Islamic Terrorist attacks military recruiting center in Toronto

Meow everyone. Yes, you read this correctly, we did have an islamic terrorist attack  in Toronto, but judging from the main  stream media, you would never know it . Main stream media refuses to call this what it really was , a terrorist attack . Why was it an islamic terrorist attack ? According to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders , as he stated in a news conference I attended and shot video of, the terrorist proclaimed that his pedophile prophet god allah told him to go and kill people.  Here is the unedited video I shot of the news conference : 


So, why is the Chief of Police not willing to make the big call and call it a terrorist attack ?  In fairness to the chief, there are several reasons for this . The first of course being that this investigation is still VERY NEW and no where near all the facts are available.  I understand the Chiefs cautiousness . The second reason that the Chief would not want to call it a terrorist attack is so as not to cause a city wide panic situation. lets be fair here. Toronto has not, until now, been attacked, although we most certainly do have a significant number of terrorist cells that have been discovered here, as well as Toronto being to home of convicted murdering international terrorist Omar Kahdr . The third logical reason for the Chief to not outright call this a terrorist attack, at least not yet , could be to avoid giving the terrorist  /  terrorist cells  / terrorist organizations, the publicity they crave , and subsequently claim responsibility for enacting.


The Chief may be treading cautiously , however, i am calling it exactly what it is / was … a terrorist attack enacted my an  islamic sack of shit .Below is what  this sack of shit looks like :


terrorist scum bag


Of all the nedia coverage there was around a ” stabbing ” in the area of Yonge and Sheppard, near wear this recruiting office is located , the only main stream media outlet that was willing to call it what it was was CityNews Toronto.




There has been a significant change to the method to which  terrorists now operate . The old day would see very large scale actions, cause massive damage , death and destruction.  Those  large scale actions, while huge and having long lasting effects had their own serious side effects . The risk of getting caught was high, even  before these acts were carried out, simply because of the number of people involved, and the ability for our  global intelligence services to get information and thwart such massive attacks. While not always successful, many large scale attacks were stopped as a result of good intelligence. These pathetic scum bag terrorists needed to continue to enact their brand of hate somehow, so, much smaller, lone wolf styled attacks started to grow in  popularity.  Lone wolf attacks are far more difficult to stop,  because often times, there are not real trails to latch onto , from an intelligence gathering point of view. A single person  can travel virtually undetected , sometimes right under the noses of those intelligence agencies , as opposed to large scale movements which attract attention. 


The type of attacks we here in Canada have had so far , have targets of Military members serving in uniform. In this first act of terrorism directed at our uniformed service personal , ” … The Canadian soldier who died a day after being run down by a suspected homegrown terrorist has been identified as 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. … ”  In the second act of terrorism which once again targeted our uniformed military service personnel, , ” … The soldier who was killed was identified as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, according to his aunt. Cpl. Cirillo, who was a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, a regiment of Reserve Forces based in Hamilton, was training to join the Canada Border Services Agency … “


The act of terrorism that took place on Monday March 14, 2016 was in the exact same recruiting office where I , many years ago applied to and became a proud member of the Canadian Forces. This recruiting office was my first home in the military and hold a special place within me. My time in the military was filled with learning things like DUTY , HONOR , RESPECT , RESPONSIBILITY . My days as a member of the military may be over now  but my commitment to my country m my sense of duty, my sense of  national pride are as strong today as they were the day i signed on the dotted line. My duty to my country did not come with an expiration date and if I were to called to duty, i would be going in a heart beat, to what ever assignment my country needs me in…. ANYWHERE .  I owe my  sense of duty to a great, personal friend of mine who lead me by example , a Police Officer from 52 division , ( he literally just retired ) Thank you Officer Dave R. for leading us by your example, never preaching about right or wrong, , instead, showing us through sports and community involvement the virtues of duty and respect.


It is about time that the main stream media stop cow towing to these islamic nut cases , and call a terrorist attack , exactly what it is, and by whom. We are not interested in being politically correct any more , we  don’t give a rats ass about so called diversity and we loath  the favoritism the media plays to these groups while vilifying others that  are not on the ” flavor of the month  list ” . If mainstream media really cared about the REAL news, they would stop pandering to their corporate sponsors and instead, report the NEWS as it is , as its happening. Sadly, however, today, media agencies are noting more than glorified advertising agencies, who report to the highest bidder. Sadly, in the process, the totally disregard  and ignore clear and obvious facts .   I think that mainstream media as we know it is going to , in the not too distant future, either going to have to re-invent themselves to regain what credibility they once had, or, and this is the more likely scenario, independant media will be the true , real voice that  the listen to.


 Many many years ago, the CBC sent their lead reporters to ” finishing schools ” , to, as part of their need for better ratings, give them British accents. This done because at the time, it was believed that the public was more likely to ” trust ” a reporter with a British accent. Yes, even back then, the media was trying to control  the viewer. My message to mainstream media, if you want my trust, if you want  the trust of the public,  do your jobs and report the FACTS as they are , NOT the BS  ” party line ” your political affiliations want you  to shill for them.  To those in,  independant  media, you also have a responsibility . You need to call out these main stream outlets when they clearly and obviously with hold or distort the facts for their own  agendas.