Are radical student union and student groups the terrorist cells no wants to talk about ? …. Part 1

Meow everyone. It has been a while since i posted a story but this one, this series will be a doozy. My readers know that I have a very unique and close relationship with the student movement, being a student myself. As my readers also know, I am less that impressed with the radical student unions and student groups , and if I never made it clear as to why, let this series cast no doubt as to why.  As the title of this series reads, I pull no punches with respects to what I think of these radical student unions and groups , and this series will expose them  as the considerable  danger I think they are.


Let me take everyone back to the G20 of the summer of 2010 .We all know of the considerable damage and destruction caused by the professional rioters , professional protesters and violent anarchists who had the sole purpose of creating  terror. One of the places that was central to this chaos was the University of Toronto Graduate Student Union , where several black bloc style anarchists were arrested during a dawn raid at the UTSU’s facility gym. While most if not all were charged but later released without charges , the underlying seeds where well in place to make this something that can be repeated ….. if and when a new situation was to arise. Well, that situation HAS risen , and its called the 2015 Pan am games. More on this later.


I would like to introduce my readers to an old nemesis and well know cop baiter. He needs little introduction but since he now resides in Chicago , we have not seen him here in Toronto for some time. However, It appears that while he makes his home many miles away, he still wishes to have us all endure his brand of  hate. I re-introduce my readers to  Doug Johnson Hatlem . He can also be found  on twitter. Doug has been a fixture at most of Toronto’s anti police rallies and protests. He was usually the guy with a small child dangling from him. this was no accident. Small children make great human shields and because he was involved on actions that did turn violent, he was participating in arrestable actions, putting his kid at risk of harm. However, because of the mountain of paper work needed for police to arest a person and then place the kid in lawful care, they overlooked his actions. Doug, not being a dummy knows this and exploited this to his fullest advantage.


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Doug Hatlem  recently finished a documentary on the G20 from the previously  mentioned 2010 he is screening . Here is the event as listed on Facebook. Below is the event poster :



Here is what was written up about this film premier :

story 1

So, why does this peek my curiosity one may ask/ This twitter feed by the same author as the above story  :

lornic pan am


 Here is the facebook page event description from the link above to this event :

event 1



 Now, we change direction ever so slightly to the University of Toronto OPRIG group. This is an organization that is common to many of the most radical student unions. indeed, there are convicted G20 criminals who are employed at some of these ” PRIG ‘ organizations so that alone should say something about what these organizations are really all about.


As i stated at the very beginning, The U of T Grad students unions housed G20 black bloc rioters from Quebec and while , charged were dropped or withdrawn on most, if not in all cases, this showed that radical student union are more than  willing to employ the most radical, the most violent people to act on action they spent months, if not years planning.


2015 will be the year that we here in Toronto will play host to the world with the Pan Am games. However, will the civilized element of out population will welcome these athletes to our great city, some have other plans. John Clarke from OCAP has already made the call out to ” fight back ” against the Pan Am games as seen here :


ocap pan am main


 Most, if not all the radical student unions hold something they call DIS-orientation week where they showcase to new, prospective members to join.




They hold a variety of radically minded events to entice people with interests in a plethora of causes . many of these new students are indeed new to the university system, possibly away from home for the first time in their lives. These students  are looking to fit in, to belong somewhere, to be accepted , so, these radicals make a wide range of promises they cant possibly keep. However , the, uninformed student does not know better so, off they run to join and before they know it, they drink the proverbial Koolaid . Soon, they become indoctrinated , then become mindless automatons knowing not who they service, or even why, they simply follow sans a single question. Here is an example of what they have to chose from as a new, potential member :




Now , let me narrow this down somewhat and highlight to portion as elated to this story….. from this same event.



Look at what is highlighted…,,, planning against the Pan Am games . Here is the link to the actual event.

Now, we need a much closer look at the very people involved in this event and why this needs to be paid VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO  Here is the screen shot of the event description :

oprig 1

 OK, now we need to have a close look at exactly who these speakers are. HARJAP GREWAL lead the G20 riots here in Toronto and is the partner of Harsha Walia  who also lead the G20 riots. 




Here he is along side Harsha Walia leading the black bloc riots at the G20 :


G20 riot


KELLY SUE BURGESS is a senior OCAP organizer. We already know that OCAP has been  referred to as a domestic terrorist organization  by some members of law enforcement ….. and rightfully so. OCAP organized the famous queens park riot of 2000  where they used senior citizens and persons with disabilities as human shields while they threw rocks, bricks and molotov cocktails at police and the Ontario legislature. Recently Kelly visited  a norther community that famous violent criminal and G20 organizer Alex Hundert spends most of his time. I am guessing that she was not there entirley for rest and relaxation. Rather, I suspect that she trip there was, at least in part to discuss a collaboration  between OCAP and the native community where Hundert  resides to plan a larger more active disruption of the Games. OCAP already indicated that they wanted the natives involved so with well known Hundert already entrenched, all he has to do  is brainwash them a bit.  Here is what was written about her as related to this event:


” … KELLY SUE BURGESS is an anti-poverty activist who been a member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) for over a decade. As an engaged community activist and OCAP’s Administrative Coordinator Kelly Sue has seen the devastating effects that gentrification and “upscale urban redevelopment” have on poor neighbourhoods. OCAP is working with community groups on a resistance campaign that will address how the Pan Am Games will intensify these processes and increase the squeeze on poor neighbourhoods that are already experiencing huge losses of social housing and services. … ” 


Here is what she looks like :




CRAIG FORTIER has been involved with No One is Illegal for sometime. No One is Illegal is another highly dangerous, highly violent anarchist based group who wants everyone, terrorists included to be allowed into Canada .  Sorry, Craig, not on my watch , but here is what you look like for everyone to see:




MARY JEAN HANDE , according to the info on the event page is : ” … is an activist and researcher who is particularly committed to anti-poverty and disability justice organizing as well community-based research. As Community Research Coordinator with OPIRG Toronto she helped launch a community-directed research project on the impacts of the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. She is also a researcher for the Closing the Employment Standards Enforcement Gap project and a doctoral candidate in the Adult Education and Community Development program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Her doctoral research dialectically analyzes both informal and formal disability care provision and activism within the context of a rapidly financializing global economy. … ”  Mary Jean, lets have a look at you :


mary jean hande


HELEN JEFFERSON LENSKYJ….   ” … Professor Emerita at the University of Toronto. She has written five books and numerous articles critiquing the Olympic industry and other sport mega-events. Her 2014 book is titled Sexual Diversity and the Sochi 2014 Olympics: No More Rainbows. Helen was an active member of the Toronto anti-Olympic group, Bread Not Circuses, for many years, as well as working with community activist, feminist and LGBT organizations in Toronto, Vancouver and Sydney, Australia. … “ 
Here is Helen :




So far I have written about the Pan Am games and how some highly radical students and their student unions are once again going to try and use their status as students and / or student organizers to plan a major disruption. However, this is a local issue. Student unions, at least the most radical ones are also involved in international issues and  support international terrorists, either directly, or indirectly . This is what I will be covering in part two of this story… Stay tuned…………….