Guess what time it is ? Yup, its Ryerson Student Union Election time again…. You KNOW what that means

******** UPDATE FOR MARCH 07  ********

Today is the first official voting day for the RSU elections, and i n highly predictable fashion, the dirty tricks squad that supports the CFS has already shown up . Isnt it interesting that CESAR had a new Executive Director in Caitlin Smith  ( read below for more on her ) , under the direction of Denise Hammond  and for the first day of the elections, we already see the first series of LIES the CFS side puts out to sway voters to  their side. Problem is ,  Massa was NOT fired as this poster states  . She was LAID OFF . Fired and laid off are spelled and pronounced differently , but then, One cant really expect the CFS supporting slate to know the difference as they didn’t spend too much time in the lecture halls actually attending classes .    Like I stated below, the pro CFS slate is using a legitimate business decision  for THEIR agenda . The timing is, as I state below not an accident .


This is a violation of the election rules as posters that pertain to election in cannot cover in any way, the election posters of another slate, person or group. As well, posters must be a certain distance apart from opposing posters…. if memory is correct, they must be six or twelve inches apart






 Meow everyone, yes, its that time of year again,  2016 student union election time at the Ryerson Student Union . So, what are we in for this to add the usual dram to this year election process . Well, lets have a look , first at what took place last year as seen here .  Pay attention to the video, where the slate connected to the Canadian Federation of Students was caught red handed CHEATING by BALLOT STUFFING  by your favorite undercoverkity. Of, they tried to deny it, tried to down play it, tried to deflect away from it, but in the end, they were caught, red handed, and yes, it cost them the election. Personally, I took / take great pride in  having played a small part in destroying their slate and watching them disappear, at least for a year.


Oh, they tried to accuse me of hate crimes for shooting the video then posting it . One of our favorite malcontents , Pascale Diverlus even though she was smarter than I am  but thinking that she can call campus security to have me removed …. from my own school . OK Pascale, nice try but your utter stupidity shows through  every time you open your mouth and once again, you FAILED . Get used to hearing that word a lot .  Oh , don’t take it as a shock because clearly, you were meant to be a failure . Your black lives protest movement is a FAILURE, just like its leadership . ( that would be you and Rodney )


Here is Pascale Diverlus from a recent RSU election poster



So, what do we have in store for this years student union elections? Well, it appears that our favorite nut case , Pascale Diverlus has a new tactic to try … This year, she is playing the race card … oh I know,  how predictable , except that this year, she is NOT RUNNING. This year Twitty Diverlus is capitalizing on  the laying off of one her cronies from the student union , another CFS drone, Gilary Massa. Massa was laid off because her cronies spent so much student money of frivolous garbage that had NOTHING to do with students  that the only way to stay within the student union budget was to restructure the organization and save money were it can be found. Massa was noting more that the mouth piece for the CFS and her job was to make sure that CFS agendas wee followed and implemented . She was an overpaid seat warmer , nothing more.  Here is the first story regarding the case where Massa files a Human rights complain . This is what IS important about the case : ” … Massa’s claims aren’t about having a job, they’re political. … “   Pascale Diverlus couldn’t resist opening her clap trap she calls a mouth and playing the race card . Here are her words: ” … And think about what you as a white woman is doing to a black Muslim woman by ruining her position and saying it is reconstructing. … ”  I wonder how much help she had formulating these words, because she is not bright enough to operate a light switch , let alone, understand business operations. She continues : ” … I have been very emotional about the fact that a black Muslim woman’s job has been removed … ”  Hey, diverlus, what have you got to say about the other person who was also laid off, the white lady . Diverlus, let me blunt , direct and to the point. You’re a pathetic and laughable  hypocrite . You don’t care one bit about a lost job. ALL you want to do is to capitalize on  RACE BAITING  for YOUR personal agenda .  Diverlus, this may come as a shock to your two functioning brain cells , however, guess what, being dark skinned and muslim does not automatically mean you cant get laid off. I know this is a concept far above your intellect,  your ability  to understand ,  but some one has to tell you the truth .  One day, when you grow up and start living in the real world, even you,  may understand this . If, this still eludes you, consult any three year old , they will be able to explain  it to you using  little words.


Here is Gilary Massa



Now, why am I so hard on Diverlus ? Well, so far we have seen her play the obvious RACE card to her liking. But what is her stance of a woman getting threatened with death and sexual assault / She is SILENT , not a peep . You can see this for yourself here .  She says NOTHING , silence, not even a squeak . OK, squeak is above her abilities .


Along with the pathetic racist  garbage by Pascale Diverlus  being used as a ploy to unseat the first, REAL,  LEGITIMATE student government at the Ryerson Student Union,  there are other items that are being used to try and discredit the currant administration. Another serious allegation is the loss of a HUGE amount of student money . Now this is not the first time student money of this quantity went missing . Several years ago, a safe was said to have been outright removed from the used book room which was also run by the Ryerson Student Union . The safe was rumored to contain close to $40,000.00.  Since the currant President may not be aware of that, I will with hold writing about the details of that until I speak with her , as there may be a connection .


Lastly, also a matter of coincidence ( NOT ) , former RSU president and CFS supporter, CFS staff  member Caitlin Smith just happened to take on the new role of Executive Director at CESAR , the Continuing Education Students At Ryerson. Smith is a VERY close friend of the CESAR president Denise Hammond who just happens to be a close CFS ally. I know, I know, what a shocking surprise about the timing eh ? Smiths arrival is at a key point because some years ago, when the idea was first discussed about on-line voting, I over heard Smith say to someone around her that if it ever went online, she would be able to hack the system to change the votes as well, have her friends who were hackers do the same . Frankly, I don’t know if what I heard her say is  true, or if indeed she can do this, however her very convenient arrival at the most convenient time is no accident  and should be  met with concern, if for no other reason, than to the possibility of interfering with the election process.


Here is Smith on the  far left in pink top




Here is Smith and Rodney Diverlus checking  student union election results




Caitlin Smith is no stranger when it comes to interfering with student union actions, especially when it would involve the CFS. In fact, here is a great example of just how far , quite literally , she went to interfere with an action of a student union.



Interfering with student elections is nothing new to the CFS affiliated slate and members of the RSU and / or their supporters . A few years ago, at the University of Toronto, then President elect Toby Whitfield of the RSU  was allegedly caught red handed tearing down posters from the French Club at U of t , during, their student union elections. here is the video of him supporting these  allegations :


The full story of his interference of the student union elections can be seen here .  Another article about those same elections shows a much more elaborate group of pro CFS idiots interfering with the elections.  ” … Harassment, intimidation, and race-baiting are among the complaints brought to the chief returning officer in the UTSU elections … “  Does this sound familiar ?  Of course it does because this is exactly what is happening right NOW with Pascale Diverlus and her mindless moronic minions.  From the link above, we clearly see a well rehearsed pattern of interference in the election process :



Non-U of T campaigners


: … Toby Whitfield, Ryerson Students’ Union VP finance and services and president-elect, is campaigning for Stronger Together for the second year in a row. In March 2009, Whitfield told the Eyeopener, a Ryerson student newspaper, that he was campaigning because he was friends with the incumbent slate. Darshika Selvasivam, VP campaigns and advocacy at the York Federation of Students, has also been spotted campaigning for Stronger Together. Change campaigners are all U of T students, according to Masse.

Student union leaders from campuses that belong to the Canadian Federation of Students, an umbrella lobby group, have campaigned at each other’s campus elections. In 2008, Maclean’s reported that YFS president Hamid Osman had left Toronto during the York University strike to participate in a CFS-Ontario campaign to have U of O students join the federation. Also in 2008, York University student newspaper The Excalibur reported that Osman and two other YFS execs were seen campaigning in RSU elections for the Renew slate. In 2009, the CFS-Québec deputy chair-elect, Noah Stewart-Ornstein, was shown in a video tearing down seven campaign posters during elections at Concordia University. … “


Rodney Diverlus was also caught on video interfering with the U of T elections in another. Here is that video :



Here is the supporting article to the above video.

Well, like last year, it is my fullest intention to get right into the faces of these pro CFS morons and totally and royally piss them off as much as i possibly can … within the law. So, where will my camera be ? Who will I catch trying to buy votes? Pascale, next time you see me and think that by counting to three, you will hasten my desire to move along, I  have news for you. I will have already taken your photograph for my archives on the radical nut cases . It will , however , be fun to see if you have learned to count to four though.


6 Responses to Guess what time it is ? Yup, its Ryerson Student Union Election time again…. You KNOW what that means

  1. Avatar My Name
    My Name says:

    Sorry Frank, but you had no impact on the election results last year for the simple reason that no one at Ryerson reads your blog.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      I know that there are some who do read it. as for my having any impact on the elections last year, I agree, i had little to zero impact. All I did was show what was really going on out there. The video, to my surprise was well viewed, at least well enough that it got the attention of some one at the university …. and that is all I wanted .

      • I’m glad you admit to having little at zero impact. That’s at odds with your boast in the article that “Of, they tried to deny it, tried to down play it, tried to deflect away from it, but in the end, they were caught, red handed, and yes, it cost them the election. Personally, I took / take great pride in having played a small part in destroying their slate and watching them disappear, at least for a year.” The video, if it had any ‘impact’ didn’t have any until after the election (or at least until after almost all the votes were cast) and Frankly, I think you’re trumping up the video somewhat since it falls short of your claims.

        • Avatar undercoverkity
          undercoverkity says:

          Yes, they were absolutely caught red handed ballot stuffing . The video does clearly show this . They did everything to downplay and deflect away from this , however, It was obviously serious enough for the university to assign a uniformed security officer to each polling station, as well, an observer to each station. This all happened AFTER i sent the university the video, on the first day of the elections. This is also consistent with the complain made by the pro CFS returning officer for those elections who opposed the university having both an observer and uniformed security at these polling stations. So from that standpoint, yes, I did play a small part in the election process . As well, Pascale Diverlus even went as fat as to try and bring , sorry, but here I have to laugh my ass off , the fucking brainless twit tried to bring hate crimes accusations against me over my being at the elections. She was livid that when she called security on me the first time, they basically told her off. She was livid that security would not even consider removing me .