RSU student union elections now over … The students have spoken

Meow everyone. Yes, since my last article , I am happy to report that the Ryerson Student Union elections have ended for another year and the results clearly, overwhelmingly and unconditionally speak volumes about everything I  have been saying about the vast corruption of previous administrations. This years election showed very clearly that when a student union is run like a professional organization, with  professionally minded , dedicated students  who REALLY do believe in true democracy, change, positive change is not only possible, it has staying power .


Lets quickly have a look at the winners of this years fair elections:


CdI4x5CWEAAB1ID.jpg large


This years winning was named ” IMPACT ” . The name was most fitting as this is the same student union executive slate that also won last years RSU elections, unseating and humiliating  the CFS supporting slate. Last year, the CFS supporting slate was caught bal lot stuffing  and had a real life cop killing advocate as part of the slate. Once the video of  ballot stuffing was made public midway through the first day of ” voting ” , the university placed uniformed Ryerson security officers at each and every polling station, as well, plain cloths election observers , also at each polling station, to ensure that there were no other incidents of ballot stuffing. It worked , clearly , because the pro CFS slate was decimated in the election last year, with the winning slate receiving  more than  DOUBLE the number of votes over the CFS opposition. The writing was on the wall, the CFS slate was out on their asses and the crying game began.


Oh they complained and filed silly protests, claiming that the university had no business observing the elections. They claimed they were, for lack of a better term, oppressed . Awwwwe … booo hooo . If that slate would have come to me , I could have supplied them with the following form to fill out  ( many thanks to my good friend at  for creating this ) :



The winning slate had its work cut out for them as they had years of damage to undo, and regain the trust and confidence of the student body. One of the first things they did to regain this trust was announce that from now on,  student elections would be done through ONLINE voting, meaning , there would be no more paper ballots , no more opportunities for ballot stuffing, no more  costly vote counters, in other words, a progressive, responsible , professional organization acting in a responsible , professional manner with student money .


This years elections were marred by the CFS affiliated slate dirty tricks squad , comprised of outside organizations knowingly, willfully , interfering with a fair election. This was of course exactly what they , ( the CFS slate ) didn’t want , and would try and create false, inaccurate  and misleading posters to try and sway the student electorate. Here is what they were banking on as the means to sway students towards the CFS affiliated  slate :



This poster as shown above was of course a blatant lie , because the RSU never fired the person in question. The person was laid off , along with one other person. Anyone with even half a brain would know the significant differences between getting fired, and getting laid off. Of course if one is siding with the CFS affiliated slate, the half brained scenario goes out the window because to support the CFS , one must be brainless to begin with. The student body saw through that pathetic attempt to manipulate votes. However, since this poster was created by CESAR , whos’ president is Denise Hammond,  they will know that she is one of the most manipulative weasel scum bags running a student organization. Here is the Dutches of Dirt  Denise Hammond doing what she does best  :


assignment three


hammond 1a

The Ryerson Student Union is and was not the only student union who has a serious case of CFS infectious . York  university another very PRO CFS student union through the York Federation of Students is also suffering through the cancerous effects of the CFS . Here are some of the b ongoings in their election process over the years :


” …Due to the problematic history of the York Federation of Students (YFS), LIFT YU takes the integrity of the student union elections extremely seriously. The accumulated compromises make it impossible to recognize any outcome in the 2016 YFS Elections. This is not the only year issues have risen, as there have been allegations of holes being punched in the ballot boxes, lack of administration at the polling stations, double voting, alleged biases in the election process, and disqualifications on questionable grounds for the past ten years.

Our concerns with the 2016 YFS Elections are as follows:
– YFS CRO Alex Hunsberger sharing lines of contact information, his personal cell phone number, with Student Action members, that was not shared with other candidates running in the YFS Elections
– CRO failure to follow proper protocol,outlined in the By-Laws, to have poll clerks and scrutineers sign a ballot box on the second day of voting period
– The 90% reduction to 2016 YFS CRO Office hours compared to 2015 YFS CRO office hours
– Promoting voter suppression by holding the 2016 YFS Election Voting Period a week before Reading Week (when there are many academic deadlines for students)
– The dozens of anti-semitic comments directed to our team throughout the election process
– Lack of interest in informing students about the debates due to minimal promotion done by the YFS Elections Committee, resulting in only one non-candidate student to attend the Keele Executive Debate
– YFS CRO forbidding the recording of both executive debates despite the low attendance and knowing that the 2015 YFS Executive debates were allowed to be recorded

The LIFT YU Team … “





Are you seeing a pattern here ? At pattern of missing ballots , voting irregularities , CRO’s with questionable conduct …. yes, all part of the CFS way of doing things .


This years RSO  elections were very important in that this years executive had the  insurmountable task of undoing the damage of many years of  false claims, financial destruction , incompetence and mismanagement by previous administrations. Last years win was a very important victory and if successful , as they were , the first year was to try ad undo, or at least begin the repair process of years of  willful mismanagement and incompetence . The second year, if they were to be successful could , in theory begin to show signs of light and significant changes …. but first, they have to win ……. and win they did . This years election was the first election in memory where a CFS affiliated slate LOST back to back elections. However, this proved one other, very important thing . It showed, very clearly , that given a fair , honest playing field , the students WANT a real student government that works for STUDENTS, not the other way around.  Could we see the end of the CFS in our school now ? I think that this is now more possible than ever , and very realistic. For those who really want to know just how corrupt the CFS really is, solidarity-paper is a superior document that outlines this in great detail. 


In all of this , the currant President of the RSU stay classy, dignified  and professional …  even with a plethora threats made against her personally. She set the standard , by her actions as to what a real student leader should be. Thank you Andrea Bartlet for your leadership this year. You and you team have been a real class act , something we have not seen in a student government in all the years I have been here ( and longer ) .




Now, allow me to introduce to y’ all  the new student government that will lead the Ryerson Student Union , putting STUDENTS FIRST :