Black lives matters … facts . much less so , to this organization

Meow everyone. My readers already know that I have been monitoring the black lives matters organization here in Toronto, where, I have already shown that they are connected to the muslim brotherhood terrorist organization, were one of the head organizers and founders of this organization has proven  herself to be a out right racist , very much along the lines of Adolf Hitler.  and his Nazi party. However, in this article, I am going to show just deeply flawed this organization is, by way of what they deliberately  leave OUT in their diatribe of hate and race baiting.


One of the things that this organization was all over was the death of a criminal named Jermaine Carby . Now, there is no question that he was shot and killed by a police officer . However, what black lives matters kind of, sort of , FORGOT to share was the important facts about this little monster. So, I will fill in the omitions  of black lives matters in relation to Carby .


Here is Jermaine Carby image :


photo of Jermaine Carby. Shot by Peel police in Brampton Police Wednesday night.




So now, lets get to the facts of the case .


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” … The Peel police officer who fatally shot Jermaine Carby in 2014 told a coroner’s inquest Friday that he would change nothing about how he handled the confrontation.


Const. Ryan Reid shot Carby three times in September 2014 when police say a routine traffic stop in Brampton escalated into a heated encounter involving a knife.

“I would not do anything differently,” Reid told the inquest Friday.

Reid testified that his partner had told him there was a warrant out for Carby’s arrest and he had previously attempted “suicide by police.” It was revealed Thursday that Carby had sought treatment for depression days before his death.

Police previously testified that the incident escalated when officers asked the 33-year-old for his name and identification and found outstanding warrants for his arrest in British Columbia.


Reid said that’s when Carby became agitated, pulled a knife from the waistband of his pants and shouted: “Shoot me, shoot me.” A video displayed in court showed police saying: “Drop the knife, drop the knife,” before shots were fired.

Reid demonstrated for those in the courtroom how Carby stood when confronting police.

“I have to live with this every single day of my life,” he told the inquest, adding he was convinced he and his partner’s lives were at risk.

Reid testified he was left with no other choice but to fire his weapon and would repeat his actions under the same circumstances.


‘I wanted to stop the threat’

In other inquests into police shootings, it has been revealed that police officers are trained to use lethal force when facing a threat. 

“The last thing I wanted to do was kill Mr. Carby,” the constable said. “I wanted to stop the threat.”

Outside the Brampton courthouse, Carby’s mother expressed frustration with what she heard Friday. 

“Even a dog or a cat, you don’t kill like that,” she told reporters. “How are you going to say that you would have not changed anything?”

The Special Investigations Unit cleared the officers involved in the shooting of any wrongdoing in July 2015. 

The inquest will continue with testimony from forensic experts to reveal more details on Carby’s wounds and evidence related to the knife.  … “


So, Carby was stopped, pulled a knife, was order to drop it and refused.


So what was C arby actually wanted for out in  BC with these outstanding arrest warrants ? These warrants that black lives matters Toronto fails to make even the most minute  mention of ? Well, anyone with even a single function  brain cell can find that answer .. anyone but black lives matters Toronto. Fear not, I will share it here in the hopes that  even the  most stupid of that  bunch will be able to find someone with  enough intelligence to read it to them . 


( sourced from here )

Accused killer preyed on Downtown Eastside women: Vancouver police

Hmmm, so he is an accused murderer.

” … VANCOUVER — A violent drug trafficker charged with killing a man and beating two women may have many more victims, police say.


A violent drug trafficker who killed a person … possible more victims


Vancouver Police Insp. Brad Desmarais appealed today to people in the Downtown Eastside to come forward if they have been victimized by Jermaine Anthony Carby.

Carby was charged with manslaughter Sept. 9 in the stabbing death Gerald Haakmat in Oppenheimer Park June 1.

Was also previously charged with killing a person

But the VPD investigation has shown he has terrorized others for drug debts, Desmarais said.

Previously terrorized other over drug debts .. enforcer

“This past Monday, Jermaine Carby was also charged for allegedly assaulting two women in the Downtown Eastside in late August,” he said.

Has assaulted at least two other women

“We believe there are more victims out there who are too afraid to come forward, so today we are taking the extraordinary step of releasing a photograph of Jermaine Carby and making an appeal to the community to bring forward information about him to police.”

Desmarais said Carby uses several different street names, “so we know that by releasing his photograph we will have a better chance of learning valuable information that will help move forward additional ongoing investigations.”

In typical criminal fashion, he used aliases

He said Carby has a criminal record dating back to 2000 in Ontario and has had over 100 contacts with VPD since then.

Lengthy criminal record

“Despite the fact that Jermaine Carby has a residential address in Surrey, he is one of the most well known street level enforcers in the Downtown Eastside, with a long history of violence, drug trafficking and drug possession,” Desmarais said, adding that Carby has been charged 28 times in the past.

Long history of violence , drug trafficking, enforcer

“It has long been known that people living in the Downtown Eastside fear reprisal for talking to the police. Sadly, violence against women here often goes unreported and remains underground, with many suffering at the hands of ruthless drug dealers, he said.

“Violent drug dealers can exist with impunity in this community and commit violent acts against women and men alike, because they know people are too afraid to talk to police.”

Desmarais said that because Carby is now locked up, it is safe for people to come forward.

“Now is the time for the community to have a voice, and fight back against the fear and intimidation that these drug dealers thrive on,” Desmarais said.

“Information can be reported through 9-1-1, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or the Sister Watch Tip Line at 604-215-4777.” … “

Oh yes, he was a good little boy , cops clearly had no reason to fear for their safety … NOT .


So, Tanya, ya, you can  go on all day about how the cops shot him, but why don’t you share these important details as well ?  Oh , right, you want to fuel a race war and these convenient omissions would sway many  away from your pathetic movement. I am curious though. With this guys obvious love of violence , especially violence against women , were are all of you pathetic social justice warriors  and why are you not condeming this  piece of garbage criminals actions against women? Or, is violence against women OK when it involves a black  guy because, he is  already ” oppressed ” ?


One of the things that the black lives matters Toronto group refuses to speak of , or even acknowledge is black on black violence . We don’t need to look very far to see this, as, our poster boy for this pathetic organization , Jermaine Carby , was wanted for MURDER.. murdering a black man. So, if black lives really do matter to this group, why then are they making a murdering , stab happy, woman beating, drug dealer , drug dealer enforcer their poster boy? Why are they not even saying so much a peep about this black man he MURDERED ?


carby victim




Here is a video of the recent black lives matters occupation at police HQ that clearly shows the level of stupidity of this organization :



and another :


People, you cant buy, or make up  this level of stupidity up, yet,  these guys and this group will provide it  to you for free, and in abundance .


Here is a video of Tanya Grant , a relative of Carby who goes in a long winded diatribe about how evil the cops were , but she sort of forgets to point out her cousins somewhat lengthy criminal record, and the fact that we was wanted for MURDER out in BC.


Here is a video of jani khan telling you about what was taking place in Toronto, only , that is NOT what actually happened. :



Is the black lives matter movement a dangerous one ? Yes, it is because it clearly states what are obvious lies, tries to distort obvious facts and fails to address the real issues of black on black violence. This article is a very good that speaks to my point . If black lives matters was really legitimate about black people and crimes, ask yourself these questions : Why are they very silent about black on black crimes where people are often murdered over drug deals ? Why are they silent when in, for example, drive by shootings, rouge bulluts strike and kill totally innocent bystanders . If black lives matters is really interested to black people and crimes, why did they say NOTING when Jane Creba was murdered on Yonge street in an open gang war in the middle of a busy street ? Where was black lives matters during the Eaton Center shootings ? Where was black lives matter during the Muzik nightclub shootout? ALL of these shooting involved black males , yet, not a peep from black lives matters > No, Black lives matters wants a race war, plain and simple, and white people are the targets.


Black lives matters CLAIMS to be concerned over the deaths through violence of black people. ALL deaths, especially when violence is the cause is something that needs to be addressed . However, I cannot help but notice some very obvious silence of deaths of THESE black people . This young lady who was expecting a child was SHOT and killed . WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE ?


Two people were murdered at a nightclub in Toronto in August of 2015 … two BLACK people , where the shooters were black . WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE ?


On Dec 26, 2005 , Jane Creba, was murdered in a gang war by two rival gang members , two black males involved in the shootout.  WHERE IS THE OUT RAGE ?


On June 02, 2012 a black male murdered two people in the Toronto Eaton Center . WHERE IS THE OUT RAGE ?


The point of the above noted stories with links is to show just how utterly hypocritical and rediculous these black lives matters protesters really are. In ALL of these cases, either  a black person was killed , or a black person was the killer, yet, this group has NOTHING to say about these actions. They focus on  black people getting killed in  Toronto by police , which , yes, very sadly, this has happened. However, dozens more black people are murdered in Toronto by gang members, over drugs, guns, old drug debts, yet this black on black  violence does not even get a mention within this group.


To this group, black lives actually DON’T matter, their inactions to the very obvious above mentions occurrences clearly shows this. What they want, ALL they want is to create a race war were they name their enemy, the police , an organization that has done the LEAST about of harm to this community. Black lives matters Toronto doesn’t care if you are black and get shot in a gang war because it was not the cops that  shot you. They don’t care about your living conditions because they are wealthy and live very well. They don’t care about whether you die of drug use , because the cops didn’t give them the  drugs. To black lives matters Toronto, if you are black, successful, and have not been killed by a cop, YOU DON’T MATTER. …… if you did, ask this group then, why they stay silent  over the deaths of other black persons? 

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