The REAL Ryerson Student Union and their promotion of hate and cop killling

Meow everyone, Yes, its that time  of year again. The Ryerson Student  Union is holding their annual ” elections ” again  to see who gets to lord themselves over us as student for the upcoming year. Now most of my readers already know that these so called elections are anything but elections. Rather, they , at least in  my opinion , anoint themselves to these positions .  The outcome  is usually decided long before even one ballot is printed. It is pretty well postulated  that these elections are  allegedly  rigged to ensure that ONLY the CFS slate has any chance of winning. Others have run in the past,  but through the miracle of  the Chief returning officer, there is always some ”  infraction ”  levied against the RSU slate opponents  to ensure they don’t win.  Have been part of this election process myself as a ballot counter and voter table officer ,  I can attest to the fact that there is what appears to be  vote rigging  , in my opinion,  and discounted ballots they favor an opponent . Unsealed ballot boxes, improper ballot box storage are just two examples I personally know of .


However, this story is not so much about the election itself as much as it is about who is running this year . This past year was rather busy for the RSU executive. They were busy with racist based events all year long. If you are a student who is ” white ” , let me be blunt and direct, YOU WERE SCREWED  because they targeted YOU to base their brand of hate towards. Here is just one example of the hate mongering this student union regularly engages in . This is a clear example of how they are racist and only want certain voices heard :



This was in part, organized by one of the same people who was behind the Black Lives Matter series of protests here in Toronto , and, it just so happens that she is running to be the President of the RSU . Here she is in all her hate filled splendor as depicted in her election poster  :



This is the Diverlus who’s brother Rodney , lead the Black Lives Matter protests here in Toronto . Rodney not being the equitable person he likes to claim he is , went on the demand that during those very protests, white people  were not to speak to media, and are to be relegated to the back of the protest. history records another such event, with Rosa Parks when she was relegated to the back of the bus and refused . However, according to Rodney, white people were ONLY good should police , as he put it, were going to  get in the faces of black people during this event. people, I cant make this stuff up , he actually demanded this . Here he for all to see once again :


Rodney-Diverlus-posterHere is what i am referring to with respects to his demands :


organize 2 … and his tirade :


UntitledNow like his bother before him , she too wants to run this student union and continue their racist views and force them upon the rest us students. However, have said all this, I now wish to introduce everyone to this guy . Cops, if you are reading this, pay  VERY CLOSE attention to this guy and never forget his face . He may well be the one who will step things up against you.



Recently, two New York City police officers were shot, execution style while on duty in their patrol cars . This was one of many acts of violence against law enforcement of late , and all because the cops were doing their duties. Sometimes, and yes, very sadly, these duties may have results that turn out badly for everyone. However, these two cops were not involved in any altercations, they were simply in their cars waiting to get a call to their next assignment . However, it appears that Mr. Mohamed had a different view, such that he went on record to say how he approved and endorsed the killing of cops . Here, see for yourself, in his own words:



Wait, there is more :




Mr. Mohamed arrives at his murderous cop killing advocacy genuinely. He is a member and organizer of the Communist Party . He follows to Trotskyist , Leninist  movement, which advocate the use of  extreme violence. Here is his communist party member verification :





From his twitter feed, you can see clearly how he supports terrorist states and repressive states , known for their vast human  rights violations”



This guy running for office is problematic in so many way, its hard to even pick a starting point . However, here is one point to look at, aand very seriously . The Pan-Am games are coming to Toronto in six months. Ryerson University will be playing host to some of these great events. This idiot , if elected, will be well into his term of office at that point.  The Ryerson Student Union  is in  home territory  to many of the most dangerous organization in Toronto such as OCAP  and the most extreme and violent of the anarchists . Indeed, the RSU even has an anarchist student group it funds . These are all some of the most violent people, and some of the biggest cop haters in the country … right here, and at the RSU’s door step . With comments like what Mohamed made , there is nothing to stop him from acting out what is clearly his own personal fantasy , and with anticipated protests , police will most certainly become major targets of these anarchists ….. and Mohamed  himself.


His comments have already made major media :







 What is really sad here is that after his pathetic comments were made public, the RSU, rather then doing to right thing and distancing themselves from this guy, they further embraced him and condoned his actions, playing to oppression card. They tried to justify his comments as one made by a guy who was himself oppressed . BULLSHIT . This guy was not likely oppressed a day in his life and rather than hang his head in shame , apologize for his comments, and withdraw fro the elections, he somehow thinks that he had some entitlement to say what he did. This is typical of the RSU. They  get caught in a major issue that casts a bad light on ALL STUDENTS at Ryerson University and rather then own up to it, they play the pathetic oppression card. Here is what they said to justify this pathetic scum bags comments. The entire article can read here  :   


Untitled 1


Ryerson University has clear policies on  the way it expects its students to conduct themselves , especially when it comes to the reputation of the university . Mohamed would be, if elected, be representing the universities student body and very publicly. This policy I speak is called the Ryerson University Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct  , or Policy 61 . This policy can be viewed right here .


It is pretty clear to me that  this student union is not only out of control but have gone beyond even the most outer limits of of rational and sensible thinking. Clearly, with each new term of office, they want to raise the bar of stupidity to new heights , and sadly, they manage to succeed . However, this guy took this to a level that is orbital . However, there is hope. Just the other day, the federal government introduced legislation that will make what he did a terrorist act , or at the very least, an act that promotes terrorism. I very sincerely hope that law enforcement will finally get off their asses and investigate these clowns and this organization for what it really is, an organization that in my opinion, exists only to promote hate speech, terrorism and now, cop killing. This is a chance to stop these people in their tracks and hit them with the full force of the law,  hit them before they can act out and carry out their fantasies .


It appears that our cop killing advocate has a rather weird sense of humor. he wants to rule over the students at Ryerson, however, when he offered campus tours of the university to prospective students, he DIS-couraged students from enrolling here. People, I really cant make this stuff up. read for yourself, in his own words : 




With Zidane’s cop killing advocacy,  and,  show of support , It was only a matter of time before the university would step in. After all, the university has a superior INTERNATIONAL reputation that this jack ass besmirtched . This is what the President of Ryerson University had to say about this as seen in this weeks edition of the Ryersonian  :






Zidane, I am directing this to you . You have a chance to leave the school. Avail yourself of this opportunity because I am going to use every bit of my energy to ensure that every cop is on your back 24 / 7 . You sir are scum and don’t belong at my school . However, you would be welcomed at one of our max security prisons , in solitary confinement .  I’m sure you wont mind if I don’t write or visit .

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    Observer says:

    I like the top comment left on the Sun column:

    “It sounds like he will fit right in to the Ryerson Student Union, any campus Ontario Public Interest Research Group or the Canadian Federation of Students having read the radical and extremist views of these groups who get their funding out of post secondary student levies.”