Is black lives matters Toronto exploring new ways to have a violent confrontation with police ?

Meow everyone. The last time I posted an article , it was about the black lives matter movement  and how they love to with hold KEY facts in order to try and garner sympathy  for their pathetic movement. So far, they have defended a murdering , drug dealing woman beating scum bag in Jermain Carby, as well as some nut case who thought that running towards a cop with a hammer was the smartest thing to do. Sadly, both here shot by police after they made real, serious threats towards police with weapons , and were in the process of actively engaging with police . 


I have shown the sheer stupidity of this organization through two videos here :



, and here :


 I have shown you in previous articles just how openly racist this group is , and to what levels they will go to, to showcase their blatant racism .  I have stated that it was not a stretch to compare  ,  at least one  of the head organizers and founders of this organization  to that of Nazi German y in the 1940’s with her rants that mirror that of Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele . I am of course referring to Yusra Khogali as seen here :




She has forever gained a place in history as the racist scum bag she shall be known for , with utterings such as these :




black lives matters terrorist


While the above is contemptible enough in its own right ,  our resident nazi has, seemingly, found yet a new way to stir the pot  and create a new set of   ” victims ”  for her personal race war . While this story is still developing, it does not bode well for her. Indeed, after this , I hope that the police and other security agencies  will take a good long, hard look at this pathetic little twit .


Yesterday, I came a a twitter feed post related to the TTC, Toronto Tr4ansit Commission . The post was about how one member of the black lives matter Toronto organization was  counseling people to commit a crime  by not paying their transit ride fare :


khogali counsiling crimnal activity


In Toronto, fare evasion is a criminal offense , as well, the transit commission loses millions of dollars every year to this crime, resulting in higher fares for everyone else . Since at this point, it seemed vague as to who this person was from black lives matters who was observed in this act of counseling to commit an offense under the criminal code , I made some further enquiries to learn the identity of this criminal : 


more info


It didn’t take long to get a reply back with the identity of the person in question :




As I said, this story is still developing and I hope to get a few more answers , with additional information  and clarity. However, it very much appears to me that our nazi fiend, Yusra is now for ways to have some sort of violent confrontation with police, by encouraging her ilk to evade transit fares , thus getting arrested. She is looking to create MORE victims for her pathetic cause , and point the finger at the cops for enforcing the laws ….. the same laws she has just counseled her flock to break ….. I will update as new information comes forth ….

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