Are you ready for a riot? Well, its coming ….. and you cant say I didn’t warn you

Meow everyone. Over the two two or so years, ever since we , the citizens of Toronto learned that we would be hosting the 2015 Pan-A m  games , i was writing about it,  as well,  letting everyone know what to expect and  who the players are going to be . With the games rapidly approaching, it appears that the  anti games rhetoric has also become much more prevalent . In this article, I will update the very latest and this is something to be taken seriously.


Back when the games were announced, Syed Hussan of No One Is Illegal fame posted a note asking if anyone anted to take on the games because according to him, he was all rioted out.




Syed Hussan is no stranger to criminality . He was one of the KEY organizers of the G20 riots but escaped prosecution , prison time and deportation for his crimes when another , even better known violent criminal , Alex Hundert, took the fall for him, as well as his own crimes.  Here is  Syed Hussan  , to remind everyone of what he looks like:



Here is a video of Syed Hussan at an anti Israel rally :


… and of course Alex Hundert




Back to Syed Hussan. Hussan helped organize a protest a few years ago in the Toronto Eaton Center which was premised around wanting people NOT to shop during black friday . He went  so far as to ENCOURAGE people to commit the crime of theft. Ok,  so , Canadian Boarder  Services, are you , and have you been paying attention?  If not, WAKE UP, here is clear evidence that this guy is a criminal and has nothing but criminal intentions on his mind.  Once you pick him up for deportation, please call me, I would love to be there to see this joyous event. ( and take Sakura Saunders with you while you’re at it )   Here is the screen shot of this :


hassans comment (2)

I indicated that he, along with several others were the key organizers of the G20 riots. Here is a list of the TOP players of those riots :




I am going to change direction here for a quick moment to point out the number  of this list Leah Henderson, was one of the one convicted and sent to prison for her crimes. She was the girl friend of Alex Hundert at that time. However, today, she works for one of the Cities more radical city counselors , Shelly Carrol . Henderson still maintains close ties with her violent anarchist friends  and now, with her position inside city hall, directly in the office of one of the city counselors, it is not a stretch to suggest that she would have inside information to security plans and other sensitive details about the games such as security plans and other details, all of which could easily be communicated to her fellow violent anarchists.


With the games fast approaching, it was not a question of ” IF ” , but rather , ” WHEN ”   these violent criminal were going to make the call out for confrontational actions against the games. People like Sakura Saunders  and John Clarke of OCAP were already talking trash about the games but yesterday, they raised the stakes. Actually, No One is Illegal raised them . They posted the official call out for , as they called it, ” confrontational actions against the games ” .  Here is the facebook back page to this event .


riot 1

 Here is a video showing No One is Illegal LEADING the G20 riots :




… and another one : 



…. and one more :


Once this was posted, the anarchist community quickly pounced on it, putting this cal out on their twitter feed :




For those with either short memories, or are new to my site, the same group as shown above even once posted a video on how to sabotage a rail line . I think the video was taken down but if anyone wishes to see it, I have it saved and can upload it for viewing.


If there was ever any question as to whether No one is Illegal  is, and was a key player behind violent riots in this city, one has to look no further than the G20 riots :


G20 riot


I have often referred to these low life goons as terrorists. This is something I stick to and it appears that that I would not be the only one who feels this way .




My readers who know me personally will know that i was more than just  angered at these scum bag criminals  who destroyed my city in  the summer of 2010 when they thought it was perfectly fine to light the city on fire . They not only attacked people on an individual basis, they attacked each and every citizen of this city because of their indiscriminate destruction  of anything and everything in their path . They held the entire city hostage. Groups like OCAP, No One is Illegal and others are nothing more than  urban terrorist groups that want, at all cost, to impose terror on citizens . They have no other agenda. Recent legislation , if put into law, would have some teeth in that it would allow law enforcement to pick these scum bags up prior to their plans and detain them .


What we saw during the G20 was , among other things, the importing of terrorist to riot in our city. Ocap did this as well in 2000 during the Queens Park riots.  It is important that along with this article, you read, or re-read this one . There is information there about one key anarchist who is ” interviewing for a job ” there. I postulate a far different reason for going.  Here is a picture of  Darius as referred to :




What should not be discounted here with respects to Darius, is that he, like Sakura is a violent and dangerous anarchist . His seeming ”  job offer ” in Montreal may be a front to him making anarchist connections and preparations to bring them here to Toronto for the Pan Am games, much the same way they were imported by OCAP as previously mentioned. With the upcoming Montreal Anarchist book fair , this is a perfect opportunity to recruit people for new violent actions. Here is their facebook event page for more information on it . There are rather interesting people planning to attend this years bookfair .


With enough advanced stories on these people, I see no excuses to allow them to riot , as they have done in the past . They have no TOLD YOU what they want to do. Go out and get them ….

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  1. Avatar Observer
    Observer says:

    Shelley Carroll is a Liberal Party member influential in the Toronto area but she maintains close contact with and provides a lot of support to OCAP the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations, other radical groups and the unions

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hyya Observer and thank you for your timely input. Yes, her ties are indeed quite questionable, but what concerns me here is the choice of staff she has. It would take a lot of research to check out who she has on staff, and prospective employee’s . True, one cannot discriminate on the grounds of criminal convictions, however, one has to wonder just how sound an idea is is for her to have such a high profile criminal on staff, and, as i postulated, just what does this convicted criminal have access to, and further, is this same convicted criminal, who clearly still maintains close ties with her fellow convicts and violent anarchists, is this person passing along sensitive security related info about the games ?

  2. Avatar calmcrash
    calmcrash says:

    Excellent article! Huge fan, keep em coming.