Radical student unions, the NDP party and Unions and their endorstment and connection to urban terrorism …. part three

Meow everyone. In part one and two of this series I first re-introduced you to some of the old materials i had with respects to OCAP, UNIFOR and some key people. I then started to piece  together some of the actions  to give the readers a better idea of who does what. Today, in this section, I will focus on UNIFOR  and some of the persons who are very deeply involved within the radical union movement and some of the TOP and key organizers within.


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At the start of the school year at Ryerson University, dating back to early September of 2013, the student union ran an orientation week, very much like what every other university would do . This one was run and organized by the Ryerson Students Union , which as my readers know by now is one of the most radical left leaning student unions out there, and is a member of the much hated CFS ( Canadian Federation of Students ) . Many groups were present this year such as OCAP , the anarchist groups and UNIFOR.


Many will recall that Alex Balch , violent black bloc anarchist,  ( aka flag pole Alex ),  was arrested at Ryerson University during another RSU  student groups event,  for his violent assault of a close friend and fellow blogger. Here is his arrest that I was  happy to have played a very minor part in making happen :


flag pole busted (6)



I had already started to write and research into the goings on of UNIFOR and had concluded that they present what in my opinion is a serious threat to the peace and security of the city. I based this on the fact that in their previous roles as leaders of other union organizations, people like Ken Lewenza openly supported criminality , such as the now famous Sarnia railway blockade. Here is is in the image on the far right.


CAW ken lewenza


I postulated that the possibility of some  form of merger , or union , or some level of cooperation between UNIFOR , the CFS and the radical student unions, and specifically, the RSU. I spoke with the UNIFOR rep who was at the event,  and she indicated that yes, indeed, this is not out of the question, as UNIFOR is looking at all possibilities,   but would not get into details .  Remember as well, that UNIFOR is opening up membership to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether they belong  to the auto workers, or paper workers. Anyone is welcomed into  this union.


Many will remember the name of Denise Hammond. Hammond was the El-Presidente of CUPE 1281 , one of the most radical of the CUPE locals,  which had as members, the executive of the RSU. Hammond ran that local  and the RSU with an iron fist as the  executive director of outreach and comunications. To some, she was their ” god ”  who was worshiped, while to others, many others, she was the ” bitch from hell ” ,  a name she most certainly, in my opinion ,  has, sadly, earned and , in my opinion, is, once again sadly, a  well deserved moniker . She gave up her title of El-Presidente of CUPE 1281 for what at the time appeared to be no apparent reason. However, nothing gets by Undercoverkity. Hammond, as it turned out, left CUPE, to become a founding  member of UNIFOR during their first ever meeting to form , officially that union.






Here is a screen shot from a UNIFOR press release that shows UNIFOR as being a militant union.




The burning question was why would Hammond simply walk away from this position that was hers for as long as she wanted it ( because no one dared to vote against her ) , a salary of $1000.00 per month for the title of local president ( remembering that along with this salary, she made over $65,000.00 a year in her position with the RSU ) In fact, she walked away from BOTH positions. OR DID SHE ?????? More on this a bit later ……….


Hammond, however, does have  a rather well documented ( by me ) history , of radicalism that stems back to the G20 ( the point where I started to take a serious interest in her radicalism  ) Her history of radicalism stems back,  of course,  well before the G20, but my interest in her activities really started there. The Ryerson Student  Union was home to many a G20 planing meeting and in fact, a rather well known incident took place where an undercover police officer was discovered to be present in the capacity of observing from inside the RSU facilities when the officer was discovered by an RSU executive and was force to suspend her observations upon being discovered.  Had she ( the officer ) been able to remain undetected, she would have quickly learned just how radical these student unions really are and just to  what lengths they will take their radicalism.  Let me refresh my readers memories of Denise Hammond  and some of her more memorable images .  Lets have a look at Denise Hammond in action : 







The above image is to remind us all  that Denise Hammond would like Pride to exist without cops. Wait a second. Is this statement of her not hypocrisy ? I thought she wants Pride to be fully inclusive to everyone , but now, we see that her true colors are showing where  she  is discriminating against the presence of police officers there. So, Ms. Hammond, since we do have members of the Toronto Police Service who do identify as LGBTQ, should they be EXCLUDED because YOU don’t like cops? Oh Denise, your hypocrisy of showing.


assignment three


The above image of Denise Hammond was shot by me and her wonderful example of leadership and inclusiveness is clearly shown here as she flips me the bird. Sorry Ms. Hammond , it takes a little more than your pathetic finger and paranoia  to scare me off. But for what its worth, good extension. I see your well practiced at doing this. It this part of union training?


The next image should peak the interest of more than a few people. It is from a twitter feed image during the time of the G20 in Toronto that captured Denise Hammond with violent  black bloc anarchists as they were in the act of setting fires. Now let me be very clear here. this image shows Hammond in close proximity to the criminal anarchists , but does NOT show her directly engaging in a criminal act. However, since she was so close to these people, I am sure that if Toronto Police would contact her to get the ID’s of the criminals engaged in arson, I am sure Ms. Hammond would be delighted to provide  the names of those she may know as being directly involved, so as to contribute to the safety and security of her city and community, one that these dangerous criminals destroyed.


hammond 1a


So, what has Ms. Hammond been up to lately? AS I mentioned earlier, Denise Hammond was the executive director of out reach and communication for the Ryerson Student Union, however, she decided to leave this position that was her for life if she wanted it, as those who worked with her were unwilling to take her on out of fear of getting fired.  For a short time , after she left the RSU, she went to work full time for CUPE Ontario , being involved in special projects that involved a considerable amount of travel within the province. It was most to attend union brainwashing meetings , attending strikes by lazy, greedy and unmotivated  workers and just putting a CUPE face to meetings and gatherings. However, she left that to take on a new position  with an organization called  AMAPCEO. This is an organization that deals exclusively with the government of Ontario unionized  work force. Here is  her official listing for this organization:




While many thought  and hoped that Ryerson University was finally rid of Denise Hammond , It seems that some peoples nightmares where about to come true… again. While Denise Hammond was away from Ryerson University and the RSU, the student union was rather quiet and subdued , with not much going on in the way of radicalism. Sure they had a few meaningless and poorly attended conferences with the usual radical left wing  crowd but not much beyond that . Even the high, mighty, ego filled ,   CFS with its delusions of self importance  and entitlement was a rare sight on campus. NOT SO FAST ……..


It appeared that while most of the university was starting to breath a sigh of relief with Hammond seemingly no long in the picture, Hammond was in fact well into plotting her return . CESAR is the student union that represent the Continuing Education students at Ryerson , but many feel it is really a sub  office of the RSU, with the SAME people on the board of directors  and  CFS not far away. Well, CESAR held ” elections ” that few, if any students actually knew about, with Hamid Ozman from the York Federation of Students , a very pro CFS affiliated university ” counting the votes ” .


cesar main


Faster than you can say rigged election, Denise Hammond was ” voted ”  in as …….. yup, executive director of communications  and membership of CESAR, the highest and most powerful position. So now, with her UNIFOR union in a very powerful position at Ryerson , the door has been opened to once again re-radicalize the student unions to days past. Anarchist groups that have always been made welcome at the RSU once again have a home to go to where they can, and most likely will go to, to plan upcoming radical actions. Remember the Pan-Am games of 2015, the federal elections, the Municipal election in October of 2014, World Pride, all just waiting for these people to radicalize and potentially destroy .


Student unions have a place within the university system as they  can, if and when run properly, do a lot of good work on  behalf of students through good , productive and cooperative advocacy. However, when student union such as the RSU and the CFS as the governing body running the show, students are not even on the agenda of these self serving institutions. These radical student unions, spend millions of YOUR student dollars on things that have nothing to do with students. The RSU, as one example decided to go the anti semetic route and join the radical YFS to be anti Israel ,  hence, alienating our Jewish students . The York University riots that Hamid Ozman , the same guy who counted the votes as show  above was one of the organizers of that riot. It is time that the CFS, the RSU and every other CFS affiliated student union come under the very intense microscope of law enforcement to ensure that what took place at the G20, does not happen to the events I just listed above. 


Let me conclude this story with the very guide the CFS  recently created as their organizing guide. There is priceless information in here as to how to organize and radicalize students . This is a  ” cult how to ” publication and variations of this are used by many other professional protest groups.



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  1. Avatar The Hammer
    The Hammer says:

    While studying UNIFOR did you ever come across what happened to them at Toyota in Cambridge?

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      UNIFOR has for the time being, walked away from Toyota but as far as I know, they plan to return with a stronger campaign .

      • Avatar The Hammer
        The Hammer says:

        From what I hear they did not have the numbers to win a vote. They have lost votes there before and it is years before they can realistically try again. There is however a massive anti-union movement amongst tenured employees at Toyota. Especially with employees who came from other, unionized, factories. Like Ford, GM and Chrysler.

        • Avatar undercoverkity
          undercoverkity says:

          The Toyota plant has always been a non-union facility so your information may well be far more up to date than mine. I would certainly like to see more anti-union sentiment within ALL industry and the public sector.