What the Ontario Federation of Labor REALLY thinks of persons with disabilities

Meow everyone, very recently there was a memorial unveiling at the Toronto ferry terminal to re-name the facility and to unveil a statue of Jack Layton. Layton was the  federal leader of the NDP party here in Canada  and  while his party is well known for their ultra radical left wing agendas, Layton had a somewhat storied political career . He was a city counsilor for many years before he made the jump to federal politics. He was intellectually a very smart person holding a PHD, but as he became more and more involved in the political ring, I think he lost sight of what he was really there for and ended up cow towing  tro the radical ultra left. However, this is not a story about Layton . rather this is a story about how the Ontario Federation of Labor has once again decided that their collective, over inflated ego and  grandiose delusions of self importance are of greater value to them than  persons with disabilities.  Here is a screen shot from the OFL website on their claimed position as related to persons with disabilities. Please read the text very carefully as this statement and the subsequent images and video will show a vastly different picture:





So, from the4 above image we see that the OFL claims to fight for the ” rights and dignity ” an dto ” remove barriers ” , they wanrt to make our society and ” all inclusive one “. These, on the surface sound like highly commendable words that we should embrace with open arms. HOWEVER, as wee will see, their actions tell a far different story, a story of EXCLUSION ,a story of CREATING deliberate BARRIERS, while placing themselves above everyone else, literally.  Have a look at these images I shot from the event as proof . You will notice that the OFL has their seating directly in FRONT and on elevated ground, while the accessible seating is behind them and on lower ground:



It appears that Sid Ryan, Irwin Nanda and Nancy Hutchinson seem to think that they are clearly better than the people they claim to want to remove barriers from, but hey, egos are egos, and of course their delusions of self importance are clearly a higher priority than the people they CLAIM to want to support. For those who need a reminder of who these people are, lets have a closer look, and remember people, elections are coming up so what better way to remind them that they are nothing more than a bunch of phony leaders:









What? Where you hoping to see an image of Sid Ryan?  Well, fear not, he’s in the video. Top image is Nancy Hutchinson followed by Irwin Nanda and below him is Joel Duff. Many will recall some months ago when  Ryan and Nanda  spent a night on the streets to support the OCAP protest for  persons without homes. Ryan and Nanda dressed down for the event wearing their two week old designer clothes, as opposed to brand new ones. Hey, they really got to understand the homeless situation from that.  They even brought along their own sleeping chairs, something that clearly, every person who lives on the streets has.  So, let me end this by showing you the video where the OFL  puts themselves in FRONT. BUT WAIT, there is  more to this video There are two parts to it. One part shows the event as it was getting ready to accept the crowd and clearly shows the location of the seating. The second part shows the same area , now filled in  and clearly you can see that  the so called accessible seating was anything but accessible. Here is the video:


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    The Hammer says:

    Let me guess. Most of the “Solutions” proposed by the OFL involve There is a lot of money for a union that can be made “helping” people with disabilities.