The CFS, Ryerson student union and their blatant hypocrisy

Meow everyone. My long time readers will know from the early days when, I started this blog to expose the CFS ( Canadian Federation of Students )  and radical student unions for what they really are, all talk, no action and filled with overt and blatant hypocrisy. I have exposed the Ryerson Student Union and their executive members as nothing more than puppets of the CFS  who will blindly follow them to what downfall awaits. One of the greatest example of the sheer and utter failure of the Ryerson Student Union and the CFS was their pathetic and laughable ” Drop Fees ”  campaign, where , the CFS brain(less) trust actually thought that by protesting, marching up and down the streets with plaque cards stapled to the  end of broken hockey sticks , some how, this would result in the universities caving in and dropping tuition fees. The CFS and affiliated student unions spend tens of thousands of YOUR student dollars on this laughable campaign with the predictable results, a RISE in tuition fees.


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This abomination , this utter failure, this contemptible use of students money  was the brain child of my old adversary, the former head organizer of the CFS and now, the head ass kisser of Sid Ryan, none other than Joel Duff.




However, it appears that time has not been a good teacher to these malcontents within the CFS and their radical student union executive. They seem to think that we as student have very short memories and are soon going to forget their last failure, while plotting the next one. Never let it be said that the CFS and their  contemptible student union members are not predictable. Patience is one of the greatest virtues  of Undercoverkity  and I ALWAYS get the facts and and nothing gets by me.


Moving ahead now to may 14 2014, the CFS and their radical student unions put on a protest rally  to force the government  to raise the minimum wage rate to $14.00 per hour. They postulate that students can’t make ends meet on anything less. I AGREE that students need to have the ability to make more money as indeed, the cost of tuition is very high. Depending on one program, and the school they attend, cost could easily go in the $25,000.00 per year range.


So on the date in question, they gathered together to protest the need to raise the wage. Speeches were made but such notable if not utterly useless idiots such as Alistar Woods who, as the Chairman of the CFS for Ontario makes around $50,000.00 …… which is paid for by YOU as students through your FORCED memberships to the CFS.


alistar woods

Alistar said  a bunch of wonderful scripted things that we all wanted to hear.  After all, the wants us to make a decent living. Other notables present were the now famous ( if you read my last article ) Krishna , who in his spare time, like to help promote anti semetic riots, gives wonderful speeches to proclaim his devotion and unwavering  support  to the terrorist group the Tamil tigers, while YOU as students get to pay his rather excessive salary at the CFS. Here he is in the center of this image below:


Krishna ( center )


So, we see here clearly, on the surface how the CFS and their band of malcontents  love to advocate for YOU the student. Every word out of their mouth seems to suggest this. HOIWEVER, Lets look a little deeper and see what their ACTIONS  tell us.


I decided to pay a visit to the web site of the Ryerson Student Union to see just how  the RSU  is in touch with reality and, how they really treat THEIR students. I should have known better but I had hoped that well, there would be some hope for you students at Ryerson but alas,  no such luck. The RSU certainly did claim to want to ensure that you as a student  DESERVE to be paid at least $14.00 per hour. Really, they said so right here:




Great, finally students will get an at least respectable wage for the hard work they do. Oh  how wrong I was to even think such a thought. The above is what they WANT you to see but lets look at the REALITY of what they ACTUALLY do :


rsu hypocrisy


This was screen shoted on the date on the lower right of the image to show that this was taken AFTER the protest rally. Yes, you read correctly, they are paying ONLY $12.50 an  hour, NOT the $14.00 per hour they are demanding via protest actions. However, this is NOT the worst of it . How much worse can it get you may ask. Well, it appears that the RSU actually wants you to work for them for FREE with only a stipend of an honorarium. Here is the proof:


volunteer 1


volunteer 2

It seems very clear they have NO DESIRE to want to even try to live up to what they say with their words. However, a little digging on my part showed that the RSU was not the only CFS school in the Toronto area guilty of this . It appears that the York Federation of Students also hates the idea of living up to what they claim to advocate for :


YFS volunteer


As with the RSU, the YFS won’t PAY you but they DO expect you to work for them for  FREE. Not really sure how this helps students pay for tuition but then, the CFS has never cared about students . However, I held out hope the U of T  would at least be different but alas, they too were the same. However, in fairness to them, this is the only thing that was on their web site :




It is clearly obvious that the CFS and their member student unions continue to demonstrate total contempt for the students whos money  they forcefully take. They pay themselves very handsomely , take trips on your dime, stay in nice hotels on YOUR dime, have expense accounts on YOUR dime, welcome violent anarchists and criminals to areas that YOU pay for , putting YOU the student in potential danger, and then laugh at you when  or if you dare ask questions of them. It is about time that the CFS and their radical student unions be sued by the students  and secondly be investigated criminally by law enforcement for among other things, misuse of funds , as well as for their connections to organizations that promote and engage in violence , such as OCAP and No One is Illegal , as these groups are partially funded by the radical student unions. These students unions need to come to an end , the CFS needs to come to an end and the students , the main stream media and the public MUST be made aware of the  hypocrisy of the CFS and their member student unions.

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  1. Then there is the CFS/RSU’s involvement in the diversion of Ryerson’s CKLN from a student station to become a student funded station for outside extremists to a bankrupt station with the students never-to-know who ended up with all the money from their student levees over the time of over $1/2 million!

    There is some on this at
    formerly some stuff at and some more at

  2. Avatar The Hammer
    The Hammer says:

    Excellent article. Gotta love the hypocrisy. I am happy to have gone to one of the few post secondary institutions that was not a part of the CFS.

  3. CFS and all the creeps are nothing but trouble.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Tim, why dont you give me an ON CAMERA interview regarding CKLN ?

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      To the person you posted the comment about the CFS being nothing but trouble , While they are 100% correct, they did use some ones else’s name to comment because, they are, likely, to cowardly to put their own name beside what they write.