Radical fringe groups as terrorist cells and organization ……… Part one

*** Update February 23 2014 ***  one of my readers has sent me some additional information not included in this story. A second, follow , part two , will be forthcoming soon .


Meow everyone. My regular readers will have read in several previous stories I have written about how some our well know radical left wing fringe groups are really nothing more than domestic terrorist organizations. The proof was not hard to come by, simply having to cut and past the screen shots of THEIR own words. OCAP and  No One is Illegal  being two well known and high profile  groups  that come to mind.


I have written stories on the financial aspect of these groups as well with respects to where they got and seemingly continue to get their funding from. Sakura Saunders, one of the main beneficiaries of this funding through the TIDES foundation , yet she denies working for any of them, although HER OWN words and screen shots tell the true story.


Now, Imagine for a  moment that YOU, yes  YOU, the  average citizen is actually funding these fringe groups who have a proven track record of terrorist related actions. Now, have I got your attention ? Good, because its true. un-benounced to you , you , the average citizen  have , unknowingly funded these very groups operations. However, its not your fault you didn’t know, These organizations don’t tell you where they get their funding from , indeed, they go to very great lengths to ensure that you never know who funds them and how they  are funded.


Let me re-inroduce you to OCAP.  OCAP was founded back in the 1980’s by John Clarke  and Sue Collis. Collis was the wife of violent radical native protester  Shawn Brant ( although Brant is not native ) of the Six Nations reserve near Cayuga Ontario. One of the  ways in the early years that OCAP was funded was by the sale of illegal cigarettes  with OCAP getting a  piece of the action .  other notable income sources for OCAP came from monies given to them by the unions such as the CAW and CUPE, in other words  , YOU . if you were a member of any of these unions, you went to work each day to make an honest living, provide for your families , pay your taxes and pay  FORCED membership dues to these unions, only to have them give away YOUR money to allow these groups to create havoc, destruction and engage in highly public, violent activities … on YOUR dime and  off your hard work. I  have also written about OCAP in the past and have provided a screen shot of what law enforcement considers  OCAP to be , a domestic terrorist organization . here is that screen shot once again :


Remember to click onto the image to  see it in  the full sized version




Groups like OCAP are made up of persons who are nothing more than anarchists who want nothing to do with civility , rather, they want to smash anything and everything they can . The 2000 Queens park riots proved that, the 2010 G20 proved that  the Pope Squat proved that. However, as these violent terrorists grew. They learned a thing or two about way to sucker you into thinking they are helping you.  They ” took up the cause ” of the most fragile people in this province, those living on Ontario Works and Ontario Disability. Why not, this group of people today number about 900,000 persons in this province. That is a huge persona base to pander to, to garner support from. The actions of OCAP I am about to speak of, criminalized each and every person who in on either OW or ODSP. Who was responsible for this, Let me introduce you to Dr. Roland Wong:






dr wong


Here is a story written by the Toronto Star with respects to Wongs actions :


wong full


Here is a second article that shows the extent of how much this guy ripped off the citizens of Ontario while supporting his OCAP ideologies .


wonng full 2


Now, we need to take a closer look at what this meant. If this guy ripped off the province and the citizens of this province  in support of OCAP, it is not a stretch to suggest that this scan netted OCAP income either directly or indirectly as a result . Wong would likely be aware of the reputation of OCAP as a violent and militant organization , unless he lived under a rock for the past decade. Therefore, one can postulate that with OCAP being referred to a domestic terrorist organization, one can  further postulate that Wong gave some of the proceeds of his scan  either directly or indirectly to OCAP, therefore, in my opinion, he was funding a terrorist organization. As I said, OCAP has a well known reputation as a violent and radical organization. John Clarke so much as said so in a meeting I attended, several years ago,  at the invitation of Mark Brill  to the OCAP office when it was located on Labatt Ave . Clarke indicated that they have been trying to get office space for a long time but everyone is afraid to rent to then, given the reputation of OCAP .


The special diet that has been referred to in both the articles provided is for person either on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support program who honestly require a special diet as a result of legitimate health concerns . It is this which was  exploited by OCAP and Wong . Ontario has about 900,000persons who are on either ODSP or OW at any given time. So, thanks to OCAP and Wong , those persons have been criminalized , in my opinion , as a result of the scam this guy and OCAP tried to pull. So, those who honestly do need a special diet are very likely to be either declined or made to jump through hoops as a result of Wong and OCAP’s scam.  People who didn’t actually need the special diet may have received money as a result of this scam thus making it next to impossible for those who REALLY need it, to get it. Wong of course made tons of money to line his pockets , likely, OCAP got a good piece of the action as a result of this scam.


OCAP gets money from other sources as well, not just rip off scams , and again its comes from YOU .  A close union insider told me just the other day that he knows for certain that unions like CUPE and UNIFOR  fund OCAP. OCAP played a role in the recent CUPE convention in Toronto where they were provided with space to promote themselves  and sign up new members. Here is the  table they had :




OCAP uses these union conventions as one means to recruit new members , hopefully attracting the most radical ones to OCAP. OCAP even holds training seminars to  ” train ” new anarchists: Here is an image of some recent OCAP graduates. No doubt, you have seen some of these recent ” graduates ” out on  the streets doing what professional protesters do  :



 For their time and training, they got one of these : ( please, try not to laugh too hard )


ocap (1)



So far I have shown that OCAP certainly appears to operate , in my opinion  at least in part, through the proceeds of crime . Defrauding the government certainly is a crime and what Wong did, as part of some OCAP initiative, would certainly appear to be criminal in nature … hut thats for the courts to decide.


One other major source of income for OCAP are the unions. I have alreadly indicated that CUPE and UNIFOR are both  finanacial supporters of OCAP . In the case of  UNIFOR, they have indeed stated that ten percent of their dues does to support ” activism ” .




Now, allow me to dissect this article and its full implications  with respects to what I see as the danger they are about to pose to the safety and security of Canada. Now as you continue on with this article, keep in mind several very key events coming up in short order. In 2014, Toronto will be hosting  World Pride. In 2015, Toronto will be hosting the Pam Am games which second only to the full Olympic games and lastly, it is quite possible the Officer  Forcillo from Toronto Police services  will be going on trial around that time for a recent police shooting. Oh, yes, how could I forget, the World  Junior Hockey Championships  are also  being held in Toronto and Montreal that year and 2017. Concerned yet? You better be.


The first area of concern here should be that this new super union will boast a membership of over 300,000 members, many of those not actually even being employed by the auto industry or the paper industry. Indeed, as they state, membership would be open to anyone who wants to join.  this is an open invitation to just about every ultra left wing radical and anarchist to join and get union protection.   We know already that the President  of the CAW was in Sarnia not to long ago  to support an illegal blockade  of a railway line, a blockade that was attended by some of the most dangerous and best known  criminals in Canada .


CAW ken lewenza


So now, time to move on to point number two . As shown in the screen shot from the article by rabble , about 10% of the union dues are to be allocated to organizing. At a membership number of 300,000 and suggesting that each of those members pays dues of fifty dollars per month, that works out to a monthly income of fifteen million dollars ( $ 15,000,000.00 )  per month payable to the union. Now multiply that by twelve and we arrive a number of one hundred and eighty million dollars  ( $ 180,000,000.00 ) per year . So based on THEIR number of about ten percent of that going to organizing, a number that is arrived at being then eighteen  million dollars  ( $ 18,000,000.00 ) a year , one can start a world war with far less than that .  pay close attention to this quote from the article :


” … A union that is militant, outward looking, engaged politically and willing to work with progressive people outside the labour movement is exactly what we need to motivate a new generation of activists. … ”


It is very clear that this union is looking to become militant in its actions and wants to recruit so called  new activists. We need not have to look to far to see what kind of activists we have around today. Remember as well that it was the unions who funded to Occupy Movement here in Toronto to further UNION agendas,  and have bodies on hand and at the ready,  for a potential major labor dispute that threatened this city. It is , therefore, not a  stretch to suggest that with the major events I have outlined in the not too distant future, the unions are organizing NOW and using whatever means are available to them to recruit  new members. As I said and will say again and again, PAY ATTENTION as we are in for a major  uprising and the unions will be funding this. We know this because we see , even from the above image, that union leaders are on hand to support  what was clearly an illegal action in Sarnia where some criminals decided to blockade a railway line .


The unions have always had a history of radicalism  and much of it history has evolved around how unions  have been part and parcel or organized crime.  I am certainly not qualified to offer any opinions on that aspect of the unions, however, bases  on what I DO see today, unions certainly have no problem connecting themselves to radical,. violent and criminal elements of society. The CAW , as one example was well known to fund OCAP and unless the CAW and their leadership  was living under several layers of rocks , there was NO WAY that they would not have known that OCAP was an organization that would rather resort to criminality, violence, property destruction and urban terrorism as a means of ” getting their message out there ” .  However, it appeared that at one point, the CAW saw this and pulled their funding for OCAP. Here is a letter from Sue Collis , one of the key founders of OCAP basically grovelling to the CAW to restore their funding:


collis caw funding


Later, when Ken Lewenza took over as the president of the CAW, he clearly supported the illegal blockade of a live, working rail line by a band of criminals, as shown in the above. I must wonder if he knew about the sabotaging of this rail line later on, where  Mike Roy even boasted about how to interfere with a working rail line, going so far as to shoot a video with respects to how to accomplish that.


What was always a closely guarded secret was the amount of money that OCAP was getting from the CAW in 2001 dollars. Well, undercoverkity  finds everything 🙂 , including the actual dollar amount the CAW gave to OCAP.  here is the screen shot :


ocap caw 1


If the CAW gave OCAP ten grand back in 2001 , how much did other unions and organizations  give them to allow OCAP to  continue on their path of urban terrorism. Remember, these unions used YOUR money to fund them, and you where never even given a say in it. ( if you happen to belong to one of these unions )


The OFL ( Ontario Federation of Labor )  is presently gearing up to take on the Ontario Government and the leader of the progressive conservative party ,  a party who wishes to create union reforms. OCAP plays a significant role in this campaign and one of the first major tests will be the Ontario Liberal party convention to be held on march 21 and 22 at the Metro  Convention Center in Toronto.


ocap protest main


Here is a video of what OCAP did at this event in February of 2010 :


This date of the above video should be very carefully noted as it is of some significance. February 2010 was the same year that the G20 was held in Toronto  and protests like this are warm up exercises for  groups like OCAP to use tried and tested protest actions, however, it is also  the perfect time for them to try new , updated protest actions , as a sort of R and D  to see what worked and what needs to be improved upon.  One can count on OCAP to try and disrupt this upcoming event  but with other major events coming up, such as the local city   elections coming up in October,  World Pride this summer, and of course, the Pam An games in 2015 as their major target. There is talk already on the Pam An games by OCAP  as seen in this screen shot :


pan games comment


When groups like OCAP, No One is Illegal and other fringe groups have access to funds fro  questionable organizations, there needs to be some hard questions asked as to what is the true purpose for the eventual use of these funds. When these groups are receiving funds either directly or indirectly from questionable scams such as what Dr . Wong was pulling of , deeper investigations need to be undertaken to ensure that these organizations are not receiving monies as a result of proceeds of crime , but further, these organizations need to be under such a powerful microscope that nothing, no even a a rogue insect can  pass through their doors without law enforcement being fully aware of it, and find out where it came  from. OCAP has long and often proven that they are a dangerous organization that will riot and set anything ablaze at the drop of a hat.  It has been four years since the last major series of riots in this city so the timing for one,   according to the numbers, is  right on cue. There are several highly motivated anarchists who are looking for any excuse to destroy what they came. With a plethora of these so called ideological movements out there all looking to  establish some sort of street cred,  nothing can or should be overlooked.


Let me end this article by showing everyone exactly what OCAP is about and what is in store , yet again unless they are stopped in their tracks:







Stay tuned for part two, it gets deeper yet ……………….