pecking order when it comes to whom professional protestors will protest, even when the outcome is exactly the same . If you are a hetrosexual male, accused of a sexual assault crime , even though you are found not guilty, according the protestor crowd , too bad, in their eyes, you ARE guilty . However, if you are a gay person , accused of the exact same type of crime, and also , you get a free ride because you from a so called oppressed group who is always targeted by ” the man . ” These professional protestors need a lesson of fairness. Either they protest everyone equally, or, and this is preferred, sit down , shut up, take a bath , get a job and get lost.