Radical student unions, the NDP party and Unions and their endorstment and connection to urban terrorism …. part two

Meow everyone, Yes, it has  been a while since you read new material here but the wait will prove to have been worth it. research takes a long time.


In my last installment, i covered some material that to refresh your collective memories about unions, student unions and some of the key players. In this installment as well as part three ( to be published soon ) I will delve deep into the very heart of the ones who not only create the problems I write about, but also , who facilitates and supports them. Anarchists, unions and  radical student unions have agendas, that are not even close to what they are premised to be . To call them dangerous would be an understatement  but rather then have me tell you, I will , as usual, let THEM tell you themselves how dangerous they are.


Today, May 14, 2014, I attended for s short time a protest rally put on the the CFS ( Canadian Federation of Students ) in support of raising the minimum wage to $ 14.00 per hour . On the surface, this sounds like a great idea, however, as with any action that the CFS gets a hold of, this too is greatly lacking the real issue of clarity and long term effects on the  economy. A sudden raise of this magnitude would in fact create significant unemployment as MOST business would simply not be able to afford to pay persons this wage. This, those person would now be unemployed and / or the businesses would  go under. OK, that is a very short version of why this campaign of theirs is very short sighted and greatly flawed. However, the premiss of this story is in fact not the wage issue but rather, who is involved in this issue.


Here is a short video I shot  at the event to get a good idea of who was there:




In the video we see clearly UNIFOR has a presence , the United Steel workers union is there, several members of the most radical student unions are there. One example of the one of the most radical persons present at this event was a guy named Krishna Saravanamuttu. Krisha is a full time staff members of the CFS and was a former executive member of the York Federation of Students. Here is what he has gained notoriety for , his racist anti semitic views :


( sourced from here at :  http://whatis.z505.com/idx.php?p=York_University  )


” …In May 2009, York adjudicator Janet Mosher, who is an associate dean at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, ruled that two York students, Krisna Saravanamuttu and Jesse Zimmerman, had violated the Student Code of Conduct due to their behaviour at the protest, which she described as “exclusionary and offensive” and which promoted an atmosphere of “hostility, incivility and intimidation.” Mosher noted that both students participated in the protest which pursued a group of Jewish students to Hillel’s lounge in York’s Student Centre, and swarmed outside shouting taunts. On a video of the incident, Saravanamuttu was shown clapping and apparently leading a chant of “Whose campus? Our campus!” as well as participating in a chant of “Racists off campus.” Saravanamuttu was fined $150 and both he and Zimmerman were given an official reprimand and human rights training. … “


Here is what Krisha looks like :




Krisha was a speakers a few years ago at a Tamil rally at queens park , a rally I also attended , and at that rally, he proclaimed his devout support for the Tamil tigers, a know and very dangerous terrorist group that has killed thousands of people. This guy is now, representing students , the vast majority of whom no doubt have no idea of his support for terrorism and terrorists. It is radicals like this that the CFS has around. It is clear that real student issues are not part of the CFS agenda .


Next on the list of radical organizations present was the United Steel Workers Union ( USW ) For those who need a reminder, the USW has the infamous Carolyn Egan as their figure head and professional protester for hire . Too bad she has never actually accomplished anything while protesting. Sorry Carolyn, “60’s hippies such as yourself and Judy Rebick may be figure heads to a new generation of malcontents but at the end of the day, you have accomplished NOTHING as a protester other than maybe help the local pharmacy when you needed throat medicinal  products for all your swearing and yelling and screaming.


The union hall for the USW is somewhat notorious for hosting some of the worst of the worst and most vile criminals in the professional protest world, but that is not all they host. OCAP has used this space for their meetings and events on occasion, the International Socialists use this space frequently to try and subvert our democracy to replace it with a communist state. However, perhaps the most dangerous group that makes use of this space needs little introduction …… violent anarchists. This coming June, violent and dangerous anarchists will once again be given the welcome mat  to this unions facilities to host their anarchist book fair. Past events that involved these violent anarchists included GUN CALLS, several raids, substantial property destrunction at the G20 in Toronto, confessions to arson and  assaults upon journalists , just to name a few of their offenses. 


amarchist fair 2


The last group I wish to talk about today, if only as an introduction is UNIFOR, who also made a small presence today . I have stated in previous articles just how dangerous, in my opinion,  UNIFOR is and why. In part three is this series, I will re-introduce you to an old and familiar face, one many thought had vanished … Denise Hammond. Sorry Denise, you never escaped my radar and guess what, your still very much on it. Stay tuned and look for some very interesting images ……

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