Union Goons and thugs co-opt a tragic event, wrongly, sadly, think they can scare off Undercoverkity

Meow everyone. This is a story that should have never happened, at least not with brain dead  union goons and  thugs. However, not wanting to miss out out on an opportunity to co-opt something, it appears that the idiots at the OFL have once again decided that they should be THE voice for a very tragic event, an event that had nothing to do with them .


Several weeks ago, a young  man  was shot on a streetcar while wielding a knife. While the investigation is ongoing, obviously none of the real facts have come to light as to what precipitated this tragic event. However, almost right away, the left wing nut cases like OCAP, anarchists  and the OFL were quick to pounce on this as if this was in even the most remote way, related to them. These guys want nothing more than to take all cops down, regardless of the facts.  I wonder if any of them have given even remote consideration as to how the cop involved has been effected  by this.  No , of course not because if they did , they would have to admit that there are still facts to be addressed and answers to be sought. That’s what investigations do.  However, these neanderthals don’t want an investigation, they don’t want to know the facts, they just  want a lynch mob.


A short  time after the shooting, OCAP , one of the city most violent and dangerous organizations,  were the first to co-opt this event by holding an anti cop rally.  it was very predictable with the usual fuck the police slogans to be heard throughout the rally. it made zero difference to these scum bags that the FAMILY of the  young man shot wanted a PEACEFUL rally, simply wishing to voice their concerns in a respectful, peaceful fashion. Well OCAP would have none of that. The usual goon squad appeared  and right from the beginning, one can feel the tension building. it was , to use the old cliche , so thick , one can cut through it with a knife.  The rally started at Dundas Square and moved towards 52 division where , the crazies decided to rush the station.



A few minutes passed and once again, the family of the person involved pleaded with the crowd that this was not what they wanted, wanting instead a peaceful rally. After about 20 minutes, the crowd moved away to the next location where the young man was shot. A sizable gather was present and this was more peaceful .  Then it was off to 14 division,  the division the police in  the area where the shooting took place. Once there, it was back to the old antics of the nut jobs with the usual and always predictable fuck the police chants, hurling insults to the cops, ALL COPS, the usual accusations of racist crap , you get the idea.



As the evening wore on, only the hardcore crazies remained to do what they do best, cause trouble and pretend to be  ” all that ” when in actual fact, they aren’t even some of that.  One protestor , Trish Mills, who many will remember from such being an arrestee  the line nine arrest in Hamilton , the arrests at City hall and Metro Hall, the arrest in Montreal ( according to her ). Well , at least she is by now familiar with what handcuffs look like. I wonder when she will be fitted for her very own orange jump suit. Well once again, true to form, she was arrested at this protest as well, but rather that make a bad scene worse, credit must go to the cops for letting her off this time as frankly, this would have caused a bigger problem.



So now, we move ahead a couple of weeks and low and behold, the OFL has now co-opted this  new protest to be held on August 13 , the same day that the Police Services board meeting was to be held.  They had all their neanderthals present, lead of course by slippery Sid Ryan  who will gladly co-opt anything  for a photo op.  Along side him was his sidekick  good old Irwin Nanda who we can all count on to to make better, more intelligent speeches that Ryan can ever hope to make. Makes no difference that Nanda had no facts to work with in relation to this shooting but then,  when one is a union organizer, facts are a waste of time and serve no useful purpose to them.  No one wants to hear facts ( which  are still being investigated ) when a good old fashioned  ” lets stir shit up ” can fill in for the time being.  This is where  the other story begins, the story with good old Scruffy Joel Duff my old  adversary.






duff et al at G20

My first encounter with Scruffy Joel Duff came at around my second year at Ryerson when he was still the head organizer at the CFS, ( Canadian Federation of Students ) . This is a highly radical organization that actually does nothing for students , although we as students are forced to pay into them by way of our tuition fees. This is not an option.  The CFS is nothing more than a lobby group for the NDP party  as frankly , most of these wannabe politicians have their heads stuck so far up the NDP asses , they  can be identified by their foul stench long before they actually arrive to co-opt anything. It didn’t take long for me to come to the realization that the CFS was an organization I wanted to stay as far away from as possible, yet somehow, my wanting to stay away from them has brought me closer to them  by exposing them for who they really are. Very few people in Canada have a better handle on who they are than I do , although I am not the best authority on them.


During the G20 here in Toronto, Duff was a very visible figure at the main events, His trademarked over sized and over amplified bull horn, the STUPIDIZER 2000 ,  was only surpassed by his own over inflated ego of himself and his seemingly endless  delusions of self importance . Of course , Duff  being the walking example of an overinflated ego,  always had his trusty, yet  equally useless sidekick , Jeremy Salter near by . More on Salter later .  During this time, Duff was in a living arrangement with another hard core CUPE 1281 union president, Denise Hammond.  Hammond was the director of Outreach and Communication for the Ryerson Student Union , one of the most radical student unions in Canada  and home  turf  for some of the most dangerous and violent anarchist groups in Canada. people such as Alex Balch aka, Flagpole Alex  should bring back nightmares to many.


In January of 2011,  Duff left the CFS and low and behold, he went to work for the OFL , yes the same OFL  rules by none other than slippery Sid Ryan .  Well, at least duff is more articulate that Ryan, but then, so is my  neighbors cockroach  . Jeremy Salter took over the reins as head organizer of the CFS . Oh what a shock … NOT .  Was this a match made in hell? Both Ryan and Duff are so full of themselves that they think the world should revolve around them, so, it makes me wonder sometimes why these two don’t just duke it out  to see which neanderthal wins the idiot of the years door prize. Who am I kidding, it would be a draw .   A going away party was held for Duff that brought out  just about all the high end wacko’s of the ultra left wing fringe. Oh how they must have been full of themselves that night, gloating about all the groups they co-opted, screwed over, intimidated, so on and so forth.  that list would have been a long one but there was one one person who they could never ever , even dream of doing that to, MOI.




mike yam, carolyn egan , judi rebbick


Shortly after the G20 ended, several protests where held to demand some sort of inquiry. Well, Duff and Salter where right there and, as it happened, one such event was held right in front of Toronto Police HQ where Duff proclaimed me to be , and I quote him here : ” … Frank, don’t take my picture. You are the  most dangerous and destructive person EVER …. ” . Duff, I not only took one picture of you, I took several . In fact Duff, since then, I have taken a considerable number of pictures of you.  Here, have a look at one of them :


duff and salter 2010 police HQ G20 protest


duff and salter 2010 police HQ G20 protest 2


Moving right along, Greg from http://www.genuinewitty.com   and I are at the news conference site where the OFL is taking this opportunity to co-opt something that have no business sticking their noses into.  Scruffy Joel Duff sees me and tells me that I am not media and that since this is a private event I have to leave. Go0d one Joel, but as usual his, laughable arguments are exactly that, laughable.  He then proceeds to place his scummy slimy hands on my camera gear which, if he was the respectable ” journalist ” his claimed media badge says he is, he would know that the first rule is that you never, ever touch  another persons equipment , EVER.  Oh, and Duff, while your teeny weeny brain  may not be able to comprehend even the  most basic, simple facts and concepts of  professionalism , actually, it will behoove you to know that actually , I AM media and well Duff old boy  , I even have an actual legitimate  media credentials to support it, from an actual and real organization. So Joel, here is your one and only  warning you will get, Should you ever touch my equipment again, I will have you charged with assault.  Then , you can learn about real journalistic rights while your sorry ass is  reading books about it in the prison library .  So Joel, just as a small reminder to you in case your union brain has already  forgotten what REALLY took place, please allow me to  to stimulate your three remaining brain cells with the following two videos of what actually did happen.


I have  said it before and will say it again,  unions are for those who want everything handed to them. ( there are of course exceptions to this )  For the most part, they are there for the uneducated  and the lazy workers  who want everything but want someone else to do it for them.  As Duff has shown us, they still love to employ the goon and thug mentality , although I wonder if the rank and file who pay their insanely high salaries would approve of the goon squad approach, as the  VAST  majority of the members are good, honest, hard working people.  Its too bad the organizations like the OFL  and  people like  Slippery Sid Ryan and Scruffy Joel Duff  are all that  these hard working people have to rely  upon.



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  1. Avatar The Hammer
    The Hammer says:

    The style and politics of Sid Ryan are why some unions, like the ONA, have withheld funding to the OFL:


      • Avatar undercoverkity
        undercoverkity says:

        Hello again Hammer, and as always, thank you for your comment. Yes, this is not surprising. What is a real shame is that decent hard working people are paying the way for these OFL idiots lifestyle and expenses through FORCED union dues. One has to wonder just how many of these decent hard work people would REALLY want to be union members if they REALLY knew what their money was being used for , such as funding Occupy Toronto’s lazy assed professional protestors. Tha nk you for your comment.

    • Avatar undercoverkity
      undercoverkity says:

      Hello Hammer and thank you for your comment. It would be really nice if EVERYONE withheld their funding of this laughable organization. I am glad to see that slowly, government is targeting unions and not being as easy with them as they have in the past. I really hope to one day see unions go the way of the dinosaur and become extinct. They are nothing but bullies and overgrown children who have expensive temper tantrums, they YOU AND I have to pay for . One thing Duff told me when we were at that press conference is that he dislikes me because I attack unions and the labor movement. Well, yes, he is not wrong with that as I do and will continue to showcase union scumbaggery and do my very best to expose unions for what i think they are, greedy idiots and self serving neanderthals. It is because of union greed that our economy is in shambles. We need to get rid of them as fast as possible as the best and probably the only way to turn the economy around and give everyone a fair chance at employment, not only the unions nepotistic buddies. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Avatar The Hammer
    The Hammer says:

    I saw this today and thought you might be interested. Since you have followed the student “Strikes” in Quebec student strikes.