A REAL hero to those who have no voice


Meow everyone. My readers know me  write stories about the radical left and the crap they pull.  However, todays story is about a great cop who did something that went way above the call of duty.


Many will recall a story a few days ago about a 10 day old kitten that was left in a dumpster to die. Thats the sad news. The GREAT news is that this kitten was rescued but two cops. Here is the first I heard of it :


rescued cat


My readers know me to be a huge animal lover and my fondness for cats is particularly high so this  story hit very close to home for me. However, things have a weird way of finding me at times. In my other life, one in the film and television industry, from time to time, there are paid duty officers who are hired for things like traffic control. Well, as it turned out , I was on a set when the very officer who rescued this kitten was the paid duty officer, and he brought the kitten with him. 🙂 Here is a picture of the officer with kitty:


awesome cop





Over the many years I have been a photographer, I have photographed heads of state, royalty and everything one and everything in between. However, this image while filled with every technical flaw one can have, is by far my most favorite image. So from me to you Officer Kinghorn, THANK YOU  ………… meow