March 26 2016 black lives matter anti police protest report

Meow everyone. I attended the black lives matter anti police protest on the day of march 26 2016 . This was a culmination of several day of stupidity  by this organization that is still ongoing in front of Toronto Police HQ . They have turned a nice public space into a filthy ghetto , much like many of the housing projects that infest this city.  I will write about this event in greater detail in another article because i want to use this one to talk about some of the conversations I had with some of the people there and just utter out of touch with  reality they actually are .


The first thing I want to to do , however, is talk about a very interesting, and surprising encounter both  and I had with one of our biggest adversaries , Alex Hundert .  Greg was speaking with another well known protester when they two started to have some actual fun play sparring. It was done, clearly in fun with both parties  laughing it off  and continuing on in  the conversation later on. From a distance, it might have appeared differently since a distant observer would not have been privy to the context at which this was talking place . Alex Hundert was that distant observer . However , rather than  jump to an incorrect conclusion , Alex approached in a non- aggressive manner to inquire as to whether everything was OK. I indicated that indeed , everything was fine and that what he saw was simply play sparring that was all in  fun. Alex indicated that he was glad everyone was fine and stated that everyone wishes a peaceful event, everyone being ” both sides ” .  Its no secret that Alex and I do not agree on many things , if at all. indeed, it is well known that we have had some physical confrontations in the past.However, on this day, I applaud Alex for his desire to keep things peaceful and uneventful , but further, in light of the fact that we do have a rather heated history , I do thank him for his willingness to show respect and courtesy , over aggression. I hope that I also showed the same level of respect and courtesy towards Alex on this day as he showed me . Thank you Alex. 


The day started early for me as I made my way to the encampment to get a few shots and try and get a feel for the mood of the people. This is something I had done each day of this occupation , with each day yielding slightly different results . I had conversations with organizers and participants  alike and each had different views on the events . On one day, I spoke  at some length to a participant , who was quickly approached by some of the CFS  and radical student union organizers who almost immediately told the participant to NOT speak with me because I was an undercover agent /  spy for  the Israeli government . No, I cant make this stuff up . Well, the participant chose to continue the conversation anyway , in spite of my seemingly obvious use of secret , coded transmissions to central command using a series of coded blinks into my spy shades .


Another person I spoke with was a member of the black community . We talked at some length about the  issues that were seemingly presented . After about an hour, he himself stated that he was disappointed with this whole movement because it fails to address one very key issue , seemingly , intentionally . That issue being black on black violence . This was raised by several others as well.


black on balck violence


Another protester, one who was an organizer quickly jumped in  by saying that black on black violence was the ” direct result of white males looking for greed . ” I asked how the person arrived at this conclusion, she quickly claimed  that I was oppressing her and invading her safe space . Oh , ummm, this was taking place in public access space . Yes, that’s the level of stupidity these organizers have. So, and this is directed at white males only …. next time you see a black male who has been chagred and convicted of some gang related activity, involving black on black crime, take note that s will be YOUR fault … even though you will have never even known the persons involved .


The next conversation I had was with another protester. This guy clearly watched a few too many Chuck Norris movies because this guy said , with an absolute straight face  that the the cops could ” karate kick a knife of another weapon from a guys hand ” .   (  Sure, and if it doesn’t work the first time, we can re-shoot the sequence with a different camera angle ) . This is the level of stupidity that is clearly worthy of a professional protester. A comment that is beyond  stupid, utterly impossible to actually accomplish and highly dangerous if even attempted. I walked away from this guy after that  out of fear that he was going to utter comments even more stupid than what he just stated.


The next person I spoke with claimed to be an organizer with the movement . I wanted to talk about their so called ”  list of demands ” . I wanted to discuss this because I was going to a field day decimating their demands  … and i was going to enjoy doing it . Here is the list of demands they want :


1915796_481377202057775_6082055307251414155_n  The first item on this list is the demand to charge a cop in the death of Andrew Loku, and the release of the name of same cop. I asked the person why would the police release the name of a person who has not been charged with a crime . I further asked them that , if, hypothetically , would like their names made public if they were NOT charged with a crime ? Secondly, why would the police charge a cop with a crime if one was investigated and PROVEN through investigation that no crime was committed?


I am not even going to try and understand what the fuck Africa has to do with investigating an unfortunate death here as a result of a criminal who was attacking cops with a hammer.


The third item in question is the ” overhaul of the SIU in consultation with the black community  ” .  Sorry but we are supposed  treat everyone in the country the same . Why should one group get special , preferential treatment ?  This alone shows just how unrealistic this group is and just how much of a fantasy world they exist in .


Item four on the list was a condemnation of use of force against black lives matters protesters . OK, I have seen and downloaded the videos and have  NOT SEEN ONE instance of use of force by the cops . I HAVE seen protesters swinging sticks  and pushing at the cops. Sorry but who ever wrote this one must be just learning how to write big words , because they  is clearly NO instance of excessive use of force.

Item five relates to a recent case where a guy was shot . These protesters obviously want to bypass the entire investigative procedure and go straight to lynching the cop in  question. Umm, silly people, first, there has to be an investigation. For the more the more stupid one here, than means that someone has to see what actually happened . So, since this is still under investigation, there can be no charges laid and of course,  for privacy reasons, no names can be released since , in this country, we have the presumption  of innocence until PROVEN guilty . That means someone , or some entity , smarter than the black lives matter organization would have to conduct the investigation. 


The last item is carding . Of course it is, they had to put that in there because they are feeling that they are being exclusively being targeted . Silly humans , I wonder if they know that I h, as a white male have been carded several times. Well, since I have nothing to hide,  I have  no objections to my cit cops doing their jobs . Oh ya, thing is protesters,  there are no records of each carding and it does not not show up on a police  back ground check .


Another conversation I had was with another organizer . She was angry  with me because i was in ” their safe space ” . I asked he who actually determines what this so called safe space is , who decides what or where this so called safe space is , and lastly how does one concluded that a public access space is a safe space for only one group of people. Her reply was that the safe space was decided upon by the rightful owners  of the space. I then said , oh, so then the  city of Toronto decides it as they  own the space . According to her, the property that Police HQ was built upon was ” stolen and that this building was here illegally , and we are her to take it back ” . I really tried to contain my laughter , honestly,  but i was not strong enough. She told med that I was violating the safe space of this protest and she demanded that I leave at once. I told her that I would give her all the consideration  her request was worth . She then called me a racist . i asked her exactly who I was racist against. She said that that was not the  point. I asked me well then, what was the point. She stormed off, likely into her safe space.


Another conversation I had was rather  forced  upon me .  I was at the occupation a few days ago when three of the nut cases ran up to me and DEMANDED that I stop filming and photographing. They argued that i was violating their safe space and that because I was , in their demented opinion, working for the US Navy of Office of Scientific Intelligence  ( OSI ) , I would be passing the information over to the CIA . People, once again, I cant make up this level of stupidity. I asked them if they  knew that while they were here at POLICE HQ, they were being filmed 24 / 7 ? They said that that was not the case because the cops shut off the power to them . I told them that yes, the cops shut the power off to them, them being the  protesters , not to themselves, themselves being the cops. This concept took some time to explain to them . I asked them how they arrived at the conclusion that I was working for the OSI . One protester claimed that they saw me in a military uniform . I asked them if they knew they I had hair way too long to be an active member of the military. The person claimed that I was really wearing a wig in disguise. WOW, what a great disguise I have, its looks so real too.


I had a few other similar conversations, conversations about idiots who claimed that  this was a ” safe space and only supporters were allowed .   Sure, OK people, I shall make sure to note that for future reference.


One conversation I had of some note was with none other than Desmond Cole, the same Cole who i have referred to as a race baiter and one who wants to start a race war . It seems that I was being to kind to him because after speaking with him, he is far more stupid in person than he appears to be in his rants in the Toronto Star or on radio. Once again the whole safe space space thing was talked about, he suggested that I was a plain cloths cop, then  latter, I was something else …. He objected to me shooting images at the ghetto land he helped create , so I asked him if he was OK with other people coming here to shoot images as well. He stated that others shooting where fine because they were supporters an dI was not. i told outright I was NOT a supporter and explained why. He then proceeded to go into his rather long winded , somewhat nausiating diatribe of racial inequality and how black people are always treated like criminals . He started to go into the carding thing when I shut him up real quick , after telling him that I have been carded many times over the years . I reminded him that I am a WHITE MALE , while he claimed only black males are carded . Then we talked about the Carby case a bit. Now to be fair, he had me there on one point, a key point , where I told him that NO , I have NOT read the report in question. One key issue seems to revolve around the knife and where and when it was found / discovered . So far, I still have not read the report, however,  it appears to me that once the SIU was involved , obviously a  investigation was well under way . So, regardless of where or when the knife was finally discovered, there were clearly other weighing circumstances that result in the shooting, and after all the investigations, the officer was found to have been justified. Its too bad that its not the answer these protesters want to hear but hey, too bad.


Now, where Desmond Cole showed us his true level of stupidity was when the discussion shifted to the SUI .  The SIU or Special Investigation Unit , investigates incidents which involve police , where a member of the public if killed or injured, or an accident  occurs involving police when called to investigate a crime. The investigators are i most cases , former police officers. However, the SUI is NOT a police force or agency . Indeed, they are a civilian agency . Cole’s objection to the SUI is that this agency investigate cops. OK, so whats the problem I asked. I asked why since he wanted a civilian  agency to investigate cops. His answer was that its not a civilian agency when its ex-cops investigating cops. I told him that it only makes sense to have trained ex-cops , who know how to conduct investigations, collect evidence , reconstruct crime scenes . I asked his that in the absence of trained people , ex-cops, to investigate events, who HE thought would be best suited for the job ? With a straight face, he said anyone but ex-cops. I asked HIM if HE thought  he was capable to investigating crash sites, shooting scenes , if he knew how to gather evidence , take statements , know how to ask the right questions? He couldn’t even answer one part of that question.  


This people is the sheer stupidity of the black lives matter movement , a bunch of  brainless twits who think they have all the answers when in fact, they cant even spell their names without having to look it up .  This movement is union funded , bought and paid for and I spoke to a union official who actually said as much . in my next article, I will show you the REAL faces who run this abomination of a protest movement. Stay Tuned ……………..