The spineless mainstream media, too afraid to ask the real, tough questions …. So I ask them instead .

Meow everyone. I was going to write my article on the Pride Parade and how a bunch of self serving idiots somehow thought that they were far more important than the rest of the city who came out to enjoy a great summer day, to celebrate Pride in Toronto. Regardless of what your opinion of this event may be, the facts are such that this event draws an international crowd, generate a great of money for the city and the community as a whole.


Pride doesn’t care if you are white, green, blue, purple, spotted, red or, wear a tin foil hat.. EVERYONE is equally welcome. Friday is reserved for the trans march, Saturday is a girl parade and Sunday is the main event. This year, for the first time, a sitting Prime    Minister was front and center , something that has never been seen here before. Along with the Prime minister, we had the Ontario Premier, our Mayor and the Chief of police. Pride was supposed to be a day of celebration, fun and an overall great day .


I say supposed to , because it was hijacked  by a bunch of self serving , self centered , inflated ego minded spoiled (b)rats who wanted everyone to see that the world was to required  revolve around THEM , and ONLY them. Black lives matters Toronto has become the currant incarnation of the occupy movement , but with the same, useless tactics and even more useless idiots running the show , so to speak . These self centered neanderthals , who claimed to be personally oppressed DAILY by the cops decided to once again , hold the city hostage , because they had another crack induced temper tantrum and wanted, needed someone to blame for their own failings and civilized human beings. Fact is, NON of these useless farts has ever been oppressed by the cops , NONE of these useless farts has ever had the experience of being poor. In fact, two of the  head organizers , Rodney and his his equally intellectually inferior sister , Pascal has previously claimed to have homes in Toronto, Hamilton, Miami  and Tampa Florida , as well as a home in Haiti . Rodney even claims to have an additional home in Calgary where,  he claims to be a professional dancer. While he is a graduate of Ryerson Universities dance program , the only skills he has in dancing is what he does around the truth and facts . These two seem to change their story with greater frequency than most humans change underwear .   This leads us to this article and why I am writing this one instead of what I had intended to write.


I have written several articles about this melange of misfits and how they are directly connected to the muslim brotherhood terrorist organization as , in one example, seen here .


We already know, in  great , nauseating detail, the levels of racism this group has toward everyone who is a white person, and in particular, a white male .




black lives matters terrorist


We all know this idiot who authored these words,  however, for those who wanted to forget, Here, once again is this pathetic nightmarish idiot who claims not to be racist , indeed, she claims that EVERYONE ELSE is racist. This is like Homer Simpson saying that this is everyones fault but mine. Yusra Khogali was conspicuously  absent  from todays self serving blame fest   :




Today, Black Li(v)es matters held a press conference to try and justify their hijacking of the pride parade . It was really just another pathetic excuse for them to inflated their egos with took a serious hit after the parade stunt . Here are the videos of the press conference where they tried to  somehow justify their actions . In n the first video, we see Rodney Diverlus full of himself and thinking that he is all that when actually Rodnery, you’re not even ”  some of that ” . Here is Video 1 of 6 :



In this next video , we see and hear more of their hate mongering and blaming everyone but themselves :



I stated that the main stream media does not have the balls to ask the real , tough questions.  However, I DO , and in video 3 , at around the 3:30 mark, I ask point blank for them to explain their terrorist connection  with  the muslim brotherhood.  I was NOT expecting, or wanting  an answer, rather, because this was aired live, my intention was  to expose and air  their connection on live TV . Here is video 3  :



What? You want MORE ? Sheesh , I thought  that these  3 videos would make you swear off the internet for good but yet, you ant to see more of these idiots making utter fools of themselves ? OK, you  asked for it, you got it . Video 4 , 5 and 6 :


… video 5


… and lastly, video 6



Main stream media was all over these idiots, eating up every word they spewed as if was some sort of  cure for cancer and the common cold . However, here is what the same main  stream media DIDNT show you :



In the above video, while taking place in NYC, these black lives matters protesters can clearly be heard chanting : ” …. what do we want ? Dead Cops . When do we them ? Now . … ” Does this sound like a peaceful group that wants dialogue ?


Another great example of what the vast majority of main  stream media will NOT show you is something from  right here in Toronto. The Toronto Sun, the only main stream outlet that is wiling to take on these terrorists, came across a facebook post allegedly made, but not proven yet ( this is still under investigation )  Yusra Khogali who made threat to  the safety of a police officer .


The following it sourced from here :


Cops investigate disturbing Facebook post

Joe Warmington

Friday, July 08, 2016, 8:26 PM

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters set up in front of Toronto Police headquarters in March after the Special Investigations Unit cleared a Toronto police officer of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of 45-year-old Andrew Loku. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)


As the list of police officers shot in the United States grows, there are renewed fears in Toronto about a specific threat on social media towards the police officer cleared by the SIU in the shooting death of Andrew Loku.

A shocking Facebook post, believed to be put up in April or May, specifically threatens the unnamed Toronto officer.

“The police officer who killed Andrew Loku. We. Are coming for you. U better believe it. You are going to spend the rest of your life without your family like how Andrew Loku’s 5 children will have to go on without their father. Justice will be served.”

The posting was discovered by Toronto Police following another disturbing entry discovered on social media on Feb. 9 by Newstalk 1010 host and Toronto Sun columnist Jerry Agar.

It was a message by Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali who tweeted “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz.”

A Toronto Police source said the tweet was just one of several upsetting social media posting discovered. Sources say like the tweets, the Facebook posting is being investigated to determine if it came from Khogali, as well, or someone trying to make it look like it did.

“This investigation is still ongoing,” said a police insider. “It was taken down but police do have it.”

Black Lives Matter has demanded that the officer involved in the Loku case be publicly identified. He is said to be shaken by the Facebook threat.

Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack called the Facebook posting “disturbing” and an example of how officers can be targeted.

“We are very concerned about this — especially in the climate right now in Dallas and in other parts of the United states,” he added. “But it is in the right hands (Toronto Police investigators).”

Black Lives Matter has yet to comment.

Chief Mark Saunders did not comment on the Facebook posting but he did address the despicable murders of officers in Dallas in an internal message to his service Friday.

“What happened in Dallas last night and this morning is shocking,” wrote Saunders. “It is beyond our comprehension. Our condolences are with the families of those officers killed and injured.”

On the potential of something happening here, Saunders said “the safety of the men and women of the Toronto Police Service, who serve and protect this city, day and night, is enormously important to me. I will always make sure you have the best, and safest, equipment, and the intelligence and training to provide you with the greatest protection.

“I understand how concerning the events in Dallas are, and I know you will continue to take all necessary precautions. I also understand the professionalism and courage of those who work in all the communities of this city, reaching out to those who are vulnerable, building relationships with marginalized communities, and helping communities become more resilient.”

He was also critical of the Black Lives Matter “shut it down” protest at the Pride Parade — saying their “attacks are inaccurate, irresponsible and inflammatory.”

Wrote Saunders: “There are clearly people in this city who want to drive a wedge between the TPS and the LGBTQ communities. They will not succeed. It must be a source of great anger to them that the TPS has made enormous strides in recent years to enhance and develop our relationship with those communities.”

In the meantime, McCormack said he has been in contact with friends he knows at the Dallas Police Association to express condolences and a contingent of Toronto Police officers will be travelling to Dallas for the funerals.

“We are all feeling this,” said McCormack. “Every officer I talked with — both here and in the U.S. — said they were not surprised this happened because we all have been predicting it.”

That’s why an ugly Facebook posting like the one directed at one of his members is not something that can be ignored


So, If the Toronto Sun was able to some across this very important development , why was it that all the other main stream  media outlets ” never saw it ” ?


Here is more . In this video, we can once again clearly see the DIRECT CONNECTION  between the black lives matters movement and establish terrorist organizations, yet, main stream media seeming  ignore these obvious connections :


Main stream media has a long history of leaving out key details  because they are often very much involved with these groups. The Toronto Star, as one example, has one of the head organizers and one of the most vile racists in Desmond Cole on their writing staff . He is the one who desperately wants this group engaged in a violent race war . The Star, as many other main stream media outlets have, sadly, become nothing more that P.R.  firms  for organizations like black lives matter, their advertising agency.  They provide colum space for sympathetic writers to spew their hate, they don’t challenge what they see or hear from the organizers , they accept only their view of events and story lines, and they vilify any one else who dares to challenge the story line main stream media wants as it narrative. Main stream media wants to manipulate the story, and YOU into buying THEIR version of a specific narrative.


There have come about, over a   short period of time, alternative media outlets that have openly challenged the main stream  media outlets who try and control us . Although still fairly new  , they have started to become a serious force in that  they do offer an  alternative view that is far better researched and written. outlets  such as the rebel , Eye on a crazy Planet ,  Blogwrath,  Blazing Cat Fur , Press For Truth ,  Genuinewitty  and of course, right here .  While we here in the alternative media are certainly not afraid to ask the tough questions, we still have a long way to go before we are recognized by the vast majority as legitimate media . This was made clear last weekend during the Al Quds , pro terrorist protest at Queens Park in Toronto , when I was shooting still and video for an upcoming story . I was shooting on one side, when I was making my way to the other side to get equal footage and interviews. I was approached by the commanding police officer who asked me where I was going. I indicated that I was shooting imaged for my blog. He asked me which media outlet I was with . I replied by saying that I am independent media . He responded by saying that independent media doesn’t count . Not wanting to cause any problems , I decided to not argue this, as clearly, he had orders he had to follow as well . I don’t fault the officer for his stating his orders. However, this does show that we are so conditioned to accept only main stream media as the ONLY legitimate source for news and information that all others, regardless of who they are , are not considered as legit media. 


So, here is what you are supporting by supporting black lives matters :






Main stream has the potential to , an din fact uses its power to influence you, the public. THEY tell you the story you should pay attention to, THEY offer the  story line they want you to follow and pay attention too , THEY edit the camera shots they want you to see, THEY give you those 30 second sound bites that T they want to you pat attention to  focus on and , formulate your position they want you to take / side with . However, by doing this, these same main stream  outlets deliberately omit certain KEY facts that are crucial and indeed, if known to the general public, has great potential to now sway the viewer / reader from the story line they , ( main stream media intended to brain wash you with )


WE all see main stream media ask those very predictable soft ball questions , where the answers are predictable,  seemingly scripted answers . However, what really  irritated not only main stream media , but the person  being asked a question , is a question that falls way outside the predicted and, dare i say, expected story line and any deviation from this is a cause of anger from the part of the person being asked a tough question that falls well outside that safe question zone. Watch  this video as an example  of a series of easy, soft ball question asked a local politician here in Toronto . She is very comfortable and easy going with  her answers …… UNTIL , near the end, I ask her a question the people want an answer to , but not one media outlet had the balls to ask her, or of any one else, EVER :


You see here, Shelly Carroll having an easy time answering soft, predictable no brain questions, until WHAM , yours truly asks to real question the Canadian public want an answer to , She, in predictable fashion, was very obviously angry because she was  asked a real questions that clearly broke from  the story line the rest of main stream media wanted to feed you . She couldn’t handle the truth , so, like the pathetic coward and radical nit case that she is , she simple had her temper tantrum and stormed away.  This is just one example of what alternative  media really does, ask the tough questions that the people WANT answers to .


I want to move back to the black lives matters movement here because this is one movement , while flavor of the month , as movements go, is a movement so predicated on lies and misinformation  that  its almost impossible to keep track of their lies and garbage spewed … and perhaps , that  is the true design , the genius behind it … so confuse the public that they ( the public )  will buy into anything these terrorists wannabes spew .  Here is a great video that  details the REAL stories behind some of these alleged acts of racial police shootings that have triggered violence  and wild protests . THESE FACTS as outline in this video have been totally omitted from any main stream medias narrative on this movement. However, these clear, yet simple facts, outline the truth, a truth the public has to hear about , but many won’t :



Main stream media here in Toronto, as, I suspect , i most major city and outlets are owned by a very handful of people, most, if not all of them far left radicals in their own right. How else can one explain the omition of some serious questions about the black lives matters movement and some facts that are clearly being ignored :


If black lives really do matter to this organization, Why does the media not ask about the following :


… why are black on black crimes being totally ignored by this movement ?

… why is black lives matter not out there, in anger, of the shooting death of a pregnant lady sitting in her car, a black lady , who was MURDERED , as well as her yet unborn child?

… Why does black lives matters ignore the gang , gun and drug culture that  riddles the black community ?

… Why did black lives matters remain conspicuously silent when two black  people were shot to death at a well known after hours night club, known for gang activity … by other black shooters ? 


Main stream media has lost its credibility years ago. They are, for the most part, tools for advertisers to  sell their products , or ideas . Facts be danmed . There is an old saying in the media circles: ” ..  never lets facts get in the way of a good story … ” . This seems to be adhered to , to the letter. It appears that  in order to get to the truth and get the  facts, one really will have seek out alternative media , because the main  stream outlets have clearly, no interest in writing , or showing facts.



Let me conclude by adding this story from Eye On a Crazy Planet  : 




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  1. My point is insignificant among all the important subjects mentioned on this thread, but if you have a moment please consider not using “neanderthals” as a pejorative. Some of my ancestors, and perhaps 3 billion other people, have neanderthal ancestors. Neanderthals must have been progressive, because, after all, they were white and they bred with Africans, lots of them. Thanks in advance.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Thank you for your comment, however, I dont play the politically correct game. I don’t do pronouns or other PC language. There are lots of other places you can hear or read politically correct crap, this place is not one of them .

  2. Thank you for exposing the truth about this hate filled group. Yusra Khogali seems to me like someone who is suffering from schizophrenia, or is possibly bi-polar. One thing is for sure, she is a very confused racist.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Thank you for your comment. However, you are wrong about Khogali being ” … like someone who is suffering from schizophrenia … ” , she is NOT suffering from that at all . What she IS is, and let me be direct and to the point : she is a fucking dangerous terrorist wannabe who wants to kill everyone who is white, and male, to built her new racially divided hate filled world.