Dear Diary

Dear Diary, today is the 20805 consecutive day that i took either a bath ,  or a shower, or both . Some days, I took two, even three. Yes, I used soap, I used water, lots of water , hot water . I know this sounds strange to some , however, after seeing the things I have seen over the years, it simply boggles my mind as to the lengths some people will go to avoid taking showers and / or baths .


I recall one day back on July of 2010 , a day that many will never forget. It was a day of rioting, looting, burning and destroying.  The stench was so bad, i am amazed that people, human beings ,  survived that event.  I needed several long hot showers to wash away to stench . 




Dear diary, today as over the past 40 days, I spent my days  at the Occupy Toronto encampment . the filth, the overpowering stench of overflowing porto potties , lots and lots of overflowing porto potties. The drunks and bums who stayed at the park for the entire time …  and not a shower to be had by any of them. I went home each night, spend a long time  in a hot shower, lots of soap used those days , laundry bill was high . After 40 days, i had no choice, i  did the only safe thing i could do … i place all my clothing into bio-hazard bags and had them burned . Ocu-cough , occu- flu, occu crack, occu- pot , it was all there .




Dear diary, today, as over the past few days, I went to the black live matters encampment . I was expecting a group of people who are quite wealthy , or at least of reasonable financial means, to have at least created a space that would at least be some what clean, neat and tidy . Instead, I walked into a ghetto far worse than what I saw at occupy Toronto.






Meow everyone. Over the past few days, I have spent a bit of time at the currant black lives matters protest site / waste disposal dump / toxic waste site ,  they set up at Toronto Police HQ. Now with  groups like this, neatness is not a priority, nor, is apparently , health and safety . However, what really got my attention was a twitter feed message I saw where they made a claim to having an actual pharmacy on site. Now , for those wondering, am I making this stuff up ? NO , I cant make up this level of stupidity :



I can only hope the cops know about this  and raid the place and shut it down once and for all.



The other day, I made my way down and requested to meet with the Media Relations Officer . While I was not expected, Mark Pugash  was kind enough to give  me a few minutes of his time , to allow me to ask him a few short questions. I asked him about concerns around the health and safety of this encampment . He indicated that it was for exactly that reason that Police officers took some minor action on Monday, as there were open fires on site, which was a safety concern. I then asked him about whether the Police Dept thought that the encampment presented a health and safety concern as it stood now. He indicated that Police are keeping a close eye on the events as they transpire . I thanked him for his time and willingness to speak with me on short notice.


This occupation is on going, so this story is continuing,  sadly, so is the build up of toxic waste.  I will be writing about how student money is being wasted by the CFS again, I will be talking about how this group wants violence and I will show that they are willing to become violent  … stay tuned. Here is a bit of a teaser … guess who is funding this …….