*****DANGER …. Violent criminal on the loose *******

Meow everyone. Many of you have read my series on the Occupy Toronto movement as well as my ongoing series on the anarchists of Toronto . I have stated that Occupy Toronto was a movement predicated on the use of violence which was welcomed and condoned by the leaders / facilitators of the movement. However, as you also know, I don’t ever stop digging to find more facts to support my stories. this time, however, it was my good friend     http://www.genuinewitty.com      who discovered this video that proves very conclusively that Occupy Toronto was indeed a movement that was violence based , and further, employed one of the most dangerous and violent criminals in this countries memory, Alex Hundert. For those who need a quick refresher on his appearance, here are two images of him to keep in mind:


6  …..and this one here as well :



So, just how dangerous is he? Well, hear for yourself as spoken through the words of some of the people who were very involved with the Occupy Toronto movement as seen in this video :



What must be going through the heads on many here is that this violent criminal is unemployed but for someone who recently got out of prison for his  his crimes during the G20, he sure does get around alot .


hundert laval 1


hundert laval 2


The second video shows him shooting the video where violent anarchists broke down a wall of a detention center in Montreal

If you see this person , leave the area immediately as you may in danger of getting assaulted or being  an unwilling target of one of his criminal actions.