What you see is not always what is really going on….. Part 2

Meow everyone. In part one of this series, I started to look at some of the people we need to keep a close eye on and why. I showed that groups such as OCAP have agendas that ar not always clear and certainly hidden from the eyes of the average onlooker. I showed that OCAP , as just one of many groups , uses other protests for their own purposes, often times as a recruiting tool for other major plans down the road.


This article will show more closely some of the new techniques they are starting to employ. We already know that OCAP organized a protest that was, on the surface, a protest to address the situation in Israel and how a group of terrorists , Hamas , has been launching rocket attacks against the Israeli citizens , while using their own population as human shields to greatly inflate the causality rate . This is not all different from what OCAP themselves did during the now famous Queens park riots. During those riots John Clarke and OCAP , purposely placed persons with disabilities, senior citizens and other s as human shields against police horses and riot cops , as they themselves, ( the OCAP hard core rioters and violent anarchists ) threw Molitov cocktails , rocks and other projectiles at the police and the Ontario Legislature . So there appears to be a natural connection between OCAP with a long history of rioting and violence, and their counterparts in the State of Israel, the Hamas terrorists. So, what better way to show solidarity with them than to not only throw a protest march in their “ honor “ , but to also recruit some of the most hard core people from that group here.


If OCAP can bring a few of these nut jobs on board, they would well enough armed to train for the next major riot we are going to see, those riots being in and around the Pan Am games. Remember, OCAP already made the call out to “ fight back “ against the games, so now, all they need are bodies. There seem to be no shortage of those, sadly.




However, OCAP and John Clarke did learn a thing or two from their organizing of the G20 riots. During those planning days, there were cops who were able to work undercover within these organizations to learn of plans and with some luck get the main leaders out of the way and picture prior to the G20. While they were able to arrest the ring leaders, the cops had little success in stopping the riots themselves. OCAP has learned from this and there is now good evidence they John Clarke and OCAP are actually doing research and recon of other events to see who is doing what. One of the most important things to do is to identify who the cops are, and Clarke has seemingly started to undertake this . Clarke is now seemingly employing a hired photographer to go to certain events and photograph both uniformed and plain clothes officers, likely to create a data base for him and his organization, as well, to likely share with other like minded criminal organizations . This would come in very handy when he recruits members.


ocap 1


coap 1a


OCAP is running a new training course soon and one of the highly desired pre-requisites is that the prospective applicant have a criminal record . This is to ensure loyalty to OCAP as this can later be uses as a blackmail tool should the member decide to leave and expose OCAP for what they really are. By having pictures of cops in a data base, they would then be able to fairly quickly identify a prospective new member as a cop simply by searching their data base. If this is shared to other radical criminal groups, they too would have access to knowing who is who.


However, this presents itself with another problem . If enough of these cops are identified, at least the local cops, if would prove to be more problematic to place undercover cops into these groups as frankly, the pool of well trained and skilled undercover cops is not likely that great. So, in order to have good intelligence on these groups from within, law enforcement would have to use cops from other jurisdictions at significant cost , and this day and age of the political microscope , city counsels and police services boards may not be so willing to allocate funds for such operations. OCAP is counting on this .


Recruiting bodies for major upcoming protest actions is a long and involved process . many tool and venues need to be reached to get the maximum number of potential bodies. Recently , such an event took place in Ottawa called the people Social forum , where just about every major radical left wing protesters and group were in attendance .



This social forum conference was run and paid for by the unions, the same unions who bought and paid for the occupy movement. If you recall , during the occupy Toronto movement, Sid Ryan and the OFL  wanted to use the occupy movement to force a radical change at city hall by buying bodies the occupy movement provided to force the city to capitulate to outrageous union demands, something Ryan is known for doing. What Ryan didn’t count on was that the mayor of Toronto, Ford was not about to play into union thuggary and blackmail . He stated that this is what the unions are getting, take it leave it . Ryan was soundly and embarrassing defeated and humiliated publicly for failing to blackmail the city and its citizens unto union temper tantrums and with his bully tactics. However, Ryan , not one to miss an opportunity to be in th spotlight, decided that if he cant have Toronto, he will try and use his same Neanderthal, bully tactics to try and force a change in government in the country, as opposed to simply municipal . Remember too that Ryan and his band of rock dwellers also ended up being humiliated over the recent Ontario provincial elections .


So, with so much seething anger built up from his unions thugs not getting their way, he needed a new venture to try and kick start yet another offensive against fair voting and democracy. So, with checkbook in hand, his selected people in charge , he and his rock dwellers fund a new venture in the hopes of attracting the usual suspects yet again.


Those who attended were there either in person of via electronically . John Clarke and OCAP were certainly there , as were several of the key organizers of the G20 riots and other radical fringe groups. Basically, this event was a criminals conference . Other notable radicals in attendance were Sigrid Kneeve, Kathy Walker, Davyn Ouimet, Sakura Saunders , Darious Marisha , Harsha Walia . A rather interest person was there as well as the organizer for this event, Roger Rashi. If Rogers name is unfamiliar , a little digging shows he goes back to the days of Pol Pot of the Vietnam war era, and was directly connected to him.


Roger Rashi second from right with Pol Pot, third from right

roger rashi ( second from right )

Roger Rashi as he appears today

Roger Rashi
Conferences such as this peoples social forum are key events that are designed to bring together the radicals in one place to discuss plans, or events , but mostly they are there for moral boosting and used as sales pitch events for upcoming , if not yet specific key events. Darius , one of the key organizers of this event was quoted as saying that “ several things are going to pop off real soon “ . Darius was also arrested at the G20 so he is well versed in the art of criminality . Another notable G20 convicted crimnal , Leah Henderson was also there.


Leah Henderson on right

leah henderson ( right )


Clayton Thomas- Mueller went even further with the revelation of detailed plans for an uprising. So, with OCAP running a new training session for up and coming violent anarchists, Darius’s revelation of things about to pop off and claytons revelation of an impending uprising , now the idea was to sell these to the assembled Neanderthals ready waiting and willing to riot and create mayhem and destruction. Its is almost as if the issues are not going to be as important as the resulting damage they will cause. Remember that during the G20, there were several so called , issues raised but not of those were important at the end , because in the end, all that took place was rioting, criminals running loose and property damage .


2015 will be a critical year for this city and Canada as a whole. We will be going to the polls to vote in a new federal government and there is a good chance that we will see a change in our political leadership . this is something that does take place every few years anyway so will the government will likely change, it will have nothing to do with the protesters actions. Simply, the timing is such that a change would take place. Secondly, the Pan Am games will bring forth the usual number of crazy idiots will to riot and destroy anything in their path , for no reason than because they can. So, the key now is to gain the upper hand .


During and prior to the G20, there were attempts made to gain intelligence on these radical fringe groups , including radical student groups and student unions. The student union part failed in part because those trying to gain the information were so obvious in their attempts that they may as well have worn beacons with neon signs to indicate their int3ntions. Case in point was the RCMP officer who tried to access the Ryerson Student Campus Center , was easily and quickly spotted and was escorted from the facility. If your going to enter student space, you need to LOOK and ACT like a student, you need to speak the student lingo, in short, you need to look as if you belong there. If you’re going to wear a band t-shirt, don’t just wear to look the part, to look cool, you better KNOW the music of the band who’s shirt you’re wearing, know some of their history and know the music itself. If you’re going to pose as a student, make sure you KNOW what the student issues are . Make sure you know what programs are being offered at the school in question. In other words, you’re going to look like a student, BE a student .


Fringe groups are getting smarter with each passing event and groups such as OCAP have already begun to take proactive steps to identify potential and perceived threats to their plans . Sadly the good guys are forced into playing catch up far too often. What needs to happen is a proactive approach needs to be designed and taken as opposed to the more traditional reactive approach too often being used as the last resort. The leaders of these organizations and groups need to be identified well in advance. In the case of the radical student groups, since these student unions are always changing their executive, there needs to be continuous monitoring and updates on their leadership, and the direction they are taking, the programs they are involved in and the radical actions and groups they support and finance, what activities they host and whom they invite as speakers or to student union events.


With the direction we are seeing things heading in, it is just a matter of time before we here start to have full blown race riots and other such actions as what we read about in the USA and other countries. It is just a matter of time before we here in Canada experience the full force of the religious groups and the dangers they bring forth. These radical student groups and the other radical fringe groups such as OCAP will most certainly play a role when the proverbial shit hits the fan . OCAP has already proven their interest in having some of these radical on board so taking that next step is not a stretch. We have already seen anarchists confessing to enacting serious crimes including arson and fire bombing . The anarchists works very closely with OCAP, hell, OCAP trains them.


Recently Alex Hundert , who seems to spend most of his time now in the Grassy Narrows region had some visitors, very special visitors .  The First was OCAP’s very own Kelly Sue Burgess and a bit later, none other than G20  convicted criminal Mandy Hiscocks.  Now while there is nothing that out right suggests that they were there to plan and courier information back and forth, It most certainly could not, or should not, however,  be ruled out. OCAP is clearly organizing an uprising  and they want Hundert to spread the word to the already restless natives who are looking for a fight . Hiscocks is no stranger to criminality so her involvement is pretty much a sure thing. Then there is this document :


Toronto Pan Am Games Resistance Project – Proposal

Now , who better to write or least co author this document  using the universities resources , not just any school,  bug a very radical one.



So, with this knowledge in hand, who is willing to step up and be proactive in putting a stop to these people and groups before they can enact their brand of hate and violence ? Or, are we going to witness simple reactionary measures once things have happened simply to garner political support later? I don’t want to witness another round of G20 styled violence like we saw in 2010. With a little back bone by the politicians and law enforcement, a repeat CAN be avoided . One of the ways that we can avoid a repetition of the G20 riots is to be proactive in knowing who is doing what.  A review of historical events also needs to be dusted of as they reveal   clues  about which group may be planning what.


Many may not remember the famous Pope Squat of many years ago , a protest action that OCAP was engaged in, in the Parkdale area.  Many will see that as an action that was victorious for OCAP , and in a sense , it was. However, the actions were purely criminal and illegal. Those were different times and the situation was handled differently that it may be handled today. Often times, fringe groups will look into their past to draw inspiration from , but also, hoping that the good guys have short memories. Well, it appears that OCAP may be drawing upon their past yet again. Although this is nothing more than  speculation at this point, it is something that may be worth keeping an eye on. in the past month, I have observed two of the mainstays in  Toronto’s anarchist community in the same general area of King and Jameson ave. In both cases, the person were seen doing things that suggests they are local residents, as opposed to a casual visitor.


The next year will be providing us with a great deal of events of significant noteworthiness.  How we react will of course depend greatly on how the fringe groups and their members act , however, being proactive NOW  will most certainly save a great many headaches later.