***** BREAKING NEWS ***** Violent anarchist criminal goes to court

Meow everyone, This just in ….. many of you will recall that about a year ago, the author of  http://www.genuinewitty.com  was violently attacked as he was on his way home from a quiet night out by a group of low life goons. This took place shortly after  the anarchist book fair ended for the day at nearby U of T  for the day. One of the violent criminals involved was none other than out well know resident black block goon , Alex Balch , aka Flagpole  Alex.


flagpole 1


Well,  since these anarchists are not going to win any awards for their intellectual prowess , Flagpole proved once again that not only do these thugs still use the same techniques used by their direct ancestors , the cave men , these anarchists seem to have the same level of intelligence. Oh , wait, I just oppressed   cave men for being stupider that anarchists.  My Apologies  to cave men everywhere. it took sone time , but as they say, the cops ALWAYS get their man  , and true to form, our resident goon and user of flagpoles , Mr. Balch was first rated out by his great friend and intellectual equal, Curtis Nixon. Thank you Curtis for helping move this case along.  Not long after that, Flagpole  Alex showed up at Ryerson University to help staff a table run by the new organization endorsed by the Ryerson Student union, yes, an anarchist student club. It was there that Mr. Balch met his ultimate fate, one that all criminals eventually meet, he got , finally, arrested for his violent crime. Now,  if only more of these dangerous and violent criminals would meet the same fate, this city would be a far safer place to live.




Moving ahead a few months, as the justice system does take its time, Today, our fiend , the Flagpole of George street made a court appearance on the following charges stemming from this vicious and violent attach; ASSAULT WITH A WEAPON , ASSAULT CAUSING BODILY HARM , AGGRAVATED ASSAULT.  His hearing was held in Old City Hall courtroon 111 at 9:00 am and was held over until Sept 16, same courtroom also at 9:00 am . 


His actions goes a long way to proving that these anarchists are a highly dangerous group of thugs who will go to just about any length to try and silence   those who expose their acts of criminality. As the court proceeding ended, ( it was a very short proceeding lasting only about three minutes ) Balch exited the court room to the exterior of the court to have a smoke. I exited shortly after he did, and  saw him outside, He left upon seeing me. he made his way to the one spot where he can feel safe, his anarchist home on George street where other like minded,  and equally violent anarchists can commiserate  and plan their next attacks. It was at this very home where not once but twice in very recent succession, they were raided.  While I don’t know the nature of these raids, what does please me is that at least the cops have them on their radar  big time.


I will be following this story as it unfolds so stay tuned ………..




***** UPDATE *****

I have been contacted by Alex Balch directly via the comment section of this blog  ( from another article ) and he informed me that he was acquitted of the charges against him . Alex updated me on the events leading up to this arrest . While Alex and I clearly do not , nor will be agree on too many things , or see eye to eye, I do appreciate Alex contacting me, and communicating  with me on a respectful manner .

4 Responses to ***** BREAKING NEWS ***** Violent anarchist criminal goes to court

  1. Avatar The Hammer
    The Hammer says:

    Will be interesting. The Canadian justice system can be quite lenient. That is provided the guilty party is contrite and apologizes to the victim. What do you think the chances are flagpole Alex apologizes to Greg? I think even if he wanted to he won’t to save his street cred.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello Hammer and thank you for your comment. I think it would be great if the justice system finally grew some balls and hit these low life anarchist violent criminal with real sentences. I understand that our system is overworked , understaffed and in need of a major overhaul, however , these violent thugs should not be getting off , of receiving light sentences as a result. I highly doubt that this low life of a creature known as Alex Balch will offer Greg an apology for exactly the reasons you stated. At least, when this violent criminal is judged and hopefully sentenced , it will send a message to other such violence driven anarchists that the courts and the public will no longer put up with them. Greg may at least see a stiff sentence and a small victory for what he had to endure at the hands of these low life violent thugs. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Avatar C. Montgomery Burns
    C. Montgomery Burns says:

    Balch was acquitted. Describing him as a “criminal” or even as “violent” in your headline and article is defamatory.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Thank you for your comment. I have an idea, albeit one that is out there . Next time, READ the article, for if you would have done that, or , had someone read it to you in the event that you cannot read, understand of comprehend the meaning of big and intellectual sounding words , you would have noticed that I did indeed state that .