” I am not endorsing any actions ” …. nudge nudge, wink wink

Meow everyone. With the Pan Am games around the corner , the professional protestors and professional criminals  are hard at work to ensure only the best, highest quality disruptions for this city trophy event, the Pan Am games. 


We are all familiar with the events of the 2010 G20 where , among the most violent of the professional protestors, Alex Hundert was front and center of it all as key organizer of smashing sites. He spent time in prison for his actions , but prison was just another place for him to cause even more trouble.



Alex Hundert




Here is hundert sshown with his G20 fellow criminal organizers


Hundert in his own words proclaiming how he was a serious threat to the security of the prision

hundert 3n


hundert 2n (2)


So, why is this guy still walking the streets ? That is a question best answered by people far more wise than I am but he has most certainly  not made any attempts to curtail his criminal actions. However, like any top criminal or terrorist, which is exactly what i think he is, a domestic terrorist , he will not likely be at the center of any action , rather, he will lead from the rear, or the comfort of a couch, so as to appear distant. Osama Bin Laden did the same thing, as did Charles Manson. Hundert is no different.


So, with the games around the corner, naturally, he , like some pre-programmed automoton, old habits don’t so quickly fade away. It appears that our predictable criminal is up to his old tricks once again. Today, he sends out a note on his twitter feed to proclaim him going to a meting to organize …. organize what Alex ?


hundert 1


As any organizer in his position, he is highly respected within his circle of criminals even idolized and worshiped by them . He commands a great deal of respect from his like ( no ) minded idiots , most who will do anything he asks of them, no questions asked. So, when a person like Hundert, who posts a simple little statement on his twitter feed, to most, it will mean  nothing. However, within his circles, what he says, and how, is easily taken as an open endorsement for actions and upcoming actions. In other words, if he posts it, he may well likely approve of it  and his loyal followers will see this endorsement as a clandestine way of communicating to these masses that ” yes indeed, go ahead to do your thing ” . Below is a case in point


hundert 2

He does not have to be there, indeed, he may well be hundreds of miles away from the actions, but with social media, he still be a great arm chair quarter back , steering his flock from the comfort of his easy chair. The above message is meaningless to the vast majority of readers, and indeed, one can postulate that everything I am saying is mere  speculation at best . YES, it is indeed speculation, but his past conduct, going back to the G20 shows that this is indeed how he and the top organizers operate.


Lets have a quick look at whos actions he just endorsed .

assignment three-394


Yup, that is indeed Julian Ichim , noted communist, marxist , leninist . This guy has been arrested more times than even some hard core criminals . Here is what Ichim wrote, that drew the attention of Alex Hundert :


ichy 1


We can see here that Ichim, , at least according to his own words, did very little disrupting, however, with the fact the persons like Hundert are making comments as if to endorse such actions , goes further, it is a subtle way to encourage  others to be disruptive. In other words , he is, once again, figuratively , selecting the building to be targeted for criminal actions. This time, there is a chance, under the newly passed bill C-51 anti terrorism legislation to stop him in his tracks, as well as all those known through their history of these type of actions . Lets put them out of action before there is action ….. and then its too late .

7 Responses to ” I am not endorsing any actions ” …. nudge nudge, wink wink

  1. Avatar Norman
    Norman says:

    Congratulations on your exposing these anarchists.

  2. Avatar Observer
    Observer says:

    These sound like OCAP-type tactics.

    Urge suckers to do things that are likely to get them arrested, while you stay safe and sound at a safe distance.

    Then when your useful idiots are arrested, you make claims of police brutality and stifling freedom of speech to get into the media, and do fundraisers for the “legal fund for those arrested” and then pocket much or all of the donations.

  3. I’m disappointed Frank. For more than a year now you’ve been promising us anarchist riots at the Pan Am Games but so far we’ve seen nothing and all the anarchists I’ve talked to say the Pan Am Games aren’t worth organizing around. Either you’ve been punk’d or you’ve been winding up people over nothing becuase of your conspiracy theories (or both).

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      BR, thank you for your comment and observation. I overjoyed to at being wrong, and not seeing riots. Of course, I suspect that having exposed anarchists as violent criminals and posting their pics here may have helped, I don’t know , but what i do know is that this is one of those times that being wrong is a pretty good feeling. Thank you for your comment.

      • Avatar Anonymous
        Anonymous says:

        Wow UK, you really have been drinking your own Kool-Aid. No, your blog has nothing to do with whether or not there were “riots” at the Pan-Am Games. You were just way off base with your hysterical, alarmist, and overripe rants. You remind me of the religious fanatics who claim the world’s going to end on Thursday and then, on Friday morning, claim that the world didn’t end after all thanks to their prayers, magic spells, sacrificing of virgin goats or anything they can come up with to avoid admitting that they were wrong in the first place. Have you looked up your blog’s metrics? Hardly anyone reads it so stop pretending you have any influence whatsoever. I know pretending otherwise is how you derive meaning from your life but it’s time you face facts, your blog is badly written, gets basic facts wrong, and frequently makes predictions that don’t come to pass. You’re frankly an embarrassment to the police and others who you try to support.

        • Avatar undercoverkity
          undercoverkity says:

          Hello Anonymous and thank you for your comment. NO, I don’t follow who reads me as frankly, I don’t care. I am not here to win any sort of popularity contest so to me, numbers are meaningless. With respects to your comment about what I write having zero influence , I hope you didnt have help in coming up with that one because I have zero desire to influence anyone. I write what I write and if someone draws a conclusion from it , great, if not, great. Once again I don’t care. As for my blog being badly written, I make no claims to be a journalist or writer. I am a photographer. Lastly, I don’t give a rats ass as to whether or you, or anyone else thinks I am a so called embarrassment to people or organizations I try and support. Remember what I said about, I am not here to win a popularity contest , not do I care one nano- second about who likes me or not . I am VERY SECURE personally and negative comments have zero effect on me . Remember, if you’re going to call me an as hole, , chances are that since I am older than you, that’s MR. Asshole to you .

    • Avatar Observer
      Observer says:

      OCAP and CUPE have announced all sorts of events to protest the Pan Am Games, but I never hear anything about any protests in the media.

      You just have to get onto their or John Clarke’s twitter feeds to see the announcements.

      If you announce a protest and nobody shows up and the media don’t talk about it, have you made a sound?