Black Lives Matter … only when its to promote racist anti cop sentiment

Update  for August 30 2015


I have stated that the Black lives matter movement is nothing more than a movement  that wants to start of race war . Well, here is a video that outright PROVES this, coming directly from the horses mouth :




Meow everyone. In my last article , I discussed the whole black lives matter protest movement from the perspective of the radical student movement . I showed you all a short history of the early beginnings of the movement and have shown very conclusively just how overtly , openly and unapologetically racist this movement is . However, in this article, I wish to expand up on this but showing just how fake the movement is, as well, just how much of a double standard they have with respects to the deaths of black persons. In fact, I will show you how little they REALLY care about the deaths of other black persons , and when they do claim to “ care “ , they do so only when they can make a racial issue out of it.



A short time ago , In Toronto, there was a shooting at an after hours club in Toronto which resulted in several very serious injuries, and TWO DEATHS . This a gun crime as all the injured and killed where shot. The shootings took place early in the morning of the last day of the local , but internationally known Caribana festival. While there was no mention of any direct connection to the festival, the festival itself has had a long standing history of violence both directly within the festival itself, as well, festival related activities in other parts of the city. Shootings and stabbings while not numerous, do indeed happen here. In fact, at that exact same night club , at exactly the same time of year, there was another shooting . I highly doubt this to be a simple coincidence . Both events I speak of were hosted by a local rap artist and while I am not suggesting he is , has , or even had any knowledge of what would transpire at his event, somehow, I can only be left wondering if he really took every possible step to ensure a safe environment for the patrons. The club had plenty of highly visible security, as well, several uniformed police officers specifically assigned to this event. However, before the nigh was over, several people got shot, two of them would end up DEAD.





The two who died, where black persons . The shooter, while as yet unidentified by name , is purported also to be a black male . I am not certain how many of the injured are black persons.





To Black Lives Matter organizers. You made a huge spectacle of announcing to the world that two black people were shot by members of Toronto Police Service. Sadly , fatally in both cases. Bother of these persons were reported to be armed with weapons , a knife in one case, a hammer in the other. You accused police of being racist yet, you omitted a few facts here .



In the case of the person shot with a knife ….. he was a known , very violent drug dealer who presented a knife when confronted by officers. There is some question raised about whether the knife was removed by officers prior to the shooting investigation . I have learned that just one week before, the same person was involved in a physical confrontation with officers, to the point or reaching for the officers side arm. This same guy was known as a highly dangerous drug debt enforcer out in BC. His history was well known to police .


blm 8

blm 9b




blm 9a


Many will argue that the guy had a knife, why was he then shot. As a person trained in the military, I can tell you without question that as close quarters, within about 25 feet, if a person is holding a knife , and an officer has his side arm holstered , the person holding a knife now lunges toward the officer, THERE IS NO WAS IN HELL THAT ONE CAN UNHOLSTER THE SIDE ARM BEFORE THE KNIFE WEILDING ATTACKER ATTACKS . Hence, the side arm is a legitimate defense against a knife wielding attacker.



These same detractors will then ask why doesn’t the cop aim for the arms or legs. Ya, right, a fast moving target …. NO, you aim for the largest point of the body .



Going back to the most recent club shooting , one of the persons who was shot and killed by the gun fire was out on bail for gun crimes, drug crimes and attempted murder charges . There were stories that he was actually an intended target since he was rumored to be a so called “ snitch “ . Often times, violent criminals will make deals with the prosecution to offer testimony in other criminal matters, against other criminals and as part of the deal, are offered a reduced sentence as part of the plea agreement. I am certainly not sure if this was the case here, I am simply stating what one outlet reported as being a possible case.



Why are the organizers of black live matter not angered by this loss of life?



A recent murder took place in York Region, another shooting that left two people dead. This took place in broad daylight . The shooter has been identified … a black male . The deceased where white persons, one female and one male . I do not know if this was a targeted shooting , however, given the location, the persons shot, I would have to speculate that indeed , the shooting was targeted. The female person shot and killed was reported to be an innocent person who just happened to be in the way.





Why is Black Live Matter remaining silent about this shooting?



Below , I have some screen shots of recent twitter fed posts detailing shooting occurrences and those who are being sought after as the ones wanted for these crimes . Most are black males. It appears that black males seem to be a largest segment of the population committing these violent crimes, yet, Black Lives Matter seems to turn a blind eye to these crimes . WHY?


blm 10



blm 11


blm 12



blm 13


blm 15


With the above examples of ARMED dangerous criminals on the loose, do these professional protesting morons really expect that the cops would approach them , offer them a can of coke and ask them politely if they would be so kind as to come on over to the police station when it more convenient , or a more opportune time for the wanted person?


With these clear examples of wanted persons , all of them black males, I ask black lives matter , where is the out rage over this ? Why are you not protesting and blocking highways to END crimes committed by black males ? Why are you not issuing media released and photo ops in support of cops trying to capture violent criminals? Or, in your collective minds, is it perfectly fine for a black male to commit a violent crime but , when it comes to officers enforcing the law, you cry racism ?



The issue of carding persons has become a very hot topic for the Black Lives Matter movement. Carding is what police do when they stop a citizen for what can be for any reason. NO, police don’t stop anyone and everyone just because they feel like , they usually have a reason. The carding process is simply asking for ID, names address, and few details about the persons physical appearance, nothing more. As a street action photographer, I have been carded many times , its no big deal , not at all intrusive and it’s a great way for officers to engage with the community members , as well, it’s a very valuable tool for cops to use to solve crimes . We have all seen the TV shows where the cops have a : huntch “ about person or crime. Many crimes were solved this way, drugs found, guns taken off the streets because cops had a “ huntch “ about a person. This is NOT random, this IS experience .


blm 7



The detractors of carding will tell you that this is a targeted, racist act . I say BULLSHIT . They will tell you that there is a disproportionate of black person on the list. BULLSHIT . It is only logical that if one lives in an area where the population is predominantly black, the numbers alone will indicate the the number of “ contacts “ between police and citizens will be increased and higher than in areas where the population has few black persons. For example, if one lives lives in Forest Hill, one will not find as many black persons as they would others.



So, to black lives matters …… in your minds, its racist and discriminatory if a black person is stopped by the cops and carded, but you are perfectly OK have white persons stopped and carded ?



I can raise many more such examples, however, I have made my point very clearly here. Black Lives Matters is a racist, organization that want to create community divisions, and they will go to any length, even invent scenarios to ensure the highest possible conflicts arise and they will use the most polarizing stories to create these divisions. They don’t really care who gets shot or killed, because if they really did care, they would be as “ outraged “ at the deaths as I wrote about above under those conditions, as there claim they are when black persons get killed at the hands of police. They claim that there is a disproportionate number of black persons in the prison system, but they forget to take into account who are the ones committing the crimes .


I want to end by reminding my readers about a guy who recently ran for student union office at  the Ryerson Student Union . His words summed up exactly what Black Lives Matters is really all about. :










The fact is that ALL life matters …  EQUALLY. When a group such as this uses the deaths of a certain group of people only to promote a certain agenda, they prove that they are really a racist group . This same group has never once uttered so much as one letter of the alphabet to draw attention to people killed in other gun crimes. Truth is, they  don’t who dies, they only care  about starting a race war.