Meet this year racist student organization leaders …. you already know them

Meow everyone. As many know, I started this blog to focus on the Ryerson Student Union  and just how corrupt they are, as well as to show just what the  Canadian Federation of Students  , CFS really does for you as a student. I have shown conclusively that both organizations are nothing but money grabbing communists who never have, never will do anything but look after themselves. I have also shown just how openly racist they are . Today, I will show you that they intend to continue on a path of racism  and pad their own pockets, with YOUR student fees.


Every year, in the spring, the CFS hold what they call their ” skills ”  event. This event is designed to introduce new students to the world of the CFS and using their propaganda to indoctrinate, or  brainwash these new recruits into the world of the CFS ….. and YOU get to pay for this . You be surprised to learn that as an average student ,  cannot attend this conference , as it is is INVITATION ONLY and the only ones invited are the students with the greatest potential to be radicalized . These students are very literally hand picked by the student unions of the schools they attend , and are usually friends of the executives members of those same student unions. I had a rare chance to attend  years ago. The event was filled with self congratulatory speeches, overinflated , bloated ego’s , head organizers thinking they are all that with expectations of others ” worshiping them” . I recall two in particular  , Joel Duff and Denise Hammond who were both revered by the attendees as almost god like entities , everyone wanted to bee seen around them, garner their favor. no questions asked. It was a two day event filled with absolutely  nothing  of any value. It WAS filled with almost a nazi-esk type of brainwashing where it was always ” us vs them ” . There was a very strong leaning to almost demand that participants become NDP supporters , regardless of what other political views were out there. I used the term nazi-esk  just above. For those who are familiar with the CFS of today, they will know of Jeremy Salter. He is the ” supreme leader ” of this organization, ad as much as he is known for his strong desire to radicalize, his other trademark is his ” heil Hitler ”  salute.


The CFS never has, and never will be a true student organization since they go out of their way to EXCLUDE the very students they claim to represent. They take on union ordered campaigns , or campaigns that their NDP handlers want, as long as it is radical . Enter the individual student unions .


Black Lives Matter

This is the latest professional protest movement out there and like with most other protest movements, the rogue student unions have jumped on the band wagon . Here is a very dried history of the origins of the black lives matter movement.

Black Lives Matter is an American activist grassroots movement that can be traced back to the July 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Florida shooting death of African-American teen Trayvon Martin. It received fresh impetus from the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, an African-American teen, and the death of Eric Garner, as well as the acquittals of both of the officers who killed them. The Black Lives Matter movement also speaks out and organizes against police brutality against African-Americans in the United States. Some of the unarmed African-Americans who died at the hands of law enforcement have had their deaths protested by the movement, including Tamir Rice, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, and Freddie Gray (which sparked the 2015 Baltimore protests).

The movement was co-founded by three black activists: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.  ( sourced from : )

A group of 14 people had walked into the West Oakland BART station, hung a banner over the side that read “Black Lives Matter” — the adopted slogan of those who condemned the recent decision of a grand jury to refuse to punish a police officer, Darren Wilson, for shooting an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo.

The protesters then walked into a BART car headed for San Francisco and locked themselves down to the safety rails inside with cables and bicycle u-locks. Then they locked themselves to each other, forming a human chain that extended out of the car and onto the platform. With the doors blocked, the train couldn’t leave the station. Their goal was to shut down BART for four and a half hours — the length of time that Michael Brown’s body lay in the street. They lasted about an hour and a half; the police ended up disassembling part of the BART car to remove them.  ( sourced from :  )  This was late November  / early December 2014 .


The Ryerson Student Union was quick to jump onto this band wagon  and they made very clear right from the onset, that  they were going to openly discriminate  against anyone who was not  a black person . Here , you can see this in their own words :


blm 1


They organized a well attended protest :


blm 2


The organizers made it very clear as to what they wanted . Again, showing THEIR own words :




organize 2


You see the name of Rodney Diverlus on top of one of these screen shots . Here is what Diverlus looks like :




Yes,  was the President of the Ryerson Student Union , along with holding other executive positions , on YOUR student dollar. In fact, with his student executive salary and perqs, you paid him almost $40,000.00 a year …. did that for three years. For that, you got a racist idiot  who wanted nothing to do with equality and equity. His own words clearly showed that . More on him in a moment.


Rodney has a sister, who, surprise, surprise , also ran for student executive , and again, shockingly is a key organizer with the black lives protest movement. Here she is : 



It appears that racism runs in the family .


Here is yet another key organizer from Toronto :


organizers 3

Holy Cow, not another  radical student union organizer …… Lena Peters as shown above .


Another of the key organizers of the Toronto version of the Black lives matter movement is a guy who was also , surprise, surprise, a recent president of the Ryerson Student Union,  Rejean Hoilett as seen below :



Under the leadership of Rejean Koilett  the then President of the Ryerson Student Union , this is what he allowed to take place :


” …

Two white students were barred from a meeting of the Racialized Students’ Collective March 11.

First-year journalism students Trevor Hewitt and Julia Knope were told that because they were not victims of racialization, they were not allowed to stay in the meeting room and report on the event.

Hewitt and Knope said they made eye contact with an unidentified woman who appeared to be setting up for the event. She approached Hewitt and Knope and asked if they had ever been racialized.

Hewitt said he then told the woman he wanted to cover the meeting for an assignment. He said the woman told him that because he was not a racialized student, he could not sit in on the meeting. Hewitt and Knope then left the room.”


“We don’t want (racialized) students to feel intimidated, that they can’t speak their mind because they are afraid of being judged or something they say might be used against them,” he said. “


” … When asked about Hewitt and Knope’s incident, Tanveer confirmed they couldn’t attend the meeting because they were white. … “

  above sourced from here at :



So far, as seen above, I have shown you how your student union not only promotes racial tensions, but indeed are actively participating , encouraging and promoting  racial divisiveness with the student body , a student body that PAYS THEIR SALARY .

 OK, so let me back up a bit and discuss Rodney Diverlus. He has a rather long history of being a radical idiot, dating back to the G20 . During the G20 riots, he was one of the student union organizers out there ” protesting ” , although if you ask him what he was actually protesting, he will have several stories to suite the moment ..  His most famous line during these riots was the old stand by ” fuck the police ”  chants . Diverlus  claims to have been Born in Haiti, Diverlus started dancing ( he is a dance student at Ryerson University )  in Naples, Florida, where he lived with his family until they moved to Hamilton in 2005. His choreographic works have explored colonialism, diasporas, resistance, and occupation. As a choreographer, Rodney hopes to connect the issues he organizes around in the community and performance with the hopes of providing a means for liberation and agency to artists of colour. Well at least he has all the correct communist vocabulary down pat.  He has taken every opportunity to remind everyone how oppressed he was a black male  and a dancer . Sometimes, depending on the protest and crowd, he will throw in that he is an openly gay man , just to add a little more drama to his usual drivel . Sometimes, again , depending on the event, he will tell you he was from Miami Florida since there is a fairly large Haitian population there. his stories change with the protest , and does so to garner to  greatest possible sympathy towards his protest of the moment.


Diverlus is as much of a drama queen as he is an attention seeker. He has always been about himself first and foremost. His tenure as a student union executive clearly showed this, as he has never accomplished anything as a leader, but was always front and center for photo ops and self promotion. He is one of these guys who  thinks he is ”  all that ” , when in fact, he is not  even   ” some of that ”  .


salter in  blue shirt circled


You can see Rodney Diverlus involved in the g20 riot on Pape ave , far right wearing the white shirt. Note who is circled, none other than our famous Hitler saluting communist, Jeramy Salter  and members of the Ryerson Student union executive.If you ;look at this image as well,  look at the police officer at the center of this image , then look at the female directly over his right shoulder ( left side on the photograph ) and you will see yet another member of the Ryerson Student Union executive, Caitlin Smith, who, is now , a full time employee of the CFS.  Over the same cops other shoulder is the guy who help start the York University race riots against Jewish Students a few years ago. So, as you can see here, we have a clear example of these guys and who they hang with and what they do .  THESE ARE YOUR STUDENT LEADERS . 


Now, lets turn our focus on his sister Pascale Diverlus, She too ran for student union office but in the last student union elections, she and her band of racists were soundly defeated when yours truly shot a video of their slate rigging and election by ballot stuffing. I later learned that she wanted to file ” hate crimes ” accusations against me because , as I heard it, she held me directly responsible for the slates brutal loss at the polls. an election they all but thought was theirs, with the campaigning merely a formality .   She has worked at the Centre for Women and Trans People and volunteered for the RSU. She is also the director of events at the United Black Students Ryerson club, where Rodney is president.


So, now we move ahead. I have shown how the Ryerson Student Union, as it stood prior to the most recent elections  , were some of the most racist idiots on campus. They may be gone from the campus, however, the CFS always has a place for useful idiots who are willing to take radicalization to new levels . I am sad to announce that Pascale Diverlus will continue her racial divide with an even bigger salary within the CFS and our former President Rejean ? Well, he is now the Chairman of the CFS Ontario . We are in for at least two more years of their racist crap at the expense of ALL students.


So, how moronic have they become of late? I will show you , using their own words in a moment. The whole Black Live Matter movement started because of several high profile cases where police officers shot and killed black males. The officers involved were all presumed  to be white officers  . To the protesters, it made no difference that the persons shot were  in the act of committing serious crimes . Let me be clear here. I do NOT supporting  killing anyone . However, what NONE of us know is what exactly took place that forced the officers to pull out their sidearm and fire. There could be a plethora of reasons for this so I don’t draw conclusions, simply put, I am not trained to draw them. NEITHER are the protesters trained to draw these conclusions. The protesters are also not trained investigators . Investigations like this take time, lots of time.


Fast forwarding to Toronto. two persons were shot and killed recently at the hands of police shootings. In one case, it was found that one person had a knife, and while certainly, it appears that errors were made in the way certain evidence was either collected to found, or both, we the public do NOT know the facts.  A second shooting also took place some months later , sadly , also resulting in death . So, rather than allow trained , professional investigators to do their jobs, out band of professional protesters simple wanted to have the officer arrested and criminal charged …. all BEFORE the investigation was / is complete .


… Indict! Convict! Send that killer cop to jail! The whole damn system is guilty as hell! … ”


” … we are fed up with the anti-black violence inflicted by Toronto Police, and that we want justice. … ”


” … Police officers should not be able to issue summary executions at will. … “



  • The immediate release of the names of the officer(s) who Killed Andrew Loku.
  • The immediate and public release of the video footage from the apartment complex where Andrew Loku was murdered. 
  • A public apology from the Mayor John Tory, Mark Saunders and the Toronto Police Department for their actions and the trauma that they have inflicted on the Black community.
  • The funeral of Andrew Loku to be funded completely by the Toronto Police department.
  • Charges to be laid against the officers who killed Andrew Loku.
  • Monetary compensation for the family of Andrew Loku for the damages caused by the Toronto Police department


Yes, your radical student leaders  want a race war, and they will go to any length to create one. 



What these clowns demanded was the cop in question be arrested , charged with murder and jailed … before an investigation and trial.


I have said that the whole black lives matter movements sole purpose is to create racial divide and create a race war . Well, here is a video that proves rather clearly what I am stating. watch for yourself and before you decide to support this movement, THIS  is what black live matters really is about .  Thanks to  for finding this video link