Violent anarchsits continue to prove they are urban terrorists … even cop killing is something they now promote ….. Part Two

Meow everyone. In my last story, you read about the violent nature and  intent of our resident anarchist crowd  and as they stated in their own  words, they are willing to commit the ultimate  crime , that of killing cops. Here in THEIR own words is that very statement :




These anarchists, have as I have postulated many times previously, are, in my opinion violent urban terrorists who are bent on destroying any form of civility that we have today . I have previously highlighted such arch criminals as Alex Hundert as being just such a person, however, he certainly does not hold that title exclusively to himself. Today, I want to showcase Syed Hussan from No One is Illegal .





Syed Hussan ws one of several persons who was arrested during the G20 here in Toronto for their part on planning and organizing the acts of urban  terrorism  that their black bloc idiots carried out. Now in the case of Hussan, his charges were dropped in a plea agreement where Alex Hundert would take the fall to avoid Hussan being deported for committing a crime.   Hussan has, however, been busy counseling others to commit crimes. Here are two examples of this :


hassans comment


This above example was from a protest in December of 2012 when he was part of a group of organizers who protested inside the Eaton Center during the X-mas holiday shopping season. While to the best of my knowledge , no one was stupid enough to commit this crime , the fact that he encouraged and then, further, justified this crime through some insane argument shows what little regard he really has for those he asks to join him in some protest.


This next example is one he just posted on his twitter account regarding a new web site he created that was designed to protest the Hudsons Bay company. Here is what he has asked people to do now:


syed hussan promoting property destruction


Most Canadians are aware that the Hudson Bay company is one of the clothing sponsors for our Olympic teams , and the Hudsons Bay’s colors are well known . Here is one of our athletes wearing something from  the Bay during an Opening ceremony :



Take a good look at this image and you will see that this image actually comes from the same site that the image I posted just above this one comes from. In other words, he is, without actually saying it, using this image as a subliminal message  for other radical minded persons that The Bay should be targeted. However, this goes far deeper than just this one image. If  The bay is the official clothing sponsor  for our Olympic athletes,  it is not a stretch to suggest that The Bay may also want to be the clothing sponsor for out athletes for the Pan Am games. The Pan Am games are coming to Toronto in 2015 so what better way to rile  the troops ( or brain dead violent anarchists )  that with a little subliminal messaging.  For those who need a  reminder of what I am referring to, here are two images from those Vancouver Olympic riots . THIS is what Syed Hussan is advocating for : 


2010 olympic riots


window smashing at the bay


Here is some video footage of these riots :







Syed Hussan is a key organizer with the highly violent fringe group called No One is Illegal . This group played a very key role in the G20 riots in  Toronto as seen here in this video :








As one can see here, No One is Illegal was front and center of the Black Bloc, LEADING them to the various targets to be destroyed:


toronto G20 riots


No One Is Illegal is an organization  that not only is greatly lacking in simple facts about the immigration procedures, they seem to be lacking basic day to day  intelligence. Case in  point, Watch this video that one of their representatives did. however, I warn you, you may require medical attention after hearing the  utter and sheer stupidity that that this No One is Illegal twit is spewing from her mouth. ( apologies for not having embedded the video, having some trouble with the coding ) 


Syed Hussan , while being one to advocate for the destruction of property and the use of violence, must certainly know that these actions will end  up putting him in prison. He seems to even advocate for the outright release of people in prison. However, Hussan , clearly not being the brightest bulb in the box, does seem to have the ability to foretell his own future. Here we see him wearing the very latest prison fashions :





With  the winter Olympics  underway and with the various security issues and threats that we have all heard an dread about for these games, We must not forget that we have our very own home grown terrorists right here  who are clearly, as seen above, more than willing  to do what ever it takes to disrupt these games . From his facebook page , he so much as asks people to step and organize against these games .


syed hussan faceboon pan am games


We here in Canada enjoy a great many rights and freedoms that make us the envy of  a great many countries. Among those freedoms is the right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech. However, when those rights are being used to counsel others to commit serious and potentially  deadly crimes such as what Hussan has advocated for in the above screen shots , something has to be done to ensure that him and others like him don’t get that chance to commit those crimes .  How is what he is advocating for any different than  what some radical islamic groups are saying when they call for the destruction of something, or a group of persons? it is NO DIFFERENT . These fringe groups are , in my opinion, domestic terrorist organizations  which need to be under that very same microscope as the better known ones are. These organizers are no different in what they are saying than  Bin Laden was with his spewing of hate and calls for death and destruction. its about time we took the same steps to combat these domestic terrorists as we take in combating the better known ones. the names be be different but the goals and end result are  the same, therefore, the way we look at them must also be  addressed in similar fashion.


You have all now seen the above image of Hussan wearing the orange jump suites reserves for prisoners . Yes, somehow, it is fitting and with some luck, it is a foretelling of his soon to be future. While in prison, lets hope that Hussan takes up a hobby, reading Canadian History comes to mind. Why do i say this? Well, it appears that Hussan loves to speak badly of this great country, however, if you ask him who the Prime Minister is , clearly he doesn’t even know that . Want proof? Let HIM tell you :



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  2. Avatar Observer
    Observer says:

    Remember that “Counselling someone to commit an indictable offense” is a crime in itself under the Criminal Code.

    Unfortunately the Toronto Police like to insist that those who counsel people to commit crimes must be specific about the act and the target even though those are not the conditions set forth in the Criminal Code, a federal law! It seems like the Toronto Police are leaving the door open for our local anarchists, why I don’t understand.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
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      Hello Observer and thank you for your comment. You are quite right and this time, that fact that this neanderthal ( Hussan ) not only offered up a possible target to destroy , but also the means in which to do it, The cops will catch on and nail his ass enough to have him criminally charged, and since he is not, at least to my knowledge , a Canadian citizen, use this as the means to get deportation proceedings underway, and have him held in detention until he is either brought to court, or deported, preferably deported . It is my hope that by posting these screen shots of his comments, it could be used in court as evidence against him showing him as a serious threat to the safety and security of this country. If this was to happen, it would send shock waves deep into the heart of these professional protesters and greatly demoralize them , since he, as one of their TOP leaders and organizers would be taken down, publicly I hope. The best possible case scenario would to use these screen shots of his as a means to apply for a security certificate on him , have him placed on a no fly list and a terrorist watch list , but that is only my opinion . What I do know for sure is that these people need to be reined in and putting a stop to their activities needs to be given absolute top priority . Thank you for your comment.

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