Gold Mining company robbed of 7000 ounces of Gold …… Does Sakura Saunders know who did it ?

Meow everyone. My readers will know by now, the name Sakura Saunders . She is a local anti mining ,  anti cop, anti oil, anti this, anti that trouble maker who was kicked out of Canada just under a year  ago when her visa ran out. Sadly , our government allowed her back into Canada, where, she can and does , once again return  to her old tricks of being a local trouble maker. She has already tried some cop baiting , but for now, she is concentrating on her pet anti gold mining hate on projects.




While we were free of her and her band of criminals, she spent time in California and Mexico where she stirred up her usual band of  trouble.   However, sadly for us, she came back here and now, has been targeting her hate toward gold mining companies again with Barrick Gold being her main target. However, with most observers of her knowing that Barrick is her target, Does this leave her free to target, quietly and without attention, other well know gold  mining firms?


The answer is yes, it does , but she does not act alone. Have a look at this article she wrote not too long ago :


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Corporate Criminals Taking Leadership?

Activist infiltrate mining luncheon, distribute a dose of reality

by Mining Injustice Solidarity Network

Flier handed out by the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network at “The Challenge to Lead” event. The QR barcode pictured links smartphone users to a video testimony of Rosa Elbira, who was raped by the police and Hudbay's security forces during the forced eviction of her community in Guatemala. Shortly after fliers were distributed, event staff scrambled to retrieve and confiscate them. Photo: Rachel Small
Flier handed out by the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network at “The Challenge to Lead” event. The QR barcode pictured links smartphone users to a video testimony of Rosa Elbira, who was raped by the police and Hudbay’s security forces during the forced eviction of her community in Guatemala. Shortly after fliers were distributed, event staff scrambled to retrieve and confiscate them. Photo: Rachel Small

Today, the Canadian Club of Toronto invited major players in Canada’s mining industry to a formal luncheon and panel discussion entitled “The Challenge to Lead.” However, attendees who have ties with communities impacted by these Canadian operations expressed grave concern. Given the poor track record of Canadian mining companies at home and abroad, individuals were left questioning the legitimacy of Canada’s extractive industry claiming leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Pierre Lassonde, Chairman of Franco-Nevada Corporation, moderated a panel that included David Garofalo, President and CEO of HudBay Minerals, Rob McEwen, Chairman and Chief Owner of McEwen Mining, and Piotr Pikul, Partner at McKinsey & Company, on the challenges and opportunities facing the Canadian mining industry.

Rachel Small, an attendee who has worked with Latin American communities near a number of Canadian mines said: “Canadian mining companies have a long track record of committing human rights and environmental abuses at their mines around the world. We’re handing out these fliers that say ‘Corporate Criminals Taking Leadership’ to point out how absurd it is that a company like Hudbay, infamous for its poor social and environmental record, can speak at an event like this about being ‘global leaders’ in the industry.” After the fliers were distributed, event staff scrambled to retrieve and confiscate them.

In fact, HudBay Minerals made headlines last year when it became the first Canadian company to be tried in Canadian courts for crimes committed at mining operations overseas. Plaintiffs are trying to hold HudBay Minerals accountable for the actions of private security employed by the company, who allegedly shot and killed Adolfo Ich Xaman, a teacher and community leader in a town near their Fenix mine in Guatemala. Another lawsuit against the company alleges that private security gang-raped 11 women during a forced eviction from land to which the women and their Mayan communities hold ancestral rights according to a ruling by the Guatemalan Constitutional Court. These cases are proceeding in the Superior Court of Ontario.

McEwen Mining’s reputation is less than stellar. A 2012 complaint that communities near McEwen Mining’s Los Azules project in Argentina filed with Canada’s Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor claims that the company lied about the impact their open-pit copper mine would have on glaciers in the area, and that it violated a number of international standards. McEwen Mining refused to engage with the claim, effectively ending the only government process communities have access to in Canada to bring forward complaints.

Monica Gutierrez, an attendee from the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network (MISN) responded after the panel: “These companies do have an international reputation, as they claim, but it’s definitely not one of trust or one that Canadians should take pride in. What does it say about Canada, if these companies, with their terrible records, are claiming leadership in setting the future direction for our country?”. In reference to the question of mining companies adhering to local laws, panelist Piotr Pikul said: “You just have to do it”. Communities near Canadian mines globally are waiting for companies to comply with this imperative. 


The other person named in this article is a lady named Rachel Small . Her she is :


rachel small 10

And here she is with Sakura Saunders :



So, why is this so important anyway? Well, it appears that there was a rather substantial robbery very recently against a gold mining company that has offices here in Toronto , took place in Mexico, not that far from where Sakura Saunders was , while in California ( about 500 miles ) and the above article she  wrote .
Wed Apr 8, 2015 4:33PM
The file photo shows gold ingots.

The file photo shows gold ingots.

Armed robbers have stolen USD 8.5 million worth of gold from a refinery at a mine owned by a Canadian company in Mexico’s western state of Sinaloa, company officials say.

The theft occurred on Tuesday at the El Gallo 1 mine and robbers made off with 900 kilograms (almost 2,000 pounds) of gold-bearing concentrate containing approximately 7,000 ounces of gold, the McEwen Mining Inc. said in a statement issued late Tuesday.

“The company maintains insurance against these types of incidents and is working closely with its insurance carrier to determine the extent of available coverage,” the company said, adding, “However, the company’s policy will not be sufficient to cover the entire expected loss.”

The statement said no one was injured and mining operations were not affected, but it did not provide any more details about the robbery.

Mexican authorities are carrying on an investigation into the matter.

The Toronto-based company has operations in Mexico, Argentina and the state of Nevada in America. Based on its current stock price, the company is worth about USD 364 million.



Sakura Saunders has made it clear she wants companies like Barrick Gold to simply  vanish . She has used every opportunity to discredit this company . Barrick Gold is going to be a supplier to the Pan Am games, proving the raw materials for the athletes medals . This has added them as a target for other dangerous racial groups and with Sakura Saunders at the helm , leading  the attacks against Barrick Gold, it is safe and fair to say that she will have the help and support of just about every nut job in Canada here to make sure these games are disrupted. The first attack will come via this protest where Barrick Gold holds their annual shareholders meeting .


I have heard of a significant budget to the tune of around $ 20,000.00 that is being made available to Sakura just for these games as protest money . This has not been confirmed as absolute fact but I wanted this thrown  out there to encourage  the good guys to keep a close eye on here. Another development , possibly of equal value is there her partner Darius  is widely rumored to be accepting a ” job offer ”  in Montreal. Montreal is home to the most  violent of the Anarchists in Canada and these anarchists have traveled to Toronto in the past the destroy our city, once as hire goons by OCAP during the Queens park Riot, and them, years later, as imported goon for the G-20 here in Toronto. Here is Darius :



What should not be discounted here with respects to Darius, is that he, like Sakura is a violent and dangerous anarchist . His seeming ”  job offer ” in Montreal may be a front to him making anarchist connections and preparations to bring them here to Toronto for the Pan Am games, much the same way they were imported by OCAP as previously mentioned. With the upcoming Montreal Anarchist book fair , this is a perfect opportunity to recruit people for new violent actions. Here is their facebook event page for more information on it . There are rather interesting people planning to attend this years bookfair . Along with the usual neanderthal crowd of knuckle draggers , this year, Ryerson Student Unions own cop killing advocate Zidain Mohamed plans to be there. Here he is for those who forgot what this contemptible low life looks like :

Now, many you will tell me that this is all speculation . I agree , it is . However, While I am quite certain that Sakura Saunder would never personally be involved in a robbery , given her hate for gold mining companies, given the fact that she has written about this particular company, given the fact that was in Mexico, given the fact that she resided in California , about 500 miles from where this robbery tool place , given the fact the while in California, she was very much involved in her anti gold mining  projects. I really hope that law enforcement and our Canadian  Border Services have a very long, rather once sided  conversation with her about this . I would  wager she knows at one or two of the people involved.