Today, I experienced the greatest travesty in all of humanity ……..

Meow everyone. I was going to write about today pro-ISIS , anti Canadian protest held by the usual suspect of professional protesters. Today, I was supposed to write about how groups such as the stop the war movement intentionally misleads the public. I was supposed to write how the usual  group of neanderthals show , thinking they are ” all that ” and have all the  answers. I was even supposed to write how groups like this are really about just extensions of radical unions and these union agendas . I was even going to write about how Carolyn Egan made her usual speech where she flaps her lips a  lot but as usual, says nothing of value. Yes, I was supposed to write about all these things, however, while at this event, I experienced, FIRST hand , the greatest travesty in humanity , yes me , a white male, and not just any white male, but rather, a superior white male .


My planned days was to attend this event and photograph the proceedings.




I say , it was my planned event, and yes, I actually did attend and photograph it, exactly as planned. So what , y’ all are likely asking, was this huge, unspeakable travesty that took place to me ?


I was carded . Yes, me ,moi , a superior white male of privilege , I mean how dare that happen ?  The black li(v)es matter protest organization claims that only black males are targeted,  to be carded , yet here I was , a clearly superior white male  , in an area frequented by other white males . Yes, there were a few non white guys there as well but the cops targeted me . I mean this is a fucking travesty. Don’t these cops have criminals to catch ? I could swear that there was someone jay walking down the street. I personally witnessed three people smoking and flicking asses onto the ground two hours before they got there .  Oh the cops were very  polite and professional , unlike the lies that the black li(v)es matter group will have you think. No, the cops didn’t rush me and tackle me to the ground, like the front line of a pro football team would,  as the black li(v)es matter group suggests they do . Although in fairness, when they saw that  I was wearing my $8000.00 Armani suit , they knew i was some one of great importance .  No, these two cops  came up to me, were polite , respectful but they wanted to know who I was, and what I was doing. I mean, wasn’t it fucking obvious what I was doing? I had quality camera gear , not that Nikon crap either ,  with me  the size of the Hubble telescope , something only superior  and privileged white males would have . Come on , what do you think I am doing with that kind of gear ? Selling  freaking news papers on the street ? And  where the fuck was MY SAFE SPACE , and why  did the assembled SJW’s  not rush over to my aid and try and de-arrest me or something ? Where the hell was potty mouth to tell the cops that they have no right to talk to me ? Where was Sakura Saunders to tell them that  cops  cant just stop people? Where was Darius and his anti cop rap crap? Were the fuck was deranged Desmond Cole to tell these cops that they cant card me ?  Why was there no one chanting mindless slogans at the cops while I was being spoken to ? I want answers, I want my safe space and I want more answers . I don’t want just any old answers either. I want answers that  will be to my satisfaction . And for fuck sake, use only small words when providing me with my demanded answers , as big  and intellectually sounding words are the language of the 1% .  I mean come on people, this was just wrong. How dare the cops approach me , ” randomly ” ?   Could they not clearly see that I was a superior  white male of obvious means ? I was sure my diamond encrusted  ( from Debeers mines ) ,   gold Rolex watch  ( with the gold coming from a Barrack Gold mine ) was blinding them , as was the gleam of my recently detailed Aston Martin, yet, they clearly failed to show any respect for my superior lot in life. Did they not notice how even  my nose was elevated above the rest of the riff raff scum , denoting utter contempt for  those beneath me ?


After a few minutes,  once  the police established that I was allowed to exist among the assembled riff raff,  there to protest Canada and show their full fledged support for  terrorist regimes , I slinked back to my spot where I was going to start my shooting of the event, allowing the free flow of contaminants to once again permiate my laundered clothing. My safe space violated , my clearly over inflated ego , damaged , and to make matters worse, dust has settled on my camera during the encounter . Even the leather seats in my car were starting to get cold as the shade was beginning to cover my car. Can  this day get any worse?  Well, YES, it can , and it did.


I stuck around long enough to listen to the usual,  predictable whining of Sid Lacombe , the unhuman screech of Carolyn Egan , a host of idiots from the usual communist groups and of course , some brain dead moron from the CFS.  If these idiots would get better speech writes, at least they would be less predictable with their clap trap , possibly even slightly more entertaining as well .  While all the usual speech’s were in  predictable fashion,   nausiating,  what set this event off, was a communist party of Canada and those who where there as its representatives. Now I,  for the life of me don’t understand why some one would actually WANT communist rule in Canada . I am guessing that  these supporters of communist rule never actually lived such a repressive system , never had to stand in line for hours form simple daily living needs . Now the fact that the radical left want communism should not come as any surprise to anyone. Here as one example, is our favorite union goon and all round idiot sporting his favorite pro communist t-shirt. OK, just to be clear, Duff is now the  communication guy for the Ontario Federation of labor .








So, without further delay, here are only a very small sampling of the idiots who were there today to violate my safe space :



No Pro Terrorist protest is complete unless this idiot is there




This guys expression says it all




No pro terrorist protest is complete with Carolyn Egan speeches . I wonder if her  hairstyle has been officially sanctioned by the communist party



Sorry but i couldn’t help but laugh at this guy using his official red communist mega phone . On the bright side, he didn’t yell through that thing for  the entire protest



Lastly, no good pro terrorist protest would ever be complete without our good friend Zidane Mohamed . This is the same guy who openly advocates and supports cop killing. Yes, that is indeed a banner for the communist party he is holding. I’m not sure yet as to the guy next to him but I am suspecting that he will soon  grow  official Karl Marx  approved facial hair.




Here are a couple of other communists . I wonder if they learned how to  goose step yet.




… and of course we cant possibly leave out the CFS ( Canadian Federation of Students ) . What good pro terrorist protest is really a protest unless you have student dollars wasted to support terrorists and communists.