The Anarchists are telling you what they are planning to do. Are you, yes YOU, paying attention ?

Meow everyone. This year, June of 2014 to be exact, Brazil is playing host to the World Cup of soccer. This one single sporting event is out shadowed only by the Olympics. Security has always been a concern at major sporting events as the targets can be both political and personal in nature. For the most part, the Olympics have been left alone with the exception of the 1972 games where several Israeli Athletes were murdered by terrorists.


Terrorism has taken many forms since then, many new groups with a plethora of idiots  have wanted to enact their band of revenge for something. Terrorism has long ago stopped being a purely political act. Today, terrorists take on causes as often and as fast as the rest of the civilized world changes cloths, baths  and does laundry. ( something some of these nut jobs should think about doing sometime. ) Today, i want to talk a little bit about something happening in Toronto very soon and what signals have already been sent out warning the astute listener of what can be expected.



Toronto will be playing host the 2015 Pan-am Games . While the main venues are in the city of Toronto, several areas sitting outside the city will play host as well. This is a major undertaking with respects to offering protection and security to the thousands of athletes,  staff, volunteers and of course, the general public. Anything and everything is a potential target, however, the big question is, WHO will be the perpetrators? The answer is closer than many think, quite often, sitting right next door.


Todays acts of terrorism come in many forms  such as environmental or eco-terrorists which have made quite a name for themselves of late , to political action groups such as OCAP who are closely connected to actual political parties, in this case, the communist party. We have the NDP party who through the voice of Olivia Chow, have openly endorsed major acts of violence, such as the June 15, 2000 , Queens Park riots. Lastly, but certainly not least, we have the anarchists. Anarchists  can be either left or right wing politically but regardless of how they lean, their message is far too often, clear …. destroy anything and everything . We have seen clear evidence of this in their past as they openly confessed to acts of arson and other forms of property destruction. One famous act by them shows them actually firebombing a bank on Ottawa . Here is the video that clearly shows this :




Here is a caption that went along with the  above video  uploaded video :


” … Uploaded on May 19, 2010

An anarchist group has claimed responsibility for an attack on an Ottawa bank. The group vows more attacks leading up to the G20 summit later this summer.  … ‘


Well, sadly, we all remember the G20 in Toronto and the considerable damage these violent criminal anarchist caused. However, in this story, I actually WANT people to remember those events like they were yesterday because unless some really drastic action against them takes place, actions that will put them out of commission, we WILL see the acts of the 2010 G20 repeated. In fact, the anarchists are TELLING us this.


To see the images in full sized resolution, click onto them first



The above poster shows a violent black bloc anarchist as he is plunging a knife into a soccer ball. While this image is intended for the rapidly approaching World Cup in Brazil, the very idea that they would even think about some form of violence, either symbolic or actual  shows clearly their violent intentions, and where those acts of violence should be targeted at . Black Block anarchists have  targeted Canadian major  sporting events in the past. Many will remember the 2010 Olynpics in Vancouver where violent black bloc anarchists rioted. :





Anarchsits are telling us here as well what they are planing to do :


Brazil’s Black Bloc Anarchists Vow to Run Riot at World Cup

But who really are these protesters who plan to run riot at the World Cup as soon as the inaugural game kicks off on June 12?


Brazil’s police allege the militants form an extremist group called the Black Bloc, and say they are watching its leaders. The local press has published exposes claiming that the Black Bloc is funded by foreigners intent on spoiling the nation’s moment of glory.

However, speaking to GlobalPost, a veteran of Brazil’s radical protest movement said the Black Bloc is not an organization at all. Rather, it’s a tactic of demonstrators who are leaderless, angry and determined to raise hell.

“It is the 10 percent of the demonstration that don’t run from police, who are not scared. Nobody owns it,” said the protester, who identified himself only as AM because of the risks of arrest.

The tactic, AM explained, consists of militant protesters, often masked and wearing dark colors, swelling together in a block during demonstrations. They break into runs, jump and shout, helping to provoke confrontation. And when police inevitably react, they are not scared to hit back.

“It is the violence that has always been in the slums of Brazil but now has come to the center of town,” said AM, a 32-year-old native of Sao Paulo.

Protesters inside the Black Blocs can actually have different political positions, he adds. But many, including him, are drawn to a form of anarchism, which he asserts is not left- or right-wing but against the entire system.



Anti-World Cup Rallies Catch On in Brazil

NBC News

Like many in Brazil, AM is angry at the government’s spending some $11 billion on the World Cup while the country has dilapidated schools and hospitals. However, he also sees the protests as a chance to confront the wider problems in Latin America’s biggest nation. He views the movement against the cup as part of a global wave of protests being played out from Egypt to Spain to Oakland.

“The crisis is worldwide. People are seeing that representative democracy doesn’t represent anyone — here in Brazil, in London, in Greece or anywhere,” AM said. “When people go on the street and create pressure they become political actors.”

The Black Bloc tactic actually has its roots as far back as the 1980s in Germany, when squatters and anti-nuclear protesters mobbed together to confront police, and were dubbed “der schwarze block.”

It was taken on by protesters around the new millennium in the anti-globalization movement that disrupted World Trade Organization (WTO) meetings such as that in Seattle.

“The new generation is very radical”

In Brazil, Black Blocs gained steam during protests against transport price hikes in 2011. They then mushroomed during demonstrations against the mega sporting events last year, when they were at the center of a wave of clashes with police.


Many of those filling the blocs’ ranks are teenagers or in their early 20s, often from the middle and emerging lower-middle class, according to AM.

“The new generation is very radical,” the protester says. “Many have no children, serious jobs or responsibilities and they are not scared to confront the police head on.”

Image: Graffiti in Brazil for the "Black Bloc" protest movement
Ioan Grillo / Global Post
Graffiti in Brazil for the “Black Bloc” protest movement.

Last week, Black Bloc protesters were among those who attacked businesses and lit fires in warm-up anti-cup marches.

But AM believes that’s nothing compared to how big protests could be during World Cup games.

The police have created a 2-kilometer (1.2 mile) exclusion zone around the stadiums. Protesters have a specific objective of fighting their way though the barriers.


“There is going to be a wall of police and there is going to be clashes,” he said. “Those inside the stadium will be under siege.”

Anticipating these confrontations, Brazilian legislators are discussing new anti-protest laws that could restrict demonstrators from wearing masks, among other things.

“People can complain, protest, dispute, that’s legitimate democracy,” Brazilian Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo told media last week. “What’s not legitimate is creating panic, disturbance, discomfort and damage.”

“The protests come from young people who are very disappointed with all politicians”

Such tough talk has been seen as a potential attack on the hundreds of thousands who demonstrate peacefully. Amnesty International has launched a campaign to stop rules against demonstrating, calling to “Give yellow cards to restrictions on protests.”

Riots disrupting the World Cup would be a definite strain for left-leaning Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who is seeking re-election in October.

However, many protesters condemn all the political parties, pouring scorn on the opposition as well as the government.


“The protests come from young people who are very disappointed with all politicians,” says Esther Solano, a social scientist who has been studying the Black Blocs. “The level of apathy among young people towards party politics here in Brazil is incredible.”

Solano concedes that a problem with the radical protests is they are not offering any clear alternative.

“It is a negative protest. They know what they don’t want but not what they want,” Solano said. “But this is because it is a historic moment of change. Many people are fed up with the old system but a new system hasn’t been built yet.”

This story originally appeared at GlobalPost.

Once again, the above article is related to the World Cup in Brazil, but it does send a message as well, that violent anarchists are will and prepared to  enact their brand of violence anywhere at any time.  …….  this OK, so now that we have a much clearer image of what violent anarchists have in  mind, it appears clear, at least to me that there needs to be some serious preventative action taken to ensure that they don’t get to carry our their plans.

If there was ever a question that the above comments and actions were directed and addressed ONLY to the anarchists in and around Brazil , this comment from a LOCAL anarchist will show clearly that this message is intended to be paid attention to by anarchists everywhere. 

comment from the stimulator

The Stimulator is really a guy named  Franklin Lopez who runs a website called  Submedia TV .

Here is an example of the type of actions he advocates be made use of.Here is Franklin Lopez as he appears today :

franklin lopez



 So far in this story, I have focused on the urban terrorists such as the anarchists. However, we have another brand of terrorist here that has , of late, started to raise the stakes in Canada with their own agendas and actions. The Eco- terrorists. This is group made up of some hard core professional protesters who protest anything and everything  related to the environment and as a side project, they periodically branch out into radical aboriginal issues, when it suits THEM . Some of the most well known of the eco terrorist group are people such as Dave Vasey, Sakura Saunders, Alex Hundert , Tracy Park   ( aka  Zoe Blunt )  as well as up and comers such as Trish Mills.

Trish Mills, has a rather short but well developed history of creating trouble. While she has not been at this quite as long as some of more notorious criminals, she has certainly started to make a name for herself , albeit a bad one. Like the rest of the professional protester crowd, she will protest anything from a perfectly safe pipeline , to cop baiting, to , well, cookies if she is told to protest those as well. Here is a recent image of her:


Last year, Mills participated in an illegal occupation of private property near Hamilton Ontario. At this illegal protest, she , along some other equally minded brainless twits decided to lock themselves to a fence . Well, they were charged with a crime. Here is Mill’s statement she read to the court as her charges came up :

mills statement

Mills received the lightest possible sentence for her crimes but rather than be thankful to the judge for not taking away her freedom by locking her up in a jail cell for a period of time, Mills , once again decided that a life of crime is worth more to her than a life of freedom and integrity. Here is mills, not only showing her contempt for the law but actually advocating crime as a means of protest.

trish mills, go crime

Mills once again participated in a blockade of private property a short time ago. One can only hope that a prosecutor saw her in the various video’s of that latest crime and bring her up on criminal charges, with the outcome leading to her spending some time in a jail cell. Maybe that will teach her a lesson on what crime REALLY gets one.

The next person I wish to speak about is Zoe Blunt , aka Tracy Park , which is her real name . Pay attention to this one, she is serious trouble  and with the Pan -Am games approaching I would not rule out her coming her to inflict her brand of terrorism. She recently wrote a diatribe about how ” shit will get real ” . If anyone wishes to see exactly what she wrote, please feel free to email me and I will send it to you . It is clear that Ms. parks is bent on creating problems and trouble in her activities and while she is out in BC, her tentacles of influence are far reaching.

One area that has seen a surge in trouble, and, in my opinion, is going see it get worse before it gets better , is the aboriginal issues and subsequent protests that accompany them . The usual story line used goes along the lines of : ” … this is our land and we can do anything we want and there is nothing you can do about it, nor do you have the authority to tell us what to do … ” This is usually and often preceded with profanity laced drivel . You already know the usual  suspects  here, but the reason i make mention of them is that this group , along with the usual group of professional protesters / criminals will use and exploit anything and everything to create disruptions and problems .

Lastly, I want to talk about event security a little bit. Many will know that i support efforts to make our city an dour people as safe as possible, however, sometime I have to shake my head at some of the things I see and ask myself , who was in charge of security and how  and why was there such an obvious and huge breach of security allowed to even happen? I am of course referring to the first event where the Prime Minister and some  dignitaries were easily and seeming freely open to the potential of serious terrorist action. Remember this ?

disruption 2

How about this ?


Or, much more recently, how about this ?


In ALL of these three cases as shown above, we see clear and serious breaches in security that SHOULD be in place to protect our leaders and dignitaries. HOWEVER, in each case as shown, blatant flaws existed that could have put people in serious harms way, and with the right ( wrong ) person involved, this could have become far more serious. So, to law enforcement , get to know these professional protesters better than you know yourselves . If they can gain access to these high level people, what makes you think they cant gain access to other sensitive people , places or things? If I as one single and simple person  can identify these people , to me, it is inexcusable that organizations with technology that is designed to do this , organizations with billion dollar budgets,  are letting these people slip through cracks that are not supposed to exist.

Right now, we are on the proverbial  knife edge with respects to protests and actions. Yes, there is a fine line, albeit well defined where one has the legal right to protest, the freedom of expression and the freedom of movement. However, when we have clear examples as I have shown where those freedoms are being exploited  by a very few to create anarchy , it appears to me that being pro-active with respects to ensuring that those known , those with long histories and reputations for being leaders in the area of anarchy and creating trouble need to be reined in. It is far better to be proactive than it is  to have to re-act after the fact , especially when it is pretty well KNOWN who will cause the problems, and when .

2 Responses to The Anarchists are telling you what they are planning to do. Are you, yes YOU, paying attention ?

  1. Avatar Almost an Activist
    Almost an Activist says:

    I had an interesting conversation with OCAP’s John Clarke just after one of his executive members Jonah Gindin had been arrested by the police.

    I asked if Jonah was the son of union leader Sam Gindin and Clarke confirmed that

    Clarke went on to say that arrests were great because they were great reasons for fundraising and bringing attention to his group.

    When I asked if Jonah already had a lawyer Clarke confirmed that Gindin already had a free lawyer Peter Rosenthal a University of Toronto math professor, lawyer and lifetime Communist Party of Canada activist. So OCAP was fundraising money for a wealthy union leader’s employed son when they already had a free lawyer. That sure is a false pretense for asking the public for money!

    Clarke went on to say that arrests were also great because they “turn people from the socially unaware into soldiers for the cause” who will help to “take down capitalism”. When I said capitalism hadn’t fallen yet even after the 2008 stock market crash he told me to wait until the Pan Am Games to see the “end”.

    Clarke went on that when the fall of capitalism comes the “capitalists and zionists whose wealth was obtained only through the theft of the common workers’ labor” will have “all they have stolen lucre seized” and given back and they will be expelled from society.

    He talked about how there are socialists throughout government, running all the charities, nonprofit groups and universities. He said that No One Is Illegal has written a manual for foreign nannies on how to teach the white privledged children in their care about white imperialism and western racism against all people of color.

    At that point didn’t see much point in listening to this his ever increasingly absurd rhetoric. Like if he is going to “expell the capitalists and zionist” where is he going to expell them to, the moon? John Clarke and his followers clearly has a lot of loose screws. They must have done some heavy drugs in their youth to come up with their ill conceived grandiose visions. Clarke must be experiencing some pretty heavy LSD flashbacks. The guy is fucking nuts.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello ” Almost an Activist ” and thank you for your comment. Yes, It is well known that the OCAP crowd is greatly lacking in any form of intelligence and brain power, so your observation may indeed be , at least in part, part of the answer. On the bright side, however, our prison system is well stocked with books that speak at their level, ( pictures with stick figures ) so once they get arrested and put where they belong, Jail , they will have plenty of time to learn something. Never know, they may even learn to spell their own names one day.

      OK, seriously, yes, their garbage they spew daily come straight from some communist hand book . I just wonder that if he / they love communism so much , why dont they go and live in one ? …. Thank you for your comment .