So, you want to support terrorists and terrorism do ya ? Well, you got my attention

Meow everyone. For my usual readers, I apologize in advance  for this upcoming rant , however, when it comes to terrorists and terrorism, most , if not all my readers know what my position is on this. Having said that, my rant will once again clarify  it . I also have made it a point to avoid discussing the subject of religion here, however, one cannot not ignore the obvious here. Religion is a tool to  radicalize  and / or  reprogram the weak minded and insecure. It is used as a brainwashing tool to transform a person from a free thinking individual, into an automaton who is now programed to be subservient. It is a crutch weak minded people use to justify their actions,  to avoid accountability and taking responsibility for their own actions. Religion is designed as well to take away any self confidence one has and replace with an addictive need. Religion preys upon those who have little  or low self confidence  and self esteem.  Religion is lies disguised as fair tales and make belief. Religion is DESIGNED to create divisions, an US vs THEM mentality, where if one is  not part of the cult , which is all religion is, they are looked upon as something below contempt. If we look at history, the VAST majority of the worlds conflicts have been based around religious beliefs and doctrine.


Religion is used to openly oppress and then justify that oppression. In this case, the religion is question is one that , depending on how one WANTS to interprit   it, notice I said WANTS  to, since all religion has this default mechanism built into ti to justify various oppressions. So, in some countries where religion dictates laws of the land, women can’t drive, vote, are treated as second class, allows for and condones ” honor ” killing . ( what is so honorable about killing ? ) , killed for just about any reason one can invent. THIS IS WHAT OMAR KHADR WAS FIGHTING AND KILLING FOR ….. to inflict this crap on the rest of the world.


Many years ago, I had the GREAT honor of serving my country in uniform as a proud member of the Canadian Armed Forces. My service was filled with non-stop activities, some very demanding, others less so. I learned a great deal from my time in uniform, such as working as part of a tight knit team , I learned, honor,  discipline, duty, commitment, respect and  skills. I swore an oath  to my country to protest at all cost, the citizens of this great country and to fight those  who wish to bring it harm … fight to the death is need be . Honoring and defending my country has always been my first duty, always will be. While my time in uniform has ended, my commitment to what I learned has not. Obviously being older now, I have learned a few things that we didn’t really have to deal with back in  the day as the world changed significantly over the past several years. I recall many years ago, 1990′ ish  I think , when the first Gulf war was about to be fought. The world was facing a new , at least the the main stream west, phenomenon, terrorism. Terrorism has been around long before that of course, but this was somehow different. There was relatively new leadership in Iran that was a serious threat to the stability of the civilized world and the developments thereafter certainly show cased this instability. Iraq became involved  and with Iran’s new leadership, the stability of the middle east was at the greatest level of danger it has ever been. Who can forget the sights of burning oil fields as far as the eye can see,  thanks to terrorism.


Years later, another major act of terrorism that was specifically targeting the USA was  waged  when Al-Qaida  attacked the USS Cole with a suicide bomber.





I am focusing on Al-Qaida for a reason here. Have a look at this list of Al-Qaida enacted acts of terrorism :


— Dec. 29, 1992

In the first al-Qaida attack against U.S. forces, operatives bomb a hotel where U.S. troops — on their way to a humanitarian mission in Somalia — had been staying. Two Austrian tourists are killed.  Almost simultaneously, another group of al-Qaida operatives are caught at Aden airport, Yemen, as they prepare to launch rockets at U.S. military planes.  U.S. troops quickly leave Aden.

–Feb. 26, 1993

The first World Trade Center attack and the first terrorist attack on America. A bomb built in nearby Jersey City is driven into an underground garage at the trade center and detonated, killing six and wounding 1,500.  Yousef, nephew of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, masterminds the attack, working with nearly a dozen local Muslims. While U.S. officials disagree on whether Osama bin Laden instituted the attack and Yousef denies he has met bin Laden, the CIA later learns that Yousef stayed in a bin Laden-owned guest house in Pakistan both before and after the attacks.


–Oct. 3-4, 1993

In a battle for the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, a unit of U.S. special operations forces gets pinned down after two U.S. helicopters are shot out of the sky.   Eighteen Americans die, killed by Somalis reportedly trained by al-Qaida.  “It is true that my colleagues fought with [Somali warlord] Farah Adid’s forces in Somalia,” bin Laden subsequently claims. The al-Qaida leader also insists, with a characteristic exaggeration, that 100 Americans died in the attack, not 18. The attack leads to the U.S. withdrawal from Somalia, a move hailed by bin Laden as a great victory for the Islamic world.


— Nov. 12-14, 1994

Extremists working for bin Laden conduct extensive surveillance of President Bill Clinton and his party during a state visit to Manila in anticipation of mounting an assassination attempt when Clinton returns to the Philippine capital in November 1996 for an already scheduled APEC summit.  Bin Laden orders al-Qaida to use still and video cameras to follow Clinton and Secret Service personnel. The Secret Service later learns from an al-Qaida defector that the surveillance was extensive, and the tapes along with maps and notes were sent to bin Laden, who was then living in Sudan. The Secret Service was unaware of the surveillance although there was some concern at the time that the president was exposed during the trip. “We did not know there was a plot to assassinate the president,” said a high-ranking Secret Service official. “We only found out later.”


–Aug. 8, 1998

Al-Qaida sends suicide bombers into the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Truck bombs kill more than 240 people, including 12 Americans at the Nairobi embassy. The attack results in the quick arrest of several of the bombers, but not the mastermind, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed. Also known as “Harun,” Mohammed is involved in later al-Qaida attacks.


–Sept. 11, 2001

Three hijacked planes are flown into major U.S. landmarks, destroying New York’s World Trade Center towers and plowing into the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked plane crashes in rural Pennsylvania, its target believed to have been the U.S. Capitol. At least 3,044 people are killed. The death toll is nearly 10 times greater than any other terrorist attack in history and makes bin Laden, for the first time, a household name in the United States and the west.


–May 2002

Moroccan police arrest three Saudi nationals who were allegedly planning attacks against U.S. and British warships in the Strait of Gibraltar. The men are arrested in May and claim to belong to the al-Qaida network. Moroccan officials say the suspects planned to sail a dinghy loaded with explosives from Morocco into the strait to attack the vessels.


There were many other attacks I have not made mention of here, simply wanting to highlight a few of this terrorist organizations activities.  Now, lets fast forward to much more recently and lets come to Toronto. Wait, Did i just say TORONTO?  Ontario? For those who still thin k we settle our disputes with hockey sticks at the local rink , is, well, living in another world, because we have real,  home grown  full fledged scum bag terrorists right HERE. The Toronto 18  and OMAR KHADR .



First, I would like  the readers to watch this video :

Here is a superior link that outlines in great detail how the Khdar family have not only supported terrorism, but in fact, are significant players in international terrorism .  Make no mistake, this guy is a scum bag of the highest order, as is his family.  So, now that you have seen the above linked video, seen the link that shows in very clear and concise detail exactly who this family is and what they stand for , how can  someone actually defend this scum bag and feel sorry for him as he sit, exactly where he belongs, in a prison cell? Well, it appears that there are some who seem to think he is a ” nice guy ” and should be allowed to walk the streets like the rest of us. So, let me show you all, who his supporters are, in closeup detail.

To see the images in full sized resolution, click onto the images

The following images are from the video I linked above, but  with screen shots , and the persons circled .

supporter 1 and 2

supporter  3 and 4

supporter 6

supporter 6a

Now, just like Khadr is a low life scum bah , his supporters seem to be just as lacking in intelligence and  smarts . This next below below claims to have paid him a visit while he was where he belongs, in prison.  This is GREAT. This image can simply be cross referenced to any former visitors  that piece  of crap had , since visitors are photographed and fully identified . No doubt , several law enforcement and security agencies  will want to have a talk with her. I am sure she will be delighted to share the names of her friends who where there with her. On the plus side, i couldn’t help but notice that her friends were wearing orange jump suites.  GREAT, they are prepared to move into their new home .

supporter 5

supporter 5a

So far I have shown the people in this video who support this creep and therefore , support what he did. However, these are not the only ones who support this scum bag. No One is Illegal has also supported this guy and seen here :

I started this story by telling a little about myself and what this country means to be, what  service to my country  has taught me.  Let me conclude it by say this: as long as I am able to take a breath of air, I will do what ever it takes to ensure that these terrorists are not only exposed, but CAUGHT. These scum bags want to create fear and disorganization. They want to destroy a life that we as free Canadians have  enjoyed, that we have on the backs of those who fought and died for our country.  It will be a cold day in hell before I stand by and watch my country over run by terrorists,  and do nothing.

Rant over ……………